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You don't know why you are here. You just know you were taken from your homes and awoke in a forest surrounded by many giant logs. Along with there being others with you as well. Some of the logs look like they lead somewhere as if a path. There appear to be four different choices. Pick your path and see where it might take you. Oh and welcome to one of the many lost woods. Now chose your path and the start of our adventure will begin. All of you seem to have a goal already a simple common goal. Well a few actually one find out where you are and why you may be here, other goals perhaps for example returning home, getting back to save a loved one maybe a friend or family. Another second major goal would be to not die. Your third major goal it may seem is three catch the traitors amongst you. I will not say how many for well that's part of the adventure so I won't say for now. Finally perhaps stop the reason you are here.

You have four choices to head what way will you chose?
North Log
South Log
East Log
West Log


Cast List

Prince Ashitaka & Shotaro Kaneda
Canon: Princess Mononoke &Akira (Film version)
Player: @Minerva
Role: Unknown
Status: Alive

Canon: Legend of Zelda OC idea from a walk-through video
Player: @Raven
Status: Alive

Accelerator & Kaori Kanzaki
Canon: Raildex
Player: @Ver
Status: Alive

Aeric/The Chosen Undead
Canon: Dark Souls
Player: @BarrenThin
Role: Unknown

Alexi The Dragonborn
Canon: Skyrim OC
Player: @Alexi The Arcanine
Role: Unknown
Status: Alive

Star Lord
Canon: Marvel Comics/Guardians of the Galaxy
Player: @Mighty Roman
Status: Alive

Balto&Rocket Raccoon
Canon: Balto & Guardians of the Galaxy (MCU)
Player: @Librarian Cat
Role: Unknown

Canon: Justice League: Gods and Monsters
Player: @Josh
Role: Unknown
Status: Alive

Bernkastel/The Witch of Miracles & Lambdadelta/Witch of Certainty
Canon: Umineko No Naku Koro Ni
Player: @Gummi Bunnies
Role: Unknown
Status: Alive

Dage the Evil
Canon: AQ Worlds Player: @DapperDogman
Role: Unknown
Status: Alive

Dr. Zanzibar & Mitten
Canon: OC
Player: @Archwar
Role: Unknown
Status: Alive

Canon: The Last Of Us (+ Murder events)
Player: @Zirael
Role: Unknown
Status: Alive

Canon: League of Legends
Player: @Bomb
Role: Unknown
Status: Alive

Canon: Ed,Edd, Eddy/God of War
Player: @TheSpringwoodSlasher
Status: Alive

Canon: Yume Nikki
Player: @York
Role: Unknown
Status: Alive

Officer Jamie Reagan & Sargent Leo Barnes
Canon: Blue Bloods & The Purge
Player: @ResistingTheEnlightened
Role: Unknown
Status: Alive

Randall Dean Clark
Canon: Fallout: New Vegas
Player: @Forest
Role: Unknown
Status: Alive

Canon: Elsword
Player: @Crimson Spartan
Role: Unknown
Status: Alive

Canon: Super Mario Galaxy
Player: @Shattered Secrets
Role: Unknown

Canon: Chrono Cross
Player: @The Tactician
Role: Unknown
Status: Alive

Teruteru Hanamura
Canon: Danganronpa
Player: @Atomic Knight
Role: Unknown
Status: Alive

Canon:Our reality, albeit, a very, very exaggerated version of it.
Player: @Krieg
Role: Unknown
Status: Alive

Canon: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Player: @Neko Shogun
Role: Unknown
Status: Alive

Victor Kresnik & Rowen Ilbert
Canon: Tales of Xillia & Tales of Xillia 2 Player: @FireDrake150
Role: Unknown
Status: Alive

Yuki Amano & Yuno Gasai
Canon: Future Diary
Player: @C.T.
Role: Unknown
Status: Alive

Canon: Dragon Ball Z
Player: @Cromartous
Role: Unknown
Status: Alive

Monkey D. Luffy
Canon: One Piece
Player: @Ryu Keiko
Role: Unknown
Status: Alive

Ri Boon-Hui
Canon: 코리아
Player: @Mari
Status: Alive

Kazuma Kiryu
Canon: Yakuza 3
Player: @Wedge Antilles
Role: Unknown
Status: Alive

Levi Ackerman & Hanji Zoe
Canon: Attack on Titan
Player: @Takumi
Role: Unknown
Status: Alive

Talim & Motochika Chosokabe
Canon: The Soul Series
Player: @Jeremi
Role: Unknown
Status: Alive

Canon: Samurai Jack
Player: @Blacksmith
Role: Unknown
Status: Alive

Geralt Of Rivia
Canon: Witcher 3. The Wild Hunt
Player: @Korra
Role: Unknown

Canon: Strike the Blood
Player: @Kaykay
Role: Unknown
Status: Alive

Luke Skywalker & Jaune Arc
Canon: Star Wars & RWBY
Player: @Thuro The Assassin Potato
Role: Unknown
Status: Alive

Source Hunters/Romulus & Cecilia
Canon: Divinity Franchise
Player: @Minerva
Role: Unknown
Status: Alive
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"Hmm... something's fishy."


Fizz didn't know where he was. Last he checked, he was in Bilgewater. Did someone kidnap the creature? Whatever, it's not like he can guess where he was.

His curiosity peaking at high level, he went to the east log.

Kazuma Kiryu looked at his surroundings. This certainly was not Kamurocho, or even Okinawa. He was not an expert on such things, but the wildlife and atmosphere was not that of his native country. He pondered the options.

While thinking, he glanced quickly at the others there. None were familiar or noteworthy, at least not at this time. Though he was a gangster, "yakuza" no less, he kept pride in keeping a low profile, staying out of trouble. That meant minimizing unnecessary contact or potential for trouble. In that mindset, he took steps towards the east log.

At a minimum, he thought, he might be stepping closer to familiar ground?​

A look of utter confusion was etched upon Serge's face as he arrived there, lost in the maze of log paths where as only a few moments before, he had been standing upon a fishing vessel, hard at work. He could even still feel the sensation of the net in hand, bringing in their daily haul and preparing for the end of day. Now though, he held his swallow in hand, something he was thankful for in this strange place.

His eyes watched for any creatures besides the other individuals who were with him. His confusion had been erased swiftly, replaced with a suspicious, calculating tone to his thoughts. More than his journey to save the world, his days as a fisher had taught him to watch the setting he was within. A slight edge to the air or a wavering shadow signaled a change, one that could mean life or death in the maul of one of the many sharks that swam in El Nido's waters.

We should get moving. The longer we don't move, the longer the shark can swim after our blood. Plus, Kid is going to punch me if I'm late getting home. As he took cautious steps toward the South Log, swallow at the ready, he gave the others a friendly nod with a smile. They all seemed to be in the same boat here, and he could already guess that they would need to work together to stay safe. Every hand among the crew must work as one to harvest the sea's bounty.

There was a merry sound of bagpipes grating on the ears of all present.

And then there he was seen. Such a sight to behold! So handsome and strong. Arms that would make Hercules himself weep in tears, for he will never reach such hairy perfection, save in his dreams. His scalp gleamed brightly, like the light of Heavens Gates themselves opening to those who had reached it. His teeth like tombstones when seen inspired many to faint.

His kilt! Oh, that kilt! So divine in its nature, so-


There was the sound a boot would make, if applied to the arse of a person as the Scotsman sniffed and adjusted his kilt with one hand.

He had a ponytail for Highlands sake, it meant he wasn't bald!

Around this point, a sign scrolled down.


And so they did. And back to playing his bagpipes, the Scotsman decided to keep on walking for the North Log.

Ashitaka Prologue: Semper Herit

Ashitaka sat on top of Yakul. He strung his bow back, and knocked an arrow. He let it fly at a samurai harassing a local peasant. The arrow struck him in the heart. The peasant ran off, and Ashitaka continued riding. He drew his sword, and ran forward again, cutting the Samurai's partner. Ashitaka finally turned back around. He continued riding back to San and the wolves, when he saw a tree. He tried to dodge it, but he hit it, and fell off of Yakul. He fell unconscious.

Ashitaka woke up in the field. "San? Where are you?" He shouted. It was clear this wasn't where he started. Ashitaka picked himself off of the ground. He drew his sword. "Where are we?" He then followed everyone to the East Log.


Source Hunters Prologue: Beyond the Waves of Time, Beyond Time itself

Cecelia sheathed her daggers. "Now that that's over with. Shall we go through his collection of books?" They had just killed a Sourcerer who was plaguing a village for years. He held a collection of rare tomes that contained spells that could destroy the world. Some of them even contained keys and links to other universes. Cecelia picked up one, and ran a hand through her hair. She opened the book.

"Are you sure we should be screwing around with this stuff? It could corrupt us just as well." Romulus calmly said.

Cecelia fake pouted. "You're no fun." She said. She continued reading the book. "What do you think this means? Ties that bind us, Blades that kill us, blood that courses through our veins, and the Spirits that watch us, all will be severed with a single cut." Cecelia asked inquisitively. She put the book on the shelf.

"I don't know. Probably just Sourcerer babble. I wouldn't listen to it." Romulus said pragmatically. All of a sudden, their conversation was cut short. A Portal opened, and led into a field. "I stand corrected. Perhaps this leads to a Sourcerer cult." Romulus drew his sword and stepped in.

"Don't forget me!" Cecelia said going in behind him. She stepped in. "Where are we? This must have some sort of Source magic going through it."

"I doon't know, but we should stick together. Safety in Numbers." Romulus said.

They ignored everyone, and headed towards the West Log.
"Live. Live! LIVE!" Zanzibar shouted angrily as for the hundredth time in the past century he tried shocking a giant skeleton made from cats to life. White electricity ran through the skeleton jolting it up, but no response beyond that. A hand slammed down on the controls, or altar as the lesser knowledgeable people would say, and it sparked.

"Sir, perhaps you should take a break? You have been working for the past month on this," Mittens meowed. The two legged cat stood near his Lord with hands behind his back and a concerned face stared at him.

"Ok then! We shall have a party and have a pinata! Made from a still living orc bandit that got curious about the dark and spooky cave! And now I feel funny."

"Me too, it must be beginning."

"Yes. Yes! YES!" Zanzibar squealed with glee. Time to get some genetic code!
It has begun
When Zanzibar came to, something felt fluffy underneath him. Strange, it should be grass under from the countless trees and sky. Then a grunt startled the scientist turned Necromancer.

"Sir, I do believe your undying butt has landed on my."

"Sorry Sir Mittens," Zanzibar apologized. He jumped up and helped the cat general up to his hind paws.

Looking around, the doctor saw many things that were familiar to him yet many things strange. Not strange like a giant gecko with a giant that could spit acid strange, but a Venus flytrap-like plants that opened its mouth showing off its sharp teeth. Zanzibar chuckled, snapped two fingers, and a small mobs of skeletal kittens formed from underneath the doctor. They then swarmed the plant tearing it to pieces in mere seconds. Another snap of the fingers and they were gone.

"Oh, such delightful artwork!" Zanzibar admired the pile of plant matter left behind. The cats had managed to build a minture version of Zanzibar sitting on a throne and petting a pet lizard.

"Indeed Sire!"

The Immortal looked around seeing various peoples of all kinds. Some had already taken choice to four logs and entered them while others pondered about their decision. He turned to the south, entering the South Log.
It was such a weird feeling. To feel weightless. As if nothing he did left an impact on the world. Just a lot of running, crying, screaming, begging. He was no killer and yet he was inexorably drawn into a game of death with terrorists, cops, psychopaths, cultists and even gods. He wasn't cut out for this. Born to a deadbeat dad and a mom who's job often took her away. He was forced to take care of himself. He could manage that much. But anything the game he had been forced into? He couldn't even fathom it. At least, not until...

She arrived.


If he was perfectly honest? He still wasn't sure if that was a blessing or a curse. Or both.

On one hand, she was a model student. Top grades, clever and smart. And even better, pretty wickedly skilled with all sorts of weapons, as he had found out. Knives, swords, axes, guns...he couldn't even begin to imagine where she had picked up her lethal skill and yet still managed to achieve ideal grades like she had. But she did. It baffled him, but not nearly as much as her loyalty did. She was fixated on him. He hadn't done anything noteworthy that he could recall. Hell, he had only had a single conversation with this girl alone. But for one reason or another? She was devoted to him, far beyond the levels of normality right up into creepy insane stalker mode.

But he had no options other to put up with it. If there was anything he had learned from his troubled home life with no dad or mom? Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

Without her, his life expectancy was roughly at zero percent. But with her, craziness and all, here he was. Several weeks into the games and still alive. More than he could say for a few others who had been selected into the murder game. To his surprise and her wild joy, he had actually started to not only appreciate but enjoy her presence. It was clear enough on her face what she thought when he told her as such.


Enough so that he allowed her to sleep in the same room as him. Not the same bed of course because that was still crazy!! Pure and complete and utter insanity to even think about for even the briefest of seconds.


R-right? It was, right?

He was unable to even further contemplate that thought, looking right at her lying on the floor atop an air mattress. He knew she was pretending to be asleep, watching over him until he fell asleep...and even perhaps further watching. It's not like he would know. His diary didn't predict anything about himself. He wasn't even sure if she knew that he knew, though he felt like she did. Just a gut feeling, deep down within. She's clever like that. He turned back over, trying now to go to sleep genuinely. He looked out the open window into the moonlight before slowly closing his eyes--

And instantly snapped them back open when his diary buzzed. Clearly something had changed in his surroundings. He grabbed it, flipping it open and looking at the message.


"...What? No no no--no way!" He stammered, swiveling around on his bed to confirm the lie--

It was the truth.
Yuno disappears.

And she had. Her bedroll which had a second ago been filled by a living, breathing lay empty. "No no no no no no!" He exclaimed out, like it would make a difference if he said it enough. He'd say it, close his eyes and open them once more and she'd be there. He attempted it, with predictable results."...What do I do now?" He asked despondently.

On the other end of...wherever she was now...the surroundings around her had shifted in an instant. And before she could even acknowledge this, she felt the sensation of falling and fell right on her back. Picking herself up, she glanced around. Logs, strangers and the sound of bagpipes. Was Deus playing a new kind of game?

She pulled out her diary to check. The display read:
Yuki joins you.

Well at least that was good news. She nodded, awaiting the right time her diary pinpointed it would happen...and it did, the love of her life popping right into thin air in nearly the same spot she had. Before he could fall in the same way she had, she reached out and grabbed Yuki, holding him up in a bridal carry like she imagined one day he would carry her. When they went from her and me. When they became one. A true couple.

"I got you Yuki! Forever!" She said with a smile.

"H--huh? Where...where are we?" He stammered.

"I'm not sure. It's not Deus's usual and it's not home. Logs and Scottish people though."


She nodded over at the bagpipes man, heading off to the North. "There, see?"

"Er...right. Yes. Um...can you put me down now please?"

She beamed. "Of course!" She lowered him gently to the ground and gave a general survey look over of the surroundings again as he took a few steps forward with a "Thank you." He stared around himself. "...Strange."

"Indeed." Her eyes roved from straight ahead to look over at him.


"Which way do you think we should go?"

"Um...well I..." He scratched his head. "Musicians are always friendly, right?" He asked, looking right at the North Log and the Scottish man delving into it.

"...Sure!" She nodded. And even if they are not, I can protect you Yuki. Nothing in this world will stop me.

With that, the two fell in line behind the Scotsman, heading into the North Log.
Serge gave the creatures and their apparent master a wide berth for the first few moments they followed him. They look like cats, but they act more like the piranhas. It's best I do not anger that man without friends to aid me in escaping his wrath. The young fisherman faked a casual attitude as he stretched his arms, to mask his true purpose. His wife had taught him a few facts about fights, and one of them was to be physically prepared.

He gave his left shoulder a final roll to loosen the tension in it, feeling his limbs were ready now. Deciding there was no better time to introduce himself, he waved at the man and then pointed to himself, "Serge."​

"....." Raven awoke as he stood up noting that he had his sword. Shaking the cobwebs he remembered picking a fight with a certain Add. Guess some dimension bullshit led to this. Still Raven took time to look around noticing the different ways he could take and those waking up around him.


"......" looking around silently this Blade master decided to head towards the East Log. He saw some creepy fish guy and another person heading the same way though it didn't seem to bother him. After all his home world per say had some pretty messed up stuff in it.​

Zanzibar whipped around faster than a rabbit rabid to make bunnies. His eyes narrowed at the human. The boy was wearing a banana ontop of his anime-styled hair and was pointing at himself, saying Serge to which the doctor guessed it was his name. Mittens hissed defensively at the child, taking a battle stance. However, Zanzibar calmed the undead cat down through a Psionic Link.

"Do you have any cotton candy on you?"​
As you walk along the east log soon the path seemed to change seeming like perhaps something more normal for you if you've ever traveled and seen paths in the woods. Maybe it leads somewhere or just to more trees.

His head tilted to the side at the question, obviously confused. Cotton... Candy? Who would eat cotton? Maybe someone from Porre? That answer would only create more questions, as he could only guess he was somewhere on Water Dragon Isle, a portion his party had left unexplored. He's not a surveyor for the army, not if his dress is anything to go by. Plus, didn't Viper kick them out of El Nido?

Finally, Serge shook his head for the negative, still unsure of what the purpose of eating cotton was.​
Fizz was surprised at the change of scenery. He also saw that some others followed him.


"Hi! My name is Fizz, the Tidal Trickster! If there is any enemies here, lemme at em!"Fizz greeted to his companions.​
Ashitaka bowed his head, and gripped his sword. "We should keep moving forward."

He wasn't taken aback by Fizz. There were stranger things in Muromachi period Japan. Like, demon boars covered in worms, and a Deer god that turned into a black figure of death at night, or a boy with a cursed arm who rode an elk, and shot limbs off of samurai.

"I am Ashitaka Prince of the Emishi people." He bowed. "An honor."​
"Judging from your expression, you don't know what cotten candy is. I started hating the tasty treat after a mutant thought it would be adorble to stuff it down my throat. On that day, I died my... hundredth death? At least I don't have to deal with anymore creative deaths! Name's Zanzibar and I am a doctor! Remember, doctors always know what is best for you!" Zanzibar smiled and then pointed to Mittens." And this is General Mittens, my undead Kitten General."

Mittens stared coldly at Serge, examining him like a piece of meat. The child didn't look threatening, but even the most cute could stab you in the back with a butter knife.​
Dead but Still There

The armor-clad Chosen Undead rolled past the attack of the much larger dragon, narrowly avoiding becoming one head shorter. His sword scraped some scales off of the creature's leg, lightning arcing through it. The dragon roared and reared back. Aeric got ready to dodge again when...

An arrow pierced the back of his helmet and everything went dark.

He woke up almost immediately. Before he even saw where he was, he grumbled... "Fucking archers. I had the bloody thing dead to rights." Then, looking around, he took in his surroundings. "Oh? Great. Just... bloody... great."

Aeric looked around and muttered quietly. He didn't like forests. Nope. Nope. Not many good experiences. Undead. Monsters. Not fun. Lots of death and pain... but no more than he was used to.

The armor clad man, seeming to ignore present company and massaging the back of his helmet, wandered to the west.
Cue the Rains of Castamere on Bagpipe solo

Naw, actually he just noticed the children following him, prompting him to stop playing and stare silently at first...Between them both, his gaze turned back and forth before he broke out into the biggest, cragged smile ever seen as he laughed.

One hand came down to clap Yuki on the shoulder as he cried out.

"Wots this then? We 'ave ourselves a right, proper man and 'is wee bairn out fer a walk? Good on ye laddie! I remember courting me own wife, and such a beautiful woman she be! Hair like flaxen gold, skin like silk! I love 'er so much!"

He was obviously quite at ease, being where he was. If it proved too troublesome? Well, he had a surefire way to get that finished in a hurry.​
Officer Jamison Reagan

"... So what you're saying is that I actually should go off on my own leave to attend your cousins wedding?"

"Well, yeah.. Oh, come on Jamie! It's not like you haven't been to your own parents wedding!"

"Well, that's because I wasn't even born yet."

"Point taken, partner. Come on, please?"

"Fine. But you owe me!"

"Yesss! Alright, thanks Jamie! I'll see you tomorrow!"


With that, Jamie took off in his own car back to his home. It was a long day, but not much happened. Well, nothing too violent atleast. Domestic Disputes, unauthorized entry, small stuff. He arrived home, not really paying much attention to the 5 voicemails that probably came from Danny and his Dad. Maybe even Erin. Maybe. But today was one of those days he didn't really care for. He walked to his bed wearily, falling upon it without a care, without a piece of equipment removed. All he could think about the day to come tomorrow...

Or so he thought, as he woke up and looked around. Something like this, he thought, was definitely not supposed to happen. "H-Hey, you!" He yelled lightly to the pink haired girl. It was somewhat funny and yet appropriate because she looked like she was from this place. He followed behind her for a moment, and went with the North Log.

Seargent Leo Barnes


Another Year, Another Purge, Another Kill.

Except this one was more important to him.

Find Big Daddy. Kill him. Stop the Level 5's. Even if it meant his death.

Well, actually, it was 24 hours before the Annual Purge. Well, fuck.

Hold on that.

He slept like a child, all prepped for the kill. LAPD badge on his hip, his usual dark clothing for the night, bag o' guns, the ability to fly and the same Remington Shotgun he used to kill Beltway. To kill the Crossed. And somehow meet Frank Grillo (Which was the weirdest fucking thing because they bothed look so real!) He woke up again to the casualness of a different setting. He didn't need anything. No words. No backstory. No Narrator. He knew exactly what was going on. And he knew what he must do. Whatever it was. He cocked the AK-74U, placed the duffle bag full of different weapons (Including the shotgun) And made his way to the North Log, that NYPD Officer would provide much needed help.​
Romulus and Cecelia looked at Aeric. Romulus and Cecelia bowed. "Hello." They said. Romulus sheathed his sword. "You smell of Source." Romulus said. "We hunt those who use Source incorrectly."

Cecelia looked at Romulus. "Calm down, Romulus. He doesn't seem like any Sourcerer that I'm familiar with."

Romulus rolled his eyes. "I don't trust him, but I trust your judgment."

Cecelia smiled. "My name is Cecelia, and this is Romulus. We are from the Orders of the Source Hunters. He's mistrusting at first, but he will grow on you."​