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Hello, hello!
My name is Guro but I go by a few other usernames that I switch to on occasion. I’ve been roleplaying since I was a very young girl and the creative itch to write has never stopped for as long as I can remember. I love telling stories but I also like actively partaking in them with friends. I’ve dabbled in various roleplay forums, mainly on apps, until that slowly came to an end when I realized that the passion I’ve been seeking for good storytelling isn’t commonly shared with much others. There once used to be an era where roleplaying was everywhere but nowadays it’s so scarce, low-quality (in both writing and the garbage attitude of others), and often riddled with tasteless smut. I cannot begin to describe how many times a plot would take off with like-minded individuals only to crash and burn because no one else had the drive to see it through to the end. It forced me to take a hiatus, but now that my time is opening up once again I’ve been yearning to get back into the imaginative swing of things. Upon random chance I came across an ad for this group on Reddit. It seemed promising enough so I figured why not, eh?

My favorite genre of roleplays are: Horror, dystopian, post-apocolyptic, fantasy, futuristic, and adventure! I’d tack on a lot more but honestly I’m pretty flexible with anything. It’s so hard to choose a favorite since anything can become so cool with a twist of words. A good plot is all it takes for me to be hooked. I’ve already been browsing around and I’m thoroughly impressed with the amount of work dedicated to this website. I’m looking forward to meet you all! <3


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Hey there! Looks like you dropped in pretty early, sorry no one was around yet to welcome you :(

That said, welcome to Storyteller's Circle!

I'm glad you like what you've seen of the place so far. Things are definitely starting to pick up nicely. Roleplays are a little slow at the moment due to a small user base, but we've been drawing people in pretty steadily. We're aiming to really have this place hopping by summer :)

You definitely seem to be looking for what we offer here on Storyteller's Circle, and I know we've had a bunch of other users join up the last couple of weeks. Mind if I ask if you have a preference towards group roleplays (large or small), or one on one roleplays? Also what kind of activity levels are you looking for in roleplay partners?
Hello there! From a newcomer to another, welcome!

You know, yours was the first introduction thread I read here, and I can instantly tell that you and I might make great writing partners, especially due to your love of horror, dystopian and science-fiction, because those are exactly the three things I am currently itching for! So I hope we get to talk some more in the future! Until then, I can only wish you the best!


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Welcome! Glad to meet another fan of writing. What do you think was your favorite character that you wrote? Why were they your favorite?


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I'm new here as well, and I've done some role playing in the past, but they frequently sink. As such, i feel like i'm kind of stuck in that learning phase. I find it really irritating.


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There once used to be an era where roleplaying was everywhere but nowadays it’s so scarce, low-quality (in both writing and the garbage attitude of others), and often riddled with tasteless smut.
....what magical part of the internet were you in that wasn't riddled with tasteless smut?? I feel like the majority of everything I was involved in as a teen was either tasteless smut or starting/getting pulled into fights in taverns that inevitably ended in tasteless smut.


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If you're interested in horror [lord, it's late... almost put horrow...], might I direct you to an RP that I am attempting to get off the drawing board. While it takes place in a school, it's not your normal and sometimes cringey school RP. It's so much more than that. Take a gander and see if it fits your taste palate so to speak.