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Neptunia's Vocaloid Surprise [Non-Canon]

Discussion in 'Side Story Archives' started by Raynar Saassin, May 4, 2018.

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  1. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er Halo Humans vs Covenant GM

    "Oh my god! 5pb. is hosting another concert!"
    "We gotta go see it!"
    "Come on, let's go already! Stop holding me back!"
    "5pb is my waifu!!"
    "Hey, stop cutting in line!"
    "I gotta see her!"

    Came from the screams of many adoring fans as the idol known as 5pb. from Gamindustri was to perform her biggest concert yet, which was to everyone instead of just Leanbox like she was used to. This was definitely a nerve racking experience for her, and even more so that even the CPU's came to attend in their special booths. As she rose up from the center of the stage, the music began to kick in and she began to sing her heart out!

    Kirihirake Gracise☆Star - English Translation

    Shine! Stars of dreams (let's find it!) Over Limit!
    Going beyond limits, surely
    Because I will not lose to anyone!

    That purple earth, blue sky (fluttering green)
    Hey, I want to gaze with you once more (no matter how many times)

    Your kindness warmth (I feel it)
    Now it is far, but someday...!

    Shine! Stars of dreams (let's find it!) Over Limit!
    Unswayed feelings, surely (Gracie☆Star)
    Like surrounding meteors (Bifrost) style of pointing
    Going beyond limits, surely
    Because I will not lose to anyone!

    Shedding tears just because I can't do anything (Irritating)
    Within this nothing-but-nonsense world (Wandering)

    The darkness that locks you (Everlasting)
    The heart seems to break... However!

    With a flash, spread your wings! (Pierce through!) Super Limit!
    The strength not to give up, more (Hone it!)
    Even tiny (drop) of hope
    The power to believe, the courage in hand, more
    Sparkle more than anyone!

    Fighting against the powerlessness pain
    The non-hesitant wish, always
    Because I will reach it, just ahead
    Because I love, at any time, always

    Shine! Stars of dreams (let's find it!) Over Limit!
    Unswayed feelings, surely (Gracie☆Star)
    Like surrounding meteors (Bifrost) style of pointing
    Going beyond limits, surely
    Because I will not lose to anyone!

    Whether it is love or future, I'll open it!!

    "5pb. is my Waifu!!"
    "Can I get your autograph!?!?"
    "Please!!! More more!"

    Came from the screams of her adoring audience while she was singing, with the Leanbox Air Force performing a spectacle above the stage. She enjoyed herself immensely as she sang happily and without any sign of shyness as she expressed herself through her craft. At the end of the song, she would thank her audience immensely.

    "Thank you all for coming to my concert! I hope you continue putting faith in our CPU's! I'll be taking a break but I'll be back with another song so stay tuned!" And then she walked backstage to the roar of the adoring fans, as they continued to cheer towards her and then chatted amongst themselves.

    Little did 5pb. release however, was that in the midst of the Concert while she was singing, there was a group of Vocaloids who had heard about her rise to fame from their world, and found a way to see her in person just to see what all the fuss was about...

  2. MelodyMeister

    MelodyMeister Flagship Character: Cute Anime Girls

    “Have you got the backstage tickets, Meiko?”
    A blue haired man made a small frown, while looking at a brown-haired woman with a glass of alcohol. In front of them were two younger children, blue haired and half-twins. The girl looked at the stage with excitement and butted in the older’s conversation.
    “Who needs backstage tickets, Kaito? Seriously! We’re stars! We don’t need tickets to another star’s concert.”
    The boy looked at the girl and sighed, while trying his best to look mature.
    “I thought you were better than this, Rin. Sneaking in? I can’t believe you’re my older sister!”
    “Bah! Watch me Len! I’ll show you, a security guard is no match for me.”
    The Kagamine Twins, KAITO and MEIKO were famous androids, from the brand Vocaloid, and as Rin and MEIKO said, the best. They weren’t built to fight like beasts, no. They were created to sing, whether it be original or covers.

    Kagamine Rin heard of this 5pb, who had recently become known, even among the vocaloids. She was inpatient to meet this new star, and blew a raspberry at Len, before sneaking in among the crowd.
    “Hic..Oh, Now, Rin! That’s really quite beyond the pale! Get back her-”
    “MEIKO, just let Sis go, she’ll learn her lesson. That I’m better than her at morals!”
    Just when the half-drunken mother figure was going to stop Rin, she was stopped by a proud and boastful Len. Resulting in a loud argument between the immature Len and the irresponsible MEIKO, with KAITO trying to put him self in the middle to make them stop. Perfect. Since the three were distracted, Rin snuck to the very front and then swiftly moved inside the room leading to the backstage. She had noticed there was a lineup meant for the people with the back stage tickets, but she got to queue-jump since no one was there.

    Noticing a security guard, Rin ducked under a stage prop, and took a deep breath.
    “Hey, little kid! You shouldn’t be here! Give me your stage ticket.”
    Noticing she had been found, Rin emerged from the prop, pretending to be crying.
    “I’ve lost my stage ticket and I was looking for it..And the room was so empty and quiet, it was so scary..where are my parents, did they abandon me, leave me here with a scary man? Why did I buy the ticket with my all my pocket money..now I can’t..”
    The guard let his guard down around this quivering small girl, and calmed down.
    “Look, it’s alright kid, we’ll find your parents and get you back safe an-Get back here!”
    Running right through the guard, Rin reached the backstage door where 5pb likely was, and opened it.
    @Raynar Saassin
  3. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er Halo Humans vs Covenant GM

    "Hey, kid, wait! Don't open that door---"

    Too late. The door was opened, and inside bared witness to 5pb. and another girl with her as they turned towards Rin.

    "I..." 5pb. responded with a nervous tone in her voice, and an expression of extreme shyness. "Let me handle this, 5pb." The other girl responded, placing a hand onto her shoulder before approaching Rin at the door.


    "I am Cave, a part of Leanbox's security team, and personally assigned as 5pb.'s Bodyguard. Just what do you think you're doing, barging into her room while she's preparing for her next performance?" She then eyed her down. "---Without your backstage pass, no doubt?" "We're sorry, ma'am... She was too quick, we couldn't catch her."

  4. MelodyMeister

    MelodyMeister Flagship Character: Cute Anime Girls

    Rin, although startled by Cave, was confident enough to speak in a grandiose tone.
    “Ohoho~ You really need a better security guard. I have no need for a backstage ticket! If say, Elvis Presley came to a concert, would you ask him to buy a backstage ticket? Same with me, I, am Rin Kagamine. Singer of Meltdown, Daughter of Evil and other famous songs!”
    Like the immature pop star she is, Rin posed as if she was getting her picture taken.
    “I attended your concert, and found your music to be great, mine’s still the bestest, but as someone who’s famous like me, you don’t need backstage tickets, correct?”
    Even if she was one of the older vocaloids, she was still physically and mentally 14 years old. Len is too, it’s just that he tries to hide his maturity, while bold Rin doesn’t.
    @Raynar Saassin
  5. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er Halo Humans vs Covenant GM

    "Never heard of you." Cave responded simply. "Yeah... I've never heard of you either..." "Me neither..." The guards responded, nodding in agreement with Cave. Meanwhile a villainous duo was over-watching the scene...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    "Sounds like this idol has a bit of trouble." "Why must I of gotten paired with you all the time... You're an Underling!" "Ugh! Stop calling me that!" "Hehehehe. Ahem. So, we going to snatch this girl?" "You know it. Perhaps the boss would even enjoy having this girl as a pet."

    "We're sorry, but due to your discrepancy, we have no choice but to take you in for questioning. You barged into a iconic figure's room unannounced and broke through the guard's line." Cave exclaimed before 5pb. turned around and got out of her seat, walking towards the group.

    "I'm sure she didn't mean to barge in like that. I'm sure she's just a very passionate fan who really wanted to meet me in person, right?"

  6. MelodyMeister

    MelodyMeister Flagship Character: Cute Anime Girls

    Looking around, absolutely astonished at how Cave or the guards didn’t know her, she looked down and sighed.
    “I can’t believe it...What kind of music fans are you? Wait, I’ll be.....Aghhhh!”
    Yelling out in frustration upon hearing that she’ll be questioned. She hates being in trouble, and some policeman poking you to find some sort of secret, she hated even more. She looked at 5pb and smiled, glad to know the idol herself was on her side somewhat.
    “Finally! Well, I did mean to barge in, but I didn’t mean anything malicious! Maybe a collab or a partnership even. So yes, I was over excited and wanted to meet you in person first, that was my intention!”
    Giving up on the lying and deciding to come clean, Rin realised what sort was situation she was in and became very tense.

    “Hmm, Rin is taking a while, could she be in trouble?”
    “We didn’t even agree on anything, I assume she would let us in as well but...”
    The two older vocaloids and Len were waiting outside, watching the people with the backstage start to line up. It was getting boring, having to stay out of sight while watching the back door to open. Finally, Len stood up.
    “This is taking too long. I’m going in myself.”
    “Now, I can’t have two of you in th-”
    Meiko was once again protesting, but stopped when she realised Len wan’t going to listen. Len loomed around for the back door, but was more careful not to get noticed.
    @Raynar Saassin
  7. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er Halo Humans vs Covenant GM

    "While I do appreciate all the support that my fans give me, Autographs and meet-ups will be at the end of the Concert..." "Are you sure this is wise, 5pb? They effectively broke into your room and pushed past several guards..." "I'm sure---"

    Then all of a sudden, a smoke bomb was thrown in the room, covering the entirety of the inside to be covered in a thick layer of smoke. Unfortunately Rin wouldn't have any time to react as she was suddenly snatched by the neck with a layer of tape stuck to her mouth to prevent her from screaming for help. By the time the fog had cleared up...

    Rin was gone!

    "What just happened?!" "I don't know ma'am, but the girl earlier is gone!" "We need to go rescue them!" "But you are not capable of fighting yet... Your weaponized guitar is back at the Leanbox Basilicom..."



    "Hahaha! Snatching this braud was a piece of cake! And without those stupid CPU's getting in my way too." Came the voice of the girl who kidnapped her as she ran across the backstage corridors. She eventually rushed past Len and the other vocaloids and seemly ran off into the distance. If they were to notice, Rin was with her.

  8. MelodyMeister

    MelodyMeister Flagship Character: Cute Anime Girls

    “Hah...I should have really listened to MEIKO...Then I wouldn’t have gotten into this mess. Look, I’m not looking to kill her or anything, so I think you should just kick me out. Questioning is just way too ext-”
    Her defence was cut off by the smoke bomb, and although she kept calm, she was going to yell for anyone when thick duct tape was wrapped around her mouth, so she couldn’t even do that.
    Rin, although she couldn’t yell for help, tried her best to struggle, and tried to stomp on the ground and slow the kidnapper down. So because of that, Len noticed what seemed to be Rin while he was unlocking the back door. He said nervously to MEIKO and KAITO as they ran through the backdoor.

    “MEIKO! KAITO! Did you see that?”
    “See what, Len?”
    “The girl who rushed past me, KAITO! She had someone with her, I think!”
    “Calm down Len, your gettin pale and nervous. Who did you think she was with?”
    “....Rin, I think. She was kicking and struggling.”
    Staying still for a second, Len then followed the kidnapper, out of a brotherly love for his sister. He pointed his finger in her direction.
    “Come on! I think Rin’s in trouble!”
    @Raynar Saassin
  9. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er Halo Humans vs Covenant GM

    As the group were to chase the one who snagged Rin, they would see that she came to a halt as she shouted. "Oh come on! Not you brauds again!" She shouted in an annoyed tone as a group of girls stood in her way.

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

    "Just what do you think you're doing, abducting a random citizen in the middle of a concert? That's a new low, even for you, Underling." "Miss Underling, can you please release her?" Asked the woman with the pink/orange hair. Her voice sounded so soft and sweet, almost too innocent as well. "Let her go, what has she got to do with ASIC?!" "Ugh. You brauds are so stupid sometimes. And stop calling me that! Too bad I don't have much time to talk, huh? Warechu!" "Right away, chu!" Came a voice from nearby as another smoke bomb was thrown into the group, causing everyone to cough and are unable to see. "Sorry, my dearest sweet angel Compa, my love... We'll meet again, chu... And then, you will be mine... chu."

    And then they ran off into the distance, leaving only the group of three and the other group. "Darn it... She's always able to get away, just as we're about to catch her." "We'll just have to catch them next time. Miss Underling will be brought to justice~" "Hopefully they won't be able to get far... Oh." The girl on the right responded as she noticed there was another group there. "I assume you're fans of the concert? My name's Nepgear. The other two with me are Compa and IF, we're from Planeptune."

  10. MelodyMeister

    MelodyMeister Flagship Character: Cute Anime Girls

    “There she is! Hey, great..a smoke bomb...gah...You! Give Rin back!”
    Running and catching up to the girls, Len yelled in protest as Underling ran off. He was very wound up, someone kidnaping his sister? That was unacceptable. After a bit, he calmed down and introduced himself, while the two behind him caught up.
    “Sorry I was so loud. I’m Kagamine Len! You might have heard of me, Singer Of Servant Of Evil? SPICE, maybe? Gigantic O.T.N....Ugh, I need to ask the producers to stop giving me the illegal ones, I’m still 14 dammit! Anyways, I need to rescue my sister.”
    He seemed serious, but not fully. It was impossible for that to happen anyways so that alone was good.
    Behind him, MEIKO pushed up and introduced herself more vigorously.
    “My name is MEIKO, I’m not just a fan, no! I’m also a singer, although less famous then the twins...But anyways, nice to meet ya! Don’t let my beer soaked clothing fool you, I’m very formidable in singing and fighting indeed!”
    “..Are you done? So I’m KAITO. I’m not very famous, because my voice is a bit robotic and soft, but I’m sure you’ve heard of Cresent Moon. Nice to meet you...What? Plane-tune? I can’t say I’ve ever heard of a country like that.”
    KAITO was a bit quiet, but he was sure he got his sentence across.
    @Raynar Saassin
  11. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er Halo Humans vs Covenant GM

    "Nice to meet you all~ I hope we can become friends~" "Hmm." IF stated, walking over to the direction in which Underling ran off to. "Seems like she ran off over there. Towards Halo Mountain." "Halo Mountain? Then perhaps I can be of assistance~" A womanly voice came from the distance as Vert, the CPU of Leanbox came over after hearing the commotion.


    "Lady Vert!" "Indeed." She then turned towards the other group and bowed. "Greetings. My name is Vert, and I am the CPU / Goddess of Leanbox, where we are now. If this Underling is running off to Halo Mountain, then that could be the location of a hidden ASIC base that was not discovered when we removed them." "I'll help too!" 5pb. yelled as both she and Cave had chased them down a few moments after the smoke disappeared.

    "You three are friends of this "Rin" correct? We shall help in anyway we can to rescue her." "I may not be able to fight, but I can at least try to help out somehow." "But 5pb., you're not fit to fight right now, you have a concert to run."

  12. MelodyMeister

    MelodyMeister Flagship Character: Cute Anime Girls

    “Vert. Weird name, but alright, and...Wow, er..Totally not staring at anything, Ok? So anyways, Rin is my sister and it’s only right I should joi-Is that what I think it is?”
    Len’s attention span went from ‘Vert has nice boobs.” to “Sign my autograph 5pb!” In a span of ten seconds. Turning around, he tried to stay as stoic as he could, but he was over excited and stuttering.
    “Isn’t that..5pb..? Ca-can you sign an auto-autograph? Please?”

    Considering that Len was focused on something else, MEIKO came forward and pressed her hand on her head.
    “The Kagamines are a bunch...Anyways, do you know where Rin even is? If I see that Underling, I’m going to beat the crap outta her! What’s she doing kidnapping a little girl?”
    She tried to appear motherly at first, but her hot blooded nature shown by the end of that sentence. KAITO put his hand up politely and suggested his idea.

    “How long will you be? I can be an intermission singer while 5pb is with you. Not too long right? I really don’t want tomatos thrown at me, like what happened during Miku’s concert a few years ago.”
    He seemed kind of hesitant to say Miku’s name, for some reason.
    @Raynar Saassin
  13. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er Halo Humans vs Covenant GM

    "Hmhm~ I am blessed, aren't I?~ Anyways. So the girl taken by that Underling is your sister, hmm? Perhaps we'd do you a service and rescue her." Vert responded with a chuckle as 5pb heard Len change subject immediately. "Of course! What do you want me to---" "Now is not the time for that." Cave interrupted, standing in-between them. "Cave is right, we need to rescue her immediately before they make her put her faith in Arfoire..." Nepgear exclaimed as IF and Compa nodded in agreement.

    Meanwhile . . . .

    Rin would shortly awaken to discover that she was in quite the place...


    On glance, the sky was a dark red, and loads of various coloured screens and giant consoles/controllers were littered around, forming the majority of the landscape alongside a strange yellow liquid flowing like a liquid. If she were to look directly forward, she would notice quite the people in front of her bickering to each other, one of them being her captor...

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    "So... Why exactly did you bring this girl to me, Underling?" "I thought she'd be a good person to help generate faith for Arfoire, boss!" "Hmph. You've continued to be quite a disappointment, Underling. Don't make me destroy you!" "Look, I was going to snatch 5pb instead, but this girl caused commotion which makes things difficult!" "No matter. We shall find a way to use her to revive our Goddess~"

  14. MelodyMeister

    MelodyMeister Flagship Character: Cute Anime Girls

    Rin woke up somewhat groggily, but that was quickly stopped when she saw the landscape. Putting her hand over her mouth, she stopped herself from screaming out loud. After the initial shock, Rin calmed down and looked around. This place was quite strange to her, she rarely saw this kind even in the widget songs. Looking forward, she noticed her kidnapper, and had to hold her breath to not gasp again. So she was in this strange location, because this prick carried her off for whatever reason. Resisting the urge to glare or flip the bird at her, she began to stand up quietly and look a way out.
    @Raynar Saassin
  15. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er Halo Humans vs Covenant GM

    As Rin looked for a way out, she'd discover more and more broken down Consoles and Controllers as the surrounding pieces of land, and the yellow river continued to wind in and out in interesting patterns. However she would discover that one of the people that were bickering in front of her appeared before her:


    "Just where do you think you're going, child?~ Don't you know you're helping out a great cause by helping us revive the great goddess?"

    Meanwhile . . . . .

    "Iffy, have you managed to get any intel?" "The last I heard, someone posted a quest to apprehend the Underling who trampled over their crops while on their way to... the Gamindustri Graveyard." "Trampling over crops? Miss Underling must of been in a hurry..." "We need to get there quick, they could be using her to revive the Deity of Sin!"

  16. MelodyMeister

    MelodyMeister Flagship Character: Cute Anime Girls

    Len was determined as ever, and answered the girls with a,
    “Which direction is it? What are they going to do to her, in fact?”
    Len was quite nervous at this point. He wanted to ask so many questions, but he knew there was no time to answer, so he just asked one more question.
    “This graveyard, how do we get there?”
    Rin was sweating by now, the view of broken consoles and a strange river creeped her out more then anything else, likely since she knew she was in a dangerous situation, worse she saw no way out. Rin cried out in fear and shock when the woman appeared in front of her, but she regained her composure somewhat.
    “And I’m not looking to revive your demonic god. Unless you do some kind of human sacrifice, which is impossible becuase I’m not human, I won’t help you revive her unless I find out your intentions!”
    She spat that out like a little brat.
    @Raynar Saassin
  17. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er Halo Humans vs Covenant GM

    "I don't exactly know what their intentions are, but regardless we must hurry. The Deity of Sin's return is no laughing matter, and we must ensure it never happens." Vert implied as she made haste to follow the trail set by IF and co as the party began setting off towards the Gamindustri Graveyard but was interrupted when 5pb. spoke. "But... what about the concert? The other CPU's are there too, we can't just leave them out.." "Hmm. Perhaps it'd be wise if these so-called idols would choose one of themselves to stay behind and try to entertain them while we are gone." Cave then looked towards the other girls in the party. "So, which one of you wants the honour of performing on stage while we go save one of you?"

    "Hmph. Spoiled little brat, aren't you." The woman exclaimed as she proceeded to walk towards Rin and pick her up. "It is truly a great cause, to revive Arfoire~ But of course, you must understand that you must put your faith in her, otherwise we may just dispose of you right now~ Ahem---"

    "Chu!" A voice emerged as someone came from behind, it appeared to be some kind of rat like creature as he spoke to the pair.

    "Those CPU's are chasing us, chu. It won't be long before they show up and try to ruin our plans, chu." "Is that so. Looks like Underling wasn't very good at keeping her tracks covered."

  18. MelodyMeister

    MelodyMeister Flagship Character: Cute Anime Girls

    “...I’ll do it. Should I sing one of my songs?”
    Kaito, who had been quiet the entire time, out this hand out and volunteered before MEIKO had a chance to go. Meiko was quite physically strong even by android standards, so he knew she had to go along.
    “Right, right! Come on, Meiko!”
    Len was impatient, and grabbed her hand before running along with Meiko. Luckily unlike humans, they don’t tire out so while they were behind the girls, he was certain he won’t get left behind.
    Upon being picked up, a thousand thoughts went through her head, half of them to kick the woman in the breasts. But upon hearing her the woman talking, she chose a different direction.
    “A-Aforine? As long as you aren’t worshiping Satan...Well, I suppose I’ll put faith in her if she’s alright, I think...What did you want me to do, again?”
    She was still somewhat rowdy at first, but then pretended to become more shy and nervous as she went on. She was a vocaloid after all, she was pretty good with controlling her facade and voice.
    @Raynar Saassin
  19. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er Halo Humans vs Covenant GM

    Deciding to take this into her advantage, the woman decided to deceive the girl. "We just simply wish for you to pledge your faith towards Arfoire, our great goddess, and everything shall come to fruition." "Yeah, chu. Although I have my doubts, the boss knows what she's doing, chu." "Indeed. Now, let's return back to the others, we have much work to do."

    "Alright. Then I shall stay behind." Cave exclaimed as she walked alongside Kaito towards the concert's backstage area while everyone else converged alongside the CPU and CPU Candidate on the trail of the Underling. As they walked across the plains of Leanbox, the Vocaloids would notice the beauty and greenery of the land, with lush trees and flowing grassland. "Hmhm. Leanbox takes great pride in making our little island nation beautiful and attractive, as we are one of the most popular out of the four in terms of tourism." Vert explained as they walked. "It really is beautiful. Almost like Planeptune." "Of course you'd say that, Nepgear---"

    "Someone help! Please!"

    Came a scream from the distance as some people were in trouble! "Come on, we must hurry. Our duty as CPU's are to protect the citizenry, and some are in trouble."

  20. MelodyMeister

    MelodyMeister Flagship Character: Cute Anime Girls

    Rin, nodded submissively and asked,
    “Only that? Should be easy...Can you please put me down, Miss?”
    Of course, she was skeptical about the goddess but she wasn’t showing it. Rin wanted to go home and be treated properly, but if all she had to do was pledge her alliance, it should be easy! Backstabbing isn’t something she’ll do, but she might resort to that, or just find information, as long as she isn’t killed.
    Len was kind of annoyed he had to stop, but sighed and went along.
    “Rin surely will do alright, she’s very smart. Although I have my doubts. Oh, yeah, I’m coming.”
    While Meiko had followed them in a dash, Len had stayed behind for a little, but he went along, since he knew trying to split up is never a good idea.
    @Raynar Saassin
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