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General Hangout Chat


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We're All Mad Here
Hey guys!
Technically, you are allowed to do whatever you want, but I would strongly encourage you to be nice~


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No Man's Land GM
I dont know why I got tagged since I do not have a character in this rp to my knowledge. I never even replied to the bulletin thread unless I'm remembering wrong


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We're All Mad Here
Officially worst co-GM ever, I'm SOOOOO SORRY~

Ya I didn't mean to tag you, @nico ARGH~~~~~~~~~~~
sorry, pretend this never happened

Vague o3

Duke of the Void

@TMITM and @Lish
For I will bid thee farewell from this thread, dears. I am not part of this RP and others might be uncomfortable seeing me where I do not belong XD

Chaos Sphere

Blinking and Breathing Manually.
I see.. Thanks for the info!

I shall begin working on my first character sheet once I wake from the realm of dreams.

Lila Renn

Hell on Earth.
Dying of the Light GM
Playing With Fire GM
The Most Random of Powers GM

Nobody likes APRICOTS. Also. You Tagged 2 wrong people?? How did you not see them UwU


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We're All Mad Here
No, I will not do any more dodos.
dodo | Bird, History, & Facts | Britannica
This guy right here
I meant what I said and I said what I meant.
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