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In the Wake of Giants [1x1]

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by Jannistory19, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    Janine sighed as she heard Raban speak his bit about how the world worked. Her head shook with a sort of sadness that she couldn't explain. Maybe it was because of the fact that she felt the same way? She couldn't tell who the humans feared more: dragons, werewolves, or demons. She had only heard of the devastation a werewolf could cause, but she had never seen one besides Raban - and even then, he is unusual amongst them at best. Chestnut is the only demon she'd ever communicated to that wasn't her father, and she's only associating with her because of Raban.

    Nobody else might have this type of relationship with demons and werewolves.... But she wished that humanity would open their minds to the possibility that not all creatures of lore are evil. There may be the handful of exceptions that just may be evil by all standards, but she believed that there was a possibility that there could be... anomalies in all aspects of those that humans considered 'evil'.

    She wished it were possible. Maybe it was, but she had no resources to follow up with the theory. She wasn't a specialist in these kind of things. She would just have to hope that it would be the case.

    She turned to Raban with an apologetic expression on her face.
    "I'm sorry for overwhelming you with questions you can't answer. It's just.... So hard to understand and fully comprehend the danger that has been presented to us. This dragon could be more deadlier than what we might figure. It's smarter than what we've seen in a dragon, and it knows about our numbers and methods between now and years prior. I don't doubt for a second that whatever is going on between the dragons will soon flow to our city's steps, whether we ask for it or not." Janine paused as she leaned back on the bench with a sigh.

    "But I do believe that we will speed up the process if we keep up our current mentality. However, I don't believe that the rest of the Order will agree with the idea that we should be more selective of who and what to kill. Or even if we should decide what to do with what we capture.... But that's just me I guess.


    My reasoning for joining the Knights were for silly and questionable reasons at best. Between you and me, I like dragons, despite what I've seen and heard and read. They remind me that humans aren't the most powerful being of the land, and it helps me see things in a more wider perspective.... But this dragon. And what you say can happen to this town. I don't want it to happen. As much as I dislike this town from time to time, I pledged to become a Knight here. And I had sworn to protect Amastad. That being said, if there is a way to protect Amastad and other beings as well..... Then I'll do what needs to be done for both parties to benefit...." Janine said as she stared towards the duck pond.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2019
  2. Zul'Zae'ju'Jin

    Zul'Zae'ju'Jin the Hugger Troll

    Raban peered around him and lent towards a lavender bush, picking off a few leaves and he played with the leaves around his fingers. He suspected that the gardener would be asked to start planting more aconitum napellus around the area, quite likely in an environment away from the common-folk. The plant had plenty of common names but the one most recognised was Wolfsbane, a plant rumoured to have quite the effect on his kind. He gave a mirthless snort. Wolfsbane was deadly to most that touched it; its flower, greens and roots all containing a lethal toxin and could kill a human easily. However, the rumours were not untrue as was the case for many other myths on werekind. Whilst it could not kill him outright, it could render him utterly defenceless and nullified for a long time. Even when it had worn off, it would leave him weak for a while afterwards. It was something could debilitate him and he did not like a prospect of not being able to care for himself. If he survived that long. It was something he avoided at all costs even in his human state as it had an annoying tendency to force his transition.

    Since he could not actively say what he was without fear of being put to death, he could not prevent the use of the plant without drawing suspicion either. He had to make sure he was careful to not touch any plant he didn't immediately recognise.

    It was a shame though that humans would resort to the mythical methods dictated by legends and folktales. Even though he understood the reasons, as valid as they were in most cases, why humans enacted their measures, some of them were without mercy, without understanding. It would be the easiest thing for a human to understand that he would never willingly harm them, that he willingly vacated an area to somewhere remote at a full moon as soon as he recognised the signs of a held moon sway. If it meant being accepted for who and what he was, he would even instruct on the best form of cage. He doubted they would be much into that however and thus he would never willingly tell them for fear of the death it would involve. He didn't want to die, not without proper meaning for his death.

    Janine spoke once more and he shook his head slightly. There was no need for apologies. There were a lot of questions they had that had yet to have answers. He suspected they would be searching for those answers for a while yet. He nodded, the Order would never allow such forethought into their mode of operation. A farmer worried about his livestock would not care for a dragon's existence and continue a demand for something to be done about it in the belief it was a hungry monster.

    "You're not alone in the thought," he said simply, hearing Chestnut chaff with agreement inside his mind.

    He was quiet for a time before he spoke, "Joining the Knighthood gave my life meaning. As a Knight, I'm not just some beast on the streets. Sir Cadfael understood what I was when he took me on as his squire... taught me that lives were worth saving. He never specified on the life's identity but only that of innocence and mercy."

    "Kill only when you must, Raban. Spare when you can,' he said. I like to think that affects us all, regardless of who or what we are. The townsfolk... they're all mostly innocent, or naive. Most just live to survive, make a living that barely gets them much in return."

    "I know the Order or most townsfolk would not lift a finger to save my hide should they learn of my dark self, but I swore an Oath and I don't intend on breaking that vow. I have no wish or desire to kill dragons. I've spared them before. If there is such a way to convince this dragon or dragons as the case could turn out, I'll jump at the chance, Janine. I won't deny that choice and I'll add what strength to it I can."

    "I just wonder whether this big one is acting alone or is in cahoots with others... It present choices," raban though aloud.
  3. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    Janine nodded softly at Raban's response as she took some sweet bread to her mouth. She chewed the food slowly as she formulated a response of her own.

    "Your mentor sounds to be very wise and noble. I don't believe I've heard of him before though." Janine said with a tilted head.

    "And maybe this dragon is actually working alone. It seems too vicious to associate with others, but that could be too much of an assumption. A wolf can be vicious on its own, but it can still live with a pack," Janine said to herself. She then looked to Raban with a curious expression on her face.

    "Raban? You can show your kind that you are still one of them, but you just operate a little differently. You wouldn't be lying to say that you can still go through forceful changes.... Why do they fear you anyway? Are they jealous that you have more control over yourself while they don't?" Janine asked in a hushed voice.
  4. Zul'Zae'ju'Jin

    Zul'Zae'ju'Jin the Hugger Troll

    "He was. I respected him a lot," he nodded and looked at Janine with a sad, rueful smile, "I doubt you would. He was old when he took me in. I think you and him would have gotten along swimmingly. He wasn't your average Knight either."

    He smiled in fond memory. For Raban, whose own father had never been around much, Cadfael had pretty much been the backbone of fulfilling that role in his life. He still missed the old man.

    "It's highly likely that's the case," Raban nodded, agreeing with that line of reasoning though he always opted to try and see all the perspectives. He heard the birdsong and listened briefly before he leaned closer as Janine spoke quietly. It was more for effect than out of an actual need.

    He considered her question for a moment before he nodded slightly and returned with an equally low voice, "Of course they are. I would be too if I were like them. When that moon rose... the red one... That's the worst it's been since or before. Not even Chestnut was able to communicate with me. When I'm forced to change... it's like you're being shut away in a cage within yourself. One the other keeps the key to. It is suffocating and dark."

    Raban gave pause to shift his leg and rub it gently before continuing,"However, there's a window to what the wolf sees, smells... sometimes even tastes. They, being unable to change at will, often forget themselves and they forget this window their humanity is trapped into. The human doesn't even realise it but there's a small bond between the wolf and the human... My ability to switch between the two. They do envy that. If they congregated, then... I'd be outvoted... but I have not found too many werefolk in the same area before... It's rare I meet another,"
  5. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    Janine watched as Raban thought about his mentor. With the way he looked, she guessed that the knight must've passed away. She wished she was able to see the old Knight. She looked down at her lap as she began to think about her own papa. She missed her papa as well.... But he didn't just pass away.

    Janine sniffed a little and quickly moved those memories and emotions to the side before they turned into something bad. It helped when Raban replied to her questions about his kind. She listened attentively, her eyes widening at some points with awe. She never knew that there was a bond between the man and the wolf. She always suspected them to be separate entities. And that red moon.... She knew something was bad about it. She had never sensed anything from any other full moon, but that red one... It gave her every negative sensation she could think of. And yet, she still couldn't figure out if it was because of how ominous the moon looked, or if she was sensing Raban's response towards it.

    Her eyes widened when he said that Chestnut could communicate with him in his other form. Really? She wouldn't have ever suspected that. Their bond with each other is strong when he shifts. How cool. But then Janine asked herself a somewhat scary question - if that was how it felt to him, would it be the same way to her? If she ever was forced to change like a werewolf would, would her humanity be shoved to a dark corner of her mind and forced to stand aside while her other half wreaked havoc? Would she be able to control herself at all?

    The idea was terrifying. She was strong and dangerous enough as is without rampaging all over the place. What if Raban had to chose between saving himself and helping her? She would understand if he went for self-preservation.... But the choice was something she didn't want to impose on him.

    "That's very interesting. I guess I could understand why they fear you. Maybe you're something new for this world. Something new for your kind. Maybe you're supposed to be a sign that your kind can be better. If you were able to control any part of yourself, then you'd know that you can't just be a mindless beast. They wish they can control when and when not to change, and since they can't, they just cast you out..... It's unfair," Janine said with an air of anger.

    It felt like when she was bullied in her younger years. Bullied for being different. Bullied for liking different things. She wasn't able to handle her emotions as well back then, so she was more prone to wild temper tantrums that only her parents could calm.

    "I almost want to see another of your kind. It would be cool just to see them.... Not to mention give them a piece of my mind." Janine said with a snort. Another piece of bread flew into her mouth, and she gave a hard sigh as she looked over to the townspeople.

    Suddenly, a scent wafted to her nostrils. She involuntarily sniffed as she sat up straight, blinking as she wondered what it was. The scent was somewhat familiar, and she narrowed her eyes a little as she looked around.
    "You smell that Raban?" Janine asked as she sniffed the air again, consciously making sure she didn't make it look obvious.

    "It's that scent again.... like..... blood and something..... Like muck and icky water... like... death," Janine said as she stood on her feet. Her eyes scanned the crowd as she growled softly, her senses alerting her that something was near. What was it? Was it immediate danger? She had to identify the danger first. If only she could....
  6. Zul'Zae'ju'Jin

    Zul'Zae'ju'Jin the Hugger Troll

    Raban glanced at her slightly when he heard her sniff and he couldn't help but wonder at it even as he continued talking. It was surprisingly soothing in many way to be able to actually talk about what he was to another with the spoken word rather than having Chestnut reading it all from his mind.

    "Got bored of me, huh?"
    "Don't tease me. You know how it is."
    "You'd think you're starved fort those that know you,"
    "... Chestnut..."
    "Okay, bad examples."

    She suggested that he was new and he looked at her wondering just how much she really knew or understood of werewolf history. Him, a sign? What did that mean?

    "Means you being born one marks you above the rest of the hapless puppies too bust chasing the next meat sack,"
    "Still... Does she have a point?"
    "I don't know. Let me into a library and I'll find out for you,"
    Raban didn't fail to hear her sarcasm or the fact she was laughing, "Oh, go climb a tree,"

    He realised then that he was staring at Janine.

    "M-Meet... one?" he stammered, at a loss as to why she would. He didn't have to worry for her health. She had defended herself easily against himself but it was different. It was then that the rest of his mind caught up and he tilted his head much in the fashion of a dog.

    "I'd like to see that but I..."

    He was cut short and turned his head slightly, his nostrils flaring as he caught something in the air. Something distinctly familiar and not in the good, friendly way. It seemed he wasn't alone in the scent retrieval. He looked back at her and nodded.

    "I do... "

    He leaned forward, wincing as a pain shot up his injured limb, and peered upwards slightly before he was cast in Janine's shadow. "Death," he finished with her and took his cane to hand, forcing himself to his feet. This couldn't be heralding anything good. The scent reminded him of that clearing and he did not like it. The scent was rancid, foul and told him that doom was very likely on the cards.

    "Chestnut... are you smelling this too?"
    "It's him. It's got to be. I'd go check, but your wicker woman locked me into a stall."
    "What? Why?"
    "Dumb question."

    "We need to find out where it's coming from, Janine... "

    If this turned out to be what the scent was reminding them of, then he knew that he would have to risk healing his leg a little faster than he had originally intended. He suspected the nurses at the infirmary though were already wondering about him.
  7. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    Janine turned her head back to Raban and nodded in agreement. This scent was one that needed to be confronted, but she couldn't just rush into anything without any reason for it. And especially not in a busy street, without a horse to ride. Not to mention that she didn't know exactly what was the source of the scent. But she had an idea of what it was.


    "Wait a minute..." Janine said as she turned her head to the side. She picked up something else in the air. "It smells like... there's a human scent in the mix.... I can't tell if that's part of the actual scent or if it's just the mass amount of people here," Janine said with irritation. Then it hit her after a moment. It smelled like that stranger she saw the other day.

    "Hold on Raban.... This scent could be something else...."

    Janine glared through the crowd with sharp eyes, trying to see where the source could be... and then she saw that same shrouded figure in the distance, past the crowded street. Janine growled and flexed her hands as she narrowed her eyes. What was this? Janine had to find out.

    In a sudden movement, Janine dashed around the plants and into the crowded street, nearly getting hit by a passing carriage as she gave chase. She jumped over a stationary wheelbarrow that was on the side streets and sped up, which suddenly made the shrouded figure flee. She growled - that figure was not getting away this time.

    The chase was quickly getting into the alleyways of the city, where it was colder and darker than the other streets. She passed some shady folks as they leaned into the side walls, avoiding the chase that was giving way. She got closer with every other step, and with every turn, she knew that eventually there would be a dead end.

    And there soon was.

    Janine turned once more and skidded to a stop when the shrouded figure met a wall. She panted and slowly approached the incredibly shady charcater, her hands clenched as she eyed the figure.

    "Who are you and what do you want? Are you following me?" Janine asked. When the figure didn't say anything, the young Knight narrowed her eyes.

    "You better answer me. I ain't gonna ask you again." Janine stated. The figure faced Janine, but didn't do or say anything. Thinking the figure wasn't going to do anything, Janine got closer and closer - which was the perfect distance for the shrouded being to throw some special kind of liquid at her.

    Thrown off guard, Janine roared in pain -this stuff burned! She stumbled backwards into the side wall, hissing and snarling as she tried to withstand the pain. What the hell was it?

    The figure stood there as Janine struggled to keep her composure - her body wanted to defend itself now, and Janine honestly couldn't blame the action. Her tail came forth and her fangs showed themselves, and it made Janine flush with worry, though it was shoved down under all the sudden rush of anger that erupted from the pain.

    Janine turned to the figure and lunged at them, but they were quick to dodge and throw more liquid at her. She snarled in more pain and nearly buckled, but she stayed on her feet, even if it was barely. Adrenaline and anger being her anchors, Janine whirled around and went for another lunge, but this time, with speed. This one made contact, and it shoved her opponent against the wall.

    "Who the hell are you?" Janine snarled with narrowed eyes. The figure laughed at her with an evil chuckle.
    The figure then threw a punch at Janine, hitting her with a heavy dosage of the plethora of heady scents, and with a dramatic fling of their cowl disappeared in a puff of dark green smoke. Janine stumbled backwards with a snarl. What the hell was that? Her tail flicked with irritation as she panted from a combination of exertion and pain.

    Her inner demon still wanted out, even though the danger was over somewhat. She struggled to keep it in, for changing to her other form in the city was a sure way to meet an untimely doom.

    "Not yet... Just keep it together," Janine strained to say as she leaned against the wall.
  8. Zul'Zae'ju'Jin

    Zul'Zae'ju'Jin the Hugger Troll

    Raban sniffed the air before he snorted heavily clearing his nose a little before he sniffed again. There was so much scent in the air that it was hard to distinguish the strange smell's qualities that bespoke of identity. There was a mass of human scents both old and fresh mix with the smells of urine, dung, herbs and smoke amongst other things. It was confusing him and ultimately he knew he would not be the most useful one here to react to whatever it was. Not with his leg.

    Janine spoke and he glanced to her. Apparently it seemed she had the better nose this time around and he was happy for that. He nodded, letting her take point without complaint. He looked around but saw no one he recognised. Too many scents. Too many people. It was one part of living in cities he disliked. There was far too much information floating around.

    He blinked as Janine rushed off and frowned.

    "Going alone? Cause that's a smart idea. That scent isn't normal."
    "She can handle herself."
    "If you say so."

    Raban followed Janine's fresh scent with a far slower pace of speed. He wasn't worried for her safety but he was curious as to who it was she had seen. The scent was familiar but he didn't know why for. He also wanted to be sure it was something that wasn't going to harm innocent lives. It wouldn't hurt to make sure at least.

    "You've said that before."
    "Shut up"

    He heard her snicker in reply in his head and shuddered. Demon laughter was downright creepy.

    Raban had to pause halfway to regain some breath as he tried to catch her up and leaned against the wall of a house. He glanced down and caught sight of two sets of foot prints. One that matched Janine and the other the own to that horrid scent. Raban had been to bogs that had smelt nicer.

    With a sigh, he pushed off and continued on. He would sleep well tonight, he mused. His leg was aching. His concern for Janine however overruled any wish to go back to his place of lodgings to rest up. He followed her scent silently irritated that their conversation had been interrupted. He had yet to propose a question.

    He paused when he saw a kid staring down where he remembered to be a dead end. The kid pointed and shouted something to its mother and frowned before he hurried his pace. It appeared the kid was often crying wolf if the mother's reaction was anything to go by. He paused behind the boy and leaned on his stock.

    "George, hurry up. You're in the man's way. i don't care, if you don't come here now, there's no pie,"

    The woman gave Raban an apologetic look before returning an angry glare to her offspring.

    "Better go, kiddo. World will end without pie and boys to eat it," he said and the boy looked at him, back down the dead end where Janine was and groaned as he was caught in the indecision between pie and being disbeleived.

    "But mum!" The boy called George ran off after his mother and Raban sighed, shaking his head.
  9. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    Janine panted as she heard voices around the corner. Her chest and stomach clenched with panic as she looked down at herself - the skin on her shoulders, chest and neck was splotched with fresh burns, and she wasn't sure when they'll heal, if at all. What would she say to anyone who saw?

    But first, she had to calm herself down. Closing her eyes and taking deep breaths, Janine forced herself to simmer down to normal levels of emotion. It took a good moment, but it eventually happened. Her body stopped being so tense and her appendages went away, from her eyes to her tail. Now the only thing she had to worry about was the stinging pain on her body.

    "Damnit. That was a close one. That hurt way too much," Janine huffed as she slowly stood up straight. She snorted as she turned to where the mysterious figure disappeared, and growled lowly as she pondered on what she was trying to fight.

    She gave an experimental sniff, and quickly snorted air back out, as she inhaled all those nasty scents that she tracked on the way here. Gross. Who would want those scents attached to their person?

    Was it supposed to be defense tactic? Like camouflage? No, why would they do that unless...? Her thoughts were shoved away when she remembered the voices around the corner. Right. She had to remain calm. Clearing her throat, Janine walked toward the opening of the alleyway, hoping that anyone who might've been there was gone.
  10. Zul'Zae'ju'Jin

    Zul'Zae'ju'Jin the Hugger Troll

    Raban kept an eye out as he leaned against the wall to one side of the dead end alley way, leaning a little heavily on his cane. He had come to a realisation that he relied too heavily on his lycanthrope abilities for healing and it was always a nuisance when he was in cities surrounded by multiple people who could take note of just how quickly the Knight healed after he received injuries. He had to slow down the process as to not raise alarm but because of that, he was reminded how slow humans healed and that it was an achy and painful mess. He stooped slightly and rubbed his thigh gently as he waited for her to emerge, unsure of who or what she had encountered.

    He sniffed the air and scowled. It was that same disgusting and oily scent from before. He didn't like who might have belonged to. it reeked of nothing good or just. It was also too much of an identifier and he wondered if the owner even realised how marked out from a crowd it made him. That was never a good thing when you were trying to maintain a low profile. But then, he mused, it may have been deliberate. It may have been used intentionally to have drawn them out... which if that was the case, had worked. Janine had gone after it with a keen chase that he would have been unable right now to match.

    The wolf knight heard steps and he glanced down the alley way to look as Janine approached. He turned into and and used the wall for support once more as he regarded her, his face turning to that of worry and concern when he saw how her clothes and skin were. Something had gone down then and not for the better.

    "Are you all right?" he asked gently, brown eyes searching but not obtrusively.

    He sniffed the air and winced, he didn't know what had been used but it smelt as horrible as it had probably felt for her.
  11. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    Janine glanced to her left to see Raban having finally caught up to her. She forgot that he was unable to move as quickly as he would if he was healed, but then again, she wasn't really expecting him to follow her. Irritation was apparent on her face, and she growled softly as she spoke.

    "Yeah I'm alright..... Somewhat," Janine added as she lifted a finger to her neck. The burn gave a sharp sting and she flinched with a hissing growl as she pulled it away from herself. Wonderful. How in the hell was she supposed to properly function with these kinds of injuries on her?

    "Damn bastard threw some sort of liquid on me. It burns like hell," Janine said with a huff. She looked back to where she just fought the strange figure and scowled. What the hell was going on?

    Janine turned to Raban and narrowed her eyes at him. "I had smelled that scent before.... I just don't recall it being that powerful or foul. When we were coming back here from the forest the other day, I sensed something near my house. Then this figure popped out of nowhere. For some reason I tried to follow them, but they disappeared before I could get far..."

    Janine said as she looked down at her feet. This whole thing was beginning to make her wary and nervous. The cloaked being threw stuff on her to force a reaction out of her.... Or maybe they just threw something on her that was supposed to hurt and it happened to make a reaction come forth.... Either way was bad news for her, because now whoever was under that cloak knows that she wasn't normal.

    It was very bad news indeed.

    "I can't readily tell if this encounter was for me or for you.... But it seems targeted, that's for sure," Janine uneasily said.

    "Did you see anyone strange these last few days? Anyone suspicious or shady?"
  12. Zul'Zae'ju'Jin

    Zul'Zae'ju'Jin the Hugger Troll

    She seemed angry and irritated, her voice tense and guarded. He frowned, his own senses telling him something was distinctly wrong here and that something otherworldly had occurred. His eyes studied her, the burns to her skin were most evident

    "Liquid?" he muttered with some confusion before he turned the question to Chestnut.

    Raban sighed slightly as Chestnut replied and he turned his gaze upwards, meeting her gaze, "I've caught it before but I wasn't sure who would want to go around smelling like that for me to have believed it. Now I do... Whoever they are..."

    He moved a little closer to her just to see the effects of her burns a little better and frowned. Why would anyone want to through acidic substances at her? What would that do other than burn skin? He thought about it and Chestnut poke into his mind with an answer that was obvious for her to understand more than it seemed for him.

    "There are some alchemical substances designed to bring forth reactions... But that's not exclusive to Demons. Someone could equally derive liquid containing wolfsbane and throw it at you,"

    He stared absently at her burns as he considered this. Someone had done this deliberately. Someone wanted her secret to come out but why? For the result of mad hysteria? Janine had come close... had the boy's mother believed her child, it may have turned out differently. Telling a boy to obey his mother was easier than persuading an adult to not look down an alleyway. He agreed that it was targeted however. It was just too coincidental for it not to be.

    "I don't think this was for me..." he frowned, if someone knew what he was, there were easier ways to prove it. One of nightmare's finest hunters could be brought low by a single deadly plant. He didn't know what a demon would fear chemically... demons were far more varied in nature.

    She asked him a question and he pondered it before dutifully replying, "No... No strange scents, or faces, but then I've spent the recent days in bed healing..." Healing for him often meant sleeping.

    "Chestnut does not believe this was a fluke either. She doesn't like the scent of the burn," he also informed one demon to another, "

    "This person who threw this stuff at you... did he see you?" he knew she would what he meant by that question.
  13. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    Janine pursed her lips together as Raban examined her burns. It was a little embarassing for someone to look over her like that, but she also appreciated his concern. Still, the burns were more than annoying to deal with.

    She sighed when Raban suggested that the encounter wasn't for him. She was angry and worried that it was targeted for her..... But was a little happy that Raban was still safe for the time being. But who would want to compromise her secret?

    And he didn't see anyone strange. Of course. Janine sighed and turned her head away. Was her mom in danger? Was she going to have to be more alert? Janine looked back to Raban when he said that Chestnut didn't like the scent of the burn. Strange.... She didn't really take the scent of the burn into account, but not that it was mentioned, was gonna have to withstand the scent of the burn for as long as she could.

    When Raban asked his question, Janine blinked as she thought about her answer. The brief exchange of blows quickly relayed in her mind.... And she shrunk a little in shame and worry.

    "Well.... They didn't see my other form, if that's what you mean. But they did..... See my eyes.... And tail...." Janine muttered with lowered eyes. She was embarrassed that she couldn't control herself during the fight, since she sometimes practiced on keeping her composure during times of stress. She still had a bit of work to go through. "The pain was so sudden I had trouble with keeping it together; I'll admit that I still have to work on staying calm.... But yet, at the same time, I couldn't completely control myself.... It was kinda like... As if I was almost being forced to change. It was harder to keep control thus time, than I normally remember...." Janine said with a concerned frown. The whole idea that she couldn't completely control herself was actually a bit terrifying. She looked at her arms and rubbed them slowly. What was she to do now? She still has to be a Knight. She still had a job to do. She had to keep a lookout for herself and for the entire city?
  14. Zul'Zae'ju'Jin

    Zul'Zae'ju'Jin the Hugger Troll

    Raban took a good sniff of the air around them and wrinkled his nose as the foul scent of decay and rot filled his senses. There was no mistaking that scent for anything but who had attacked his fellow Knight. It was a question of what they would do next in response to this attack. He was cautious. Whoever was behind this evidently knew already somehow or at least had suspected what she was and had done this attack as some attempt of proving their suspicions. Either way, it presented a worrying prospect out there that someone now knew for definite what she was and he wondered at what they would do now that they knew.

    He paused to rub his face a moment before he looked at her. She looked worried and perhaps frightened about what this could mean for her. He didn't blame her for those feelings. He had them himself. The Knighthood was his family, his way of life and to lose that would mean the death of him. Quite literally if they learned what he was. What she was. He moved towards her, cane end sinking slightly in the mud.

    "Someone did this intentionally, Janine," his hand moved and went to grasp her shoulder gently, "Sometimes... it's very hard to control what or who you are."

    Raban offered her a smile before he dropped his hand, "We need to learn who did this to you... What they plan..." He frowned wondering why they had targeted her. He could think of a few who might have reason to pick him out of the crowd but he had not recognised any familiar scents and they were far beyond Amistad as far as he was aware. He sighed slightly, thinking heavily before glancing to her.

    "I take it that was the first time you've encountered that being thrown at you?"
  15. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    Janine moved her head to the side as she thought about what she had to do at this point. She had to protect herself... But how? She supposed she could sacrifice a couple of hours of sleep to keep watch over the house. Perhaps she could sneak outside to keep watch. Her mom can't know about it either - she'd probably have her inside the house until the danger was supposed to "slide over".

    But it wouldn't do that. This danger was actively looking for her. She can't afford to let her conflicts affect her mom. Janine turned her head to glance at Raban when he got a little closer to her. Her face was in a constant state of concern, her face furrowed by her brow.

    She flinched when he moved to touch her shoulder, wincing as the pain bit at her body again - it was an appreciated guesture, truly, but she didn't like feeling that stinging feeling.
    Janine didn't like the fact that it was hard to control herself. What was the point in training when someone or something could just force your own body into doing its own thing?

    But she looked to Raban with a small nod of agreement - whoever was doing this had to have a plan in motion, if it hadn't been in motion before. They needed to find out who us after her and why, before serious trouble arose in Amastad.

    "Yes, I have never had anything special thrown at me before. That's why I have no idea what to do. It...... Is unnerving to think that I have a liquidated weakness.... It can affect me in more discrete ways than other weaknesses. And I don't even know what it's made of," Janine said a with a slightly tilted head.
  16. Zul'Zae'ju'Jin

    Zul'Zae'ju'Jin the Hugger Troll

    "I know the feeling... I have to be careful around wolfsbane. It does the same thing for me so it's always awkward giving apothecary shops a wide berth," he agreed, it was always unnerving experiencing something like this for the first time. He had felt that with the Blood Moon and he fervently hoped he wouldn't have to experience that level of transformation again. Ever. He knew that might be unlikely. Equally however he knew wolfsbane had been something that had also undergone many forms whether liquified or dried up. It still had the same effect of tripping him up. He didn't know what would force a demon into their true form No one suspected Chestnut's existence.

    "You know, I'm curious... We need to get some of that stuff"
    Raban frowned, "Whatever for?"
    "For me, you idiot! Might work and free me from this smelly thing!"
    "Oh boy... "

    He looked back to Janine and nodded lightly, "Well, that's worth finding out... An apothecary might know, or an alchemist. Might be something in the archives somewhere... Either way. Someone had to do their research to even try to attempt mixing it together to do this to you. Point b, someone has figured out what you might be... or suspected it and thus why this was done..."

    Raban scratched behind his ear, his weight shifting to his healthier leg, "Do you know anyone who might have a grudge against you? That might suspect?"

    It was a shot in the dark. If she was anything like himself when it came to their dark truths, then she would do everything to keep it a secret from anyone and everyone. She only knew his because of happenstance and a feeling of innate trust that he could extend. He felt it was the same for her with himself.

    He was cautious about following the scent try her attacked left his in his wake... They didn't know who or what they may be dealing with yet and he didn't like going against someone without any shred of information or without being at full health. Finding out what they had thrown at Janine would be a start in reaching that at least.
  17. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    Janine sighed as she turned her head to the darkness of the dead end -- a part of her wanted to just curl up and hide in the shadows, where she'd be safe until the danger had passed, but another part wanted to just hunt down the perpetrator and give them a lesson they'd never forget...... But if she hid herself from the world, wouldn't she be labeled a coward?

    She didn't want to be called that word. She'd done a couple of things that would make a lot of people flinch and clutch their own bodies, but this was a different level of danger. A hidden enemy that knew her most dangerous secret was out there, and they were just beginning to show themselves. How long had they known? Will they go to the King?

    She turned her head back to Raban when he spoke again. Where would she find an alchemist? She couldn't recall anyone like that in Amastad. The best she could do was to find books that might even suggest defense strategies against demons.

    She shook her head with a deeper frown as she thought on Raban's question. She couldn't recall anyone who had any sort of grudge against her - she'd kept to herself for a long time, so who would she piss off if she never interacted with anyone?

    "I don't know anyone who would even know me long enough to have a grudge on me, let alone be angry at me. I don't talk to anyone, and those I might even talk to are people behind a countertop. The baker, the bookkeeper....... And I never insulted them on any occasion.... Unless you think that damn nurse of yours is behind all this, then no, I have no clue," Janine said as she crossed her arms as best as she could without touching her burns.
  18. Zul'Zae'ju'Jin

    Zul'Zae'ju'Jin the Hugger Troll

    Raban tried to think of anyone who might hold a grudge against her personally in the recent time he had known her more intimately than in previous years in the Order but he could think of no one. He knew there was a few folk who held grudges against the Order as a whole but if that was the case, why would they suspect a non-human contingent within the Order. The Order was known to hunt down dragons as per the reason for its existence but it wasn't shy about ridding the world from a few werefolk or other creatures of nightmares or fire and so on. It made little sense. He had no idea if this was a personal attack or one of a darker reason. Either way, someone knew for certain what she potentially was and that put her life in danger.

    His hand flexed around the stick he was using for a crutch betraying that he was in some deep thought before he looked at her and scoffed with clear amusement.

    "I doubt it. This... It reeks of a statement play. Yet, they drew you into this alley... Surely, if the point was to draw your true self out... Why did they not do it in public?" he growled softly, frustrated before he nodded.

    "I'll search out an apothecary... I think I know of one. Chestnut can back me up if she is able. At least mentally. See what you can find in the archives... Perhaps there's something there."

    Raban smiled reassuringly at her, "We'll find the answer... In the meantime, we'll have to be careful."

    He knew that if there was a potential for one group or person adamant on showing her for her true self, then there was just an equal potential for his secret to come out. He knew the nurse they had joked over was suspicious enough about how quickly he seemed to recover from otherwise grievous wounds. Quite often wounds that would kill an average normal human of his height and build. Last thing either of them wanted or needed was a were and demon hunt within the Order. Not with a dragon out there that may have designs for levelling Amastad or genocide of his own kind. Raban had come to respect dragons not just because he was also something one could consider a freak by human terms but because they were equally as intelligent, if not moreso and had carved lives for themselves. If there was a dragon in existence now that other dragons feared, it raised serious worries.
  19. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    Janine sighed as she turned to Raban. Everything that they thought of as far as a means of motive for the attack were viable, but the actions of the assailant contradicted their thought process. If the goal was mass hysteria, why attack in the shadows? Why not out in the open, where everyone could see?

    Raban's questions had Janine nodding her head in agreement. It made the most sense, but then, Janine thought of the most unnerving idea to his question.

    "Raban.... Maybe they didn't do anything extreme at this time because they were testing things out.... What if the person wanted to see if their..... product worked....?" Janine asked as she gazed at their surroundings. The thought put ideas in her head that she didn't want to think of.

    The strange mixture that was thrown at her worked as intended, and she had to be very careful. Raban's gaze towards her made her feel a little bit more assured, and she appreciated it greatly. With this kind of danger lurking around, she would've wanted someone to tell her it would be alright.

    Janine sighed and looked down the path that would eventually lead to the main streets. The shaded and sheltered backways were beginning to unnerve her - walking towards a larger crowd felt like the best idea she'd have in the current moment. She would feel safer in a larger crowd where she'd disappear in the sea of bodies. She began walking down the way, slowing down for Raban to keep pace with her.

    "Yeah.... Okay. Careful..... shouldn't be too hard right?" Janine asked with a nervous chuckle.
  20. Zul'Zae'ju'Jin

    Zul'Zae'ju'Jin the Hugger Troll

    Raban stared at her for a long moment before his rugged head gave a nod, "There is also that possibility," he conceded. His mind was repeating questions. Who had done this and why? Simply to test it out or was it more personal. If so, personal to Janine, her family or the Order. He made the decision to heal the rest of the injuries she had had given him tonight. Their lives would depend on both of them being fighting fit and a gammy leg would only slow him down. It would raise suspicions too but it couldn't be helped, nosy nurse be damned.

    Janine moved for the entrance to the alley from the street they had entered from and he turned, the stick turning as he moved. He was grateful when she kept to a pace he could easily keep to. He smiled, "It ought to help," he nodded as they made their way out on to the street. He glanced upwards as the evening began to draw its curtain in the sky. Had they really been sitting in that garden for all that time and then this to have happened? The time had flown by.

    "We should rest," he said softly not really looking forward to fighting the stairs again but at least it would be for the final time tonight for him. He had that to look forward to. "Would you let me walk you back to your home?" He had no fears about her eing able to defend herself but somehow he just felt it would put him more at ease to do so. It was perhaps an entirely selfish reason but he also had to consider there may be a angle on her whole family with this attack.


    The woman of the boarding lodge where he was staying looked at him with wide eyes and threw no qualms about commenting to his face about a leg that should have taken longer to heal. He bore her ramblings for a good minute before he coughed something about needing to get back to his duties and that he was grateful for their hospitality. He would stay longer if it pleased them and despite the shock of seeing a man limping one day and walking normally the next, they bid him welcome to do so.

    "She's going to blabber. I just know it."
    "Makes me wonder if she's not seen stranger things,"
    "Oh huff it all... Makes me wonder if she doesn't know that with of a nurse."
    "Careful now... Witch's are powerful beings."
    "Don't we know it?"

    Raban chuckled in the street drawing a few looks as he lead her through the crowd. The sun was up with the early morning and the air smelt fresh. It was a welcome respite for his nose. He was looking forward to riding again and he knew Chestnut was growing bored being cooped up in a stable with only horses for company. He doubted they could provide her with much amusement and the snort of open derision inside his mind was validation of his thought. It wasn't long before he got to the Order's grounds and smiled when he saw familiar faces.

    "Good, you're here!" Raban glanced as Sir Kriegal joined him.
    "Glad to see you back on your feet. You'll be with Janine today. No buts... It's not a good idea letting you go off alone. Make sure nothing's amiss, eh?" the man grinned through his beard, making Raban blink slightly with a hefty pat to the shoulder before walking off. For once, Raban was happy for the company and gave no protest.
    "Yes sir."

    He turned to Janine and smiled, "How are you feeling?"

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