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Our Dead Drink the Sea (Partner Search)

Discussion in 'Out-of-Character Discussion' started by Skagosi, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Skagosi

    Skagosi Stoneborn Cannibal



    Every year on the last day of winter, a king named Gradlon hosts a most fantastic horse race. But these are no ordinary horses, they are the aughisky of legend and children’s horror stories. Tall and beautiful as they are dangerous, aughisky are native to Gradlon’s land which is settled on a rocky coastline. They spend most of the year submerged in the dreadfully cold ocean, emerging only during the winter months.

    Gradlon invites his country’s lords to his castle as the water horses begin to surface, awarding wealth, titles, and insurmountable glory to the man that wins the race. Past contenders may bring their horse from previous years while new jockeys must capture and tame a new mount. Women are not allowed to ride and boys must be at least sixteen years of age.

    But this year, things have changed. Gradlon’s only child and daughter has come of age to marry. He is awarding her, along with his castle and title as king, to this year’s winner. Outraged by this, Gradlon’s daughter begins to come up with a way to race for her own hand. Meanwhile, a seasoned rider trains with his aughisky. He has won the past three years with high hopes of making this his fourth victory.

    Seeing his talent with the water horses, the princess seeks him out and attempts to persuade him to help her. Politics, deceit, blood, death, and passion all begin to tangle as the winter draws to a close and race day nears. Who will ride? And perhaps more importantly, who will win?

    ♞ ♘​

    Since I have a hard time keeping up with group roleplays, this is a one-on-one search. I have been desperate to try this idea for years honestly. Mythology is a great love of mine, as are horses. However, a vast knowledge of either is not necessary to participate with me. If this is something you’re interested in simply message me! I can answer any questions and/or we can hash out the details; all I ask is that you first see the notes below beforehand. (This is not my only idea, I will be posting searches for a few others as well. Give those a look if this one doesn’t strike your fancy!)

    ♞ ♘​

    1. “Our Dead Drink the Sea” is loosely based off of a book. However, characters and their situations as well as the setting have been changed. Really, all I’m borrowing is the idea of the water horses.
    2. Water horses, or aughisky as they apply to this idea are actual horses. They do not shapeshift. However, they can breathe water as well as air. They are carnivores as well. Vicious predators actually. They will attack and kill humans if they feel threatened, sometimes even unprovoked. But, they can be somewhat tamed and ridden by the right person with proper understanding. The longer they remain out of the ocean, the more calm they become, however, they never lose that desire to rejoin the water. Essentially, these are meat-eating wild horses. Do not trust them.
    3. This roleplay is meant for mature adults only as there will be graphic depictions of blood, gore, and death as well as strong language used and possibly some sexual encounters. If you are under eighteen or made uncomfortable by those elements, proceed at your own risk.

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