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The Beast and Goddess

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by NotAllThatCreative, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. NotAllThatCreative

    NotAllThatCreative Professional Bookworm


    The war had been going on now for a few years and she was ready to end it herself. It was getting more and more pointless as time went on. Destroying another country over money and land was ridiculous in her eyes. At least the gods fought over more practical things such as a lightening bolt or a trident. One controlled the skies while the other controlled the seas. It was better than riches and land. Her mother, Athena, was often caught between the three major gods when they were arguing and/or fighting.

    She could hear the soldiers talking outside her tent as she gathered up her supplies for the next battle that was happening at dawn. They speaking about a beast that the enemy had and that caught her curiosity. She made her way over to the front of her tent and listened in. From what she was gathering, this beast was large, had claws, and was like a wolf. She arched a brow as she stood there, seeming unconvinced. "Fools..." The young woman grumbled under her breath as she walked back over to her cot to finish gathering up her supplies.

    Aurora wasn't one for armor, she believed it slowed one down but she knew it was essential. Her mother would scold her if she went to battle without anything to protect herself with but Aurora felt that she only needed her longbow to survive. Regardless, she started to get herself ready for the long day ahead of them.

    "My lady, it is almost time to leave. Best hurry up." That was one of the lieutenants of the army, wanting her to get a move on. She grabbed her quiver and placed it on her back before grabbing her dagger, sliding it down into her boot. "Another day being this king's secret weapon..." A sigh escaped her lips as she walked out of the tent and went over to join the rest of the soldiers that were lining up.

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