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Hey everyone! I'm Juneberry, otherwise known as Jaluna. I've been roleplaying for more than half my life in various forms, but have grown a bit rusty due to spending a long while away from roleplaying due to burnout. I'm feeling less burnt out, so I'm hoping to be able to plot and enjoy some time writing with you guys. But first, here's a few 'rules' you should know when dealing with me...

1. I can't guarantee my activity level from a day to day basis. I have various health issues and am sometimes bedridden, so I can't guarantee a post every day or even every other day. If the reason I'm slow is because I'm struggling to reply, I'll do my best to DM you- but otherwise, you'll have to wait for me to recover.

2. I prefer to do plotting and whatnot on the forums. I'll do things that we have to hide in PM, but I prefer as much writing on the forum itself as possible.

3. I don't do word counting when I roleplay. I don't care if you have a post of a short paragraph or a five paragraph essay- just give me enough to work with and we'll be fine. My posts vary a lot as well, so it'll be alright.

4. I know grammar mistakes and spelling errors happen, but I may not be able to handle a post just full of typos and overused commas. I'm an editor, so it's kind of an awkward situation there. I apologize in advance if I end up correcting your work if there's too much distracting me!

5. Let's drive the story together. We can brainstorm ideas when one of us is stuck, and add plot twists as we go. It's more fun if we both take part in shaping the story. Oh, but please stick to just your characters. My characters are mine to control because I've grown up with many of them, okay?

6. I will play multiple characters if necessary, and am fine with any gender or gender pairing. Just please, please be willing to do multiple if you ask me to do so too.

7. I will NOT play a canon role for a fandom RP. I prefer AUs and, in general, original characters. You can play what you want though.

*Urban Fantasy
*Slice of Life
*Action Adventure
*Post Apocalyptic

I especially like blending various genre together, so don't feel afraid to ask for that!

(!) - I prefer romance as a secondary genre, not primary. It always feels forced otherwise.

*Magical Girls
*Arranged Marriages
*Forbidden Love

*Doctor x Nurse
*Doctor x Doctor
*Doctor x Patient
*Nurse x Patient
*Patient x Patient
*Teacher x Teacher
*Teacher x Student
*Student x Student
*Best Friend x Best Friend's Sibling
*Best Friend x Best Friend
*Alien x Human
*Vampire x Human
*Demon x Human
*Angel x Human
*Angel x Demon

*Natsume's Book of Friends
*Harvest Moon/Rune Factory
*My Time at Portia
*.hack//, Sword Art Online or similar fandoms
*Other (please ask me what fandom you want, and I'll see if I can do it!)

I don't currently have any ideas unless I use one of my novel projects as a prompt. If you're interested in such a thing, though, please let me know! I'll add pairing ideas and other such things later. I just wanted to get the basics up. Looking forward to playing with you! Also, though I prefer 1x1, I can do small groups- I just worry more with those because of my health dilemma.
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