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Emily Royal

Hi Friends!

I am looking for some 1x1 interactions. Below is a list of muses / characters I am currently writing / have written in the past. Please let me know if you'd be interested in interacting!

Steve Rogers (Comic & MCU Based)
Freya/Frigga (Myth & MCU Based)
Sam Wilson (MCU Based)
Tony Stark (Comic Based)
Carol Danvers (Comic Based)
Natasha Romanoff (Comic based)
James "Bucky" Barnes (Comic Based) P
Peter Quill (Comic Based)

Ruby 1.0
Katherine Pierce
Nadia Petrova
Hayley Marshall
Stiles Stilinski
Allison Argent
Cora Hale
Derek Hale

Sherlock Holmes
John Watson (Ritchie Based)

Original Characters
Remy Mitchell (Black Ops CIA Operative)
Delta (Apocalypse / Space )
Reyaan Endant (Fantasy Assassin / Dragon )
Aurora (MCU / Space Based)
Evon Marsh (Wild Life Photographer)
Lincoln Ryan (Genetics Professor)
Elena Hooper (Alien Abductee)
Henrietta Bishop (Witch OC)
Leonardo Miller (Werewolf OC)

Bobby Nash
Athena Grant

Pirates of the Caribbean
Elizabeth Swann
Will Turner
Jack Sparrow

Diana Prince
Steve Trevor

Rhysand (ACOTAR)


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I am interested in hearing scenarios you have for Derek Hale and three of your OCs -- Remy Mitchell, Delta, and Lincoln Ryan. If you don't have any flushed out ideas I am more than willing to work together to come up with something we will both enjoy !!
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