Private Meeting Hall


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"Let him share his opinions and suggestions, Devon," Minerva stated with a sigh. She was already growing irritated with this back and forth. "Afterall, we have him to thank for providing us important information on the castle." She straightened her back out and stood up. After she spoke her last words, that would be it for the meeting. She wouldn't wait another second. "Like I said before, take whatever you think could be of use. Be it the king's plan for New Eden or even information on the Wardens. If you're unsure whether it's useful information or not, take it. No second thoughts. I enjoy the changes made to the plan and find it much more coherent, thanks to Balthazar and Dot. If we don't have masks, we'll find another way to cover up ourselves. With that being said, meeting dismissed. We'll strike tonight." Minerva then left the room without another word.
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