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Moonshine Pub

Discussion in 'The Moon Level' started by Monster the Vamelfaer, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. ~Nemo~

    ~Nemo~ An Odd

    A sigh escaped Verai as he studied the people around him with a bored expression. His sister was supposed to meet him here but she was still a no-show for almost two hours now. He knew that work was probably holding her back but still, she couldn't of stopped by to say hi once? His eyes fell on two patrons in particular, one he recognized as the blacksmith, Julius, a kind fellow from what he knew of him and an automaton with...His eyes widen at the small animal, though it was hard for him to make out what it was. Choosing to find out more, he made his way over to the two with a soft smile.

    Once he reached them, he pulled up a chair at their table and landed a soft hand on Julius' shoulder. "I think this is the first time I've seen you out of the smithy, Granville." He spoke with amusement in his tone before turning to the automaton. "I do apologize for the interruption of your previous conversation but your companion, the...fox," he paused as he was able to see it a lot better, "is very interesting. Who made him?"
  2. Drakey

    Drakey A shape-shifting Dragon God

    Elizabeth - Moonshine Pub

    Looking up at the newcomer, Elizabeth's violet eyes beheld a striking face, attractive and framed with black hair. A scar running through his golden eye. Choosing to ignore the man, as he seemed to be absolutely harmless, the Automaton responded to the smith. "Mr. Granville, I am made of metal, powered by both spring and fire. I do not tire. If a part of me breaks, then I merely fix it, usually with a better piece." Taking a large swig from her cup, flames bellowed up within her gut.

    "As for the fox..." Elizabeth's voice trailed off as she thought about the fox's past. "That would be me." Looking the man in the eyes, violet met gold, Granville stuck in the middle.

    "So, have you accepted me, Mr. Granville?" Asked Elizabeth, as she mentally assigned the dragonfly that was waiting outside to the black-haired newcomer.
  3. Rue

    Rue Acting Maniac

    Julius Granville - Moonshine Pub

    The smith nearly jumped out of his barstool at the inclusion of the new but familiar voice. Turning to look upon him, it was none other than Verai. Him and his sister had done plenty of business with Julius before, Itzel being the only member of Zicari's thugs that he'd serve. They were good people, which is why instead of a shove, Julius merely grumbled. "You're lucky your sister pays well or else I'd of smacked the dickens out of you, boy."

    Looking back at Elizabeth as she answered his latest question, he scratched the underside of his scruffy beard before grunting in affirmation. "Alright, lass. You've got yourself a deal." He said, extending his metal arm out for her to shake. He wasn't sure how good of an idea this would be, but he was willing to give the automaton a chance.
  4. ~Nemo~

    ~Nemo~ An Odd

    "I bet I am. She seems to be the reason that a lot of shop owners do business with me. " Verai chuckled and nodded almost enthusiastically as he studied the fox, mentally making note of the build of the creature before turning his head to the two, listening in. "A deal, huh?" he muttered quietly, chuckling before remembering one of the reasons why he came over here in the first place. "Oh, yeah. Julius, the metal I was talking to you about a couple weeks ago, is there any update on that? I need to finish the automaton as soon as I can. You know having more eyes and limbs will help out around my shop." he joked lightly before falling silent again.
  5. Drakey

    Drakey A shape-shifting Dragon God

    Elizabeth blinked, a smile forming on her metallic lips. Suddenly, three clockwork dragonflies zoomed into the pub, circling around the three. After a few circles, the little automatons nestled in their Creator's silver hair. Then Tony, the fox, stood up in the counter and sauntered over to Elizabeth. Jumping into her lap, the automaton petted the strange little machine.

    Then she heard the newcomer speaking of an automaton. Her eyes narrowing, she finally noticed the man. "What automaton would this be?" Her silvery voice was easily heard by the man. It garnered and demanded that her question be answered.

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