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Hello, I'm Loser.

I'm new here but I came to roleplay and write. I haven't roleplayed in about five years so I might need to stretch my muscles a little bit.


Where The Red Sun Rises GM
Welcome to the site, Loser!

I also have done little in the ways of roleplaying in the past ~five years, but I still hang around here. Maybe we'll end up inspiring each other!


Anonymous Me
Well, I might have said no one here is a loser, but that would be awkward. So, welcome to our first loser. I'm silence. Probably one of the most familiar non-sounds you've ever heard. Anyway, great to have you. I'm fairly certain you picked the name just to see how many jokes you'd get out of it. At least a laugh I'm sure. Let me know if you need anything and I'd be glad to help.