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Sin's Capricious Cavalcade of Courageous Characters

Discussion in 'Character Depository' started by Sin, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. Sin

    Sin Nobody

    Here is where I will begin posting sheets for my myriad of original characters from different worlds and franchises. I'm not sure if there's a specific layout I should be using here though, so I'll just try to do my best to keep them organized and easy to read.
  2. Sin

    Sin Nobody

    Name: Gardenia Rolice

    Human, Nordic descent, raised by Spartans


    Age: 37 years

    Mostly lean and muscular body, modestly sized bust, standing at about 5'7" and weighing roughly 150 lbs. Skin tone is lightly tanned with small scars and pock marks visible on her face, strawberry blonde hair usually tied back into a braided ponytail that hangs down to the middle of her back, and sapphire blue eyes. Strong, sharp jawline and laugh-lines on the sides of her mouth, with distinct crow's feet at the corners of her eyes.

    Outfit: Silvery grey long sleeve tunic with purple trim at the hem made from magical Feywild spider silk, fine light grey cloth pants, hard leather boots and gauntlets, all reinforced by a dark red ironwood breastplate, arm and shin protectors, and shoulder guards. On the front of the chest plate is the symbol of a unicorn's head inside a circle, made from magical diamond and embedded into the ironwood; this is the holy symbol of Mielikki, the Unicorn Queen. On the waist of the breastplate are small symbols encircling it depicting each phase of the moon, and just under the neck is a series of depictions of falling leaves making a V shape with a small sun at the bottom.

    As a hardened warrior of light and a champion of the Unicorn Queen, Gardenia always tries to keep a smile on her face so that she can brighten the world around her in even the darkest situations. But she is not entirely immune to the pull of darkness within her own heart, and won't hesitate to unleash her righteous fury against those whom she feels deserve it, namely tyrants and fiends who would exploit others for their own selfish gain. Being the descendant of Nords, and raised in a Greek/Spartan inspired culture, Gardenia loves a good fight as much as the next person, but the teachings of Mielikki have humbled her and encouraged her to seek out more peaceful resolutions to conflicts and make new friends out of enemies when she can. And of course, what better way to make new friends than over over a hearty meal and a mug of mead?

    To worship the Unicorn Queen is to keep the light within yourself strong, for how can you spread light to the dark areas of the world when your own light has dwindled? Thus, Gardenia has learned to mix her Nordic heritage and Spartan upbringing with the teachings of her goddess, to bring people together through good food and drink, all while laughing and making sure everyone is having a good time. She can sometimes go a little overboard with the indulgences though, and may end up regretting it later, but her Nordic blood usually gets her back on her feet and walking straight quicker than most people would be.

    Aside from her glowing personality, Gardenia definitely knows how to defend herself and others whenever things come to blows. She favors big, two-handed weapons such as greatswords and lances, but she is also trained in the use of shields for extra protection when she needs it. The armor she wears is moderately heavy but allows her to move around freely for the most part so that she is able to swing her weapon and cast spells with little trouble.

    Speaking of spells, Gardenia is more than just a meat-shield with a sword, as stated before she is also a divine champion of Mielikki. Using the holy symbol grafted onto the front of her armor, Gardenia can channel divine energy into powerful magic, which she uses for a variety of different things; healing the wounds of her allies, causing searing radiant energy to harm her foes, and protect those around her from harmful magical effects from evil creatures. She is particularly well versed in fighting beings from other dimensions such as fiends (demons and devils), fey, and undead, and can even drive them away simply by infusing her words with holy energy to make them painful to their ears.

    In a universe separate from the usual settings of Dungeons and Dragons (Faerun, Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, etc.) there is a small planet that has an extremely bloody and colorful history all its own. Upon this planet are many different continents, however only a few of them are currently populated by civilized people, in a city known as Fortiras. It is within this city that Gardenia's story begins, as this is where she was born and raised. As is customary in this culture, Gardenia was trained from a young age in the art of combat, and joined the military at the age of 18 so that she could do her duty to help protect the city from the countless magical threats that besieged it from the outside. During the ten years she served her beloved home, Gardenia learned a lot about herself and the world outside of the great city walls, and just how dangerous it was. The ocean surrounding the continent alone was filled with things such as krakens and malicious seafolk, which is why Fortiras developed airship technology fairly early on.

    When it came time to decide whether she wanted to stay in the military or not came, Gardenia made the tough choice to retire and become an adventurer, so that she could travel more and help others in different ways. She first attempted to join a local circle of druids so that she could connect more with nature, but found that these druids were much more concerned with urban development than the trees and forests outside the city. Gardenia then decided that she needed to venture out on her own to find herself and figure out what she was going to do in order to live out her dreams of exploring the world. She spent weeks out in the wilds, meditating and ruminating on her past experiences, until a vision came to her one night in a dream.

    She was standing in a field of flowers of all different kinds, many she had never even seen or heard of before, and the night sky was completely devoid of stars or clouds, only the moon shone down on the earth below. In the ethereal silvery moonlight, Gardenia could see a figure standing off in the distance, and began approaching it as it seemed to be waiting for her. Before her, Gardenia was greeted with the sight of a unicorn, tall and graceful, with perfectly white coat and golden mane and tail billowing in a breeze that wasn't there. The unicorn spoke without moving its lips in a language Gardenia had never heard before, but she could somehow understand what it was saying. Visions of ruins flashed in her mind, vast seas being crossed and ancient relics being unearthed as continents sprang up over the horizon. And then, she saw an airship with the insignia of the Fortiras Adventurers Guild on the side, and right then she knew what her calling was.

    As Gardenia woke up from the dream, all of the images except one had faded from her memory, the insignia of the guild, and one name stood out with it. 'Mielikki'. Returning home to get ready, Gardenia decided to do some research on this name and found out about a lesser deity that had been brought over to this universe from the Forgotten Realms by one of her worshipers. The few texts she found on the Unicorn Queen's teachings inspired Gardenia to dedicate herself to spreading the light of Mielikki. The very next day she headed over to the Fortiras Adventurers Guild headquarters and signed up, quickly finding a place within a small group of like-minded individuals to set out on their adventures together. The jobs they were given in the beginning were modest and didn't pay a whole lot, but Gardenia was happy to finally be doing something that made her feel like this is where she belonged.

    Gardenia's adventures took her across the continents with her comrades, most of which would leave the party while new ones joined, and eventually venturing through other dimensions; the Feywild where she met a society of friendly giant spiders that sold her the silk which she used to make her tunic, the Astral Sea where she saw portals to all kinds of other dimensions, and even inside the corpse of a dead astral whale floating out in the void between the dimensions. All of this was in addition to her normal job of exploring ruined continents, that had been victims of a great magical cataclysm thousands of years ago, to retrieve artifacts and clear them out of any dangerous creatures residing on them so that Fortiras could send people to start rebuilding the cities there.

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