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Hello there! I wanted to just post a bulletin to introduce myself in the community and hopefully find some partners to thread with. I'm a forum rper with 10+ years of experience and am very versatile in the roles I write within. Below are just a few basic pieces of information about me, my writing style, my limits, and my plots:

I am a young woman in her 20s that hobbies include: world travel, hiking, poetry, podcasts, and all things vintage aesthetic. I enjoy folk music, fields of wildflowers, and chamomile tea. Letting me ramble about my cats is an easy way into my heart.

Writing Style
  • I am a highly active writer, although I am also very patient. I have multiple characters and am a member (sometimes moderator) on multiple boards so even if you are not an active poster, that's perfectly okay! I have no problem waiting for my partner.
  • I do like a lot of OOC communication, especially when it comes to plotting and just in general gushing over each others posts.
  • I will play any gender and don't really have a sexuality preference either. I base romance on compatibility of characters, not genders.
  • I often recycle characters because I like to write with a character that I know very well.
  • I will most likely post upwards of 3-8 paragraphs each time, I enjoy exposition and dialogue equally.
  • I like a lot of genres but my heart lies almost entirely with historical or fantasy.
  • I really like communication and honesty, if something bothers you please let me know!
  • Please, do not god-mod or power-play my characters.
  • If you need to take a hiatus or want to stop a thread, tell me and don't just disappear.
  • I will not roleplay rape scenes, not even implied rape. It's a major trigger for me.
I am pretty open-minded and will adjust to any number of plots but here are just a few ideas I have in mind:
  1. In an isolated castle there lives a dragon. For centuries the dragon has thought to guard the treasure deep within the depths of the dungeons below. Many have tried to conquer the dragon; trolls, ogres, fae, and humans alike. No one has ever been successful, all have perished. Presently, a neighboring kingdom appoints a new ruler, who vows to rid them of the dangerous dragon and take the treasure for the people of the kingdom. The ruler first sends an army of their greatest knights. However they perish quite easily under the dragon fire. Then the ruler sends their greatest sorcerers but they are still no match for the cunning dragon. In a final attempt, the ruler sends a young woman as a sacrifice, hoping to placate the dragon. The story starts here between the dragon (who is actually a dragon-human shifter) and the young woman who is sent as a sacrifice. I am open to play the dragon or the young woman.
  2. A 1920s murder mystery noir set in Brooklyn, New York. My character, a young woman named Evelyn Fern, who is a journalist, has recently been promoted to cover the murders of young female prostitutes in the city. For this I am open to any and all versions. For example, I would love to have her have a love interest that is Irish immigrant piano player in a speakeasy. But you could play the murderer, or a police offer, another journalist...really there is no limit on where to take the story.
Hit me up for any and all plot ideas and questions. :)
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Howdy! I'm interested in both your plots! I'll admit I don't have much experience roleplaying (Only about 1 year and a half maybe a bit more.) but I would love to talk more about your plots, maybe ask a few questions as well.


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I am interested in the medieval plot! Loving the plot as is If you want to talk more about it or rp just PM me