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-- Date: 1:44 PM August 17th 2032 --


You could feel the tension in the air. It was like a thick fog over the empty field, encasing the 20-something figures, in nervousness and anxiety. This moment could shape the history of the entire city of Newport and no news camera was there to capture it, no paparazzi, and no citizen of the public would ever witness this moment even if it could change the direction of their lives. The strands of time and history were being weaved beyond their control. It almost felt like the Earth was shaking at the meeting of the Powers.

The meeting was to take place outside of the bustling city of Newport, per the Oppositions request, as to avoid any public member intervening as well as other "unwanted" situations to arise. It was a quarry of stone and rocks overlooking the city. The sun was high in the sky, almost directly over the party of The Five. The Opposition had brought many of their members to the scene, such as Madame Sea and one of her most powerful allies, Drake Brown. There were various other influential figures that could be recognized as well. There was no vegetation or buildings nearby either. It was an empty, dead landscape. The intention of the meeting was to figure out some way for both TSF and TO to coexist in the same city.

Moonstar knew immediately that this could only lead to one thing: A giant bloodbath. Luckily the Opposition had brought him many toys to play with.. Young agents that are inexperienced and easily picked off. He thought to himself that he could try to send Him to lure one of the Opposition agents off to the side and then sever his tie to this mortal world. Moonstar caught himself acting homicidal again and regretted the choice. It was already too late though, once He had gotten the scent of blood he would not stop until his prey was caught.

Moonstar was not alone on the field. All of the Five were there as well as some other TSF members. Everyone knew that the Five weren't stupid so they would never have collected the entirety of The Scarlet Five on a small field like this. The idea for a meeting like this came from the Opposition. Moonstar had no idea what buffoonery lead them to believe that meeting one of the city's most powerful individuals on such a vulnerable spot was any smart choice. He was sure there was some trap somewhere.

The wind picked up his brown hair and played with it. The clouds were a grey color and autumn was on its way. Moonstar stepped forward with his sneakers, breaking his position in the lineup of the Five. They had arrived together in a car in which he had one of his minion's drive, seeing as his influence inspired people on the streets to bow to him, surely one of them was stalking him at this very moment. The dirt scattered when his feet slid across the ground. He spoke with power in his voice:

"How do you want to do this?" he said with a smirk, alluring them with his deep, dark eyes.

That was all he said as he waited patiently for his answer.
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Blindfold surveyed the landscape, looking out at the desolate meeting place.
Even without his fortune - telling abilities, he would've smelled the trouble in the air. He'd been in many tense situations like this before to know when one would go wrong. You could smell it, a noisome smell.
He didn't like it. Not at all. The Beast inside him could smell blood and got excited, pacing somewhere inside his chest restlessly, like a wolf waiting for it's pack.
"I don't like this," Blindfold said, mainly to nobody, but he hoped someone was listening, because he didn't want it to be his fault that everything went wrong.
The future was... clouded. Introducing so many heroes into one place made the future unpredictable at best. He had only the distinct feeling that something was about to go wrong.
He saw Moonstar and he could see more clearly: this had no good ending. The best thing to do would to be to get out. Fast.
He and Moonstar were more similar than he would admit. They were two sides of the same coin. One accepted the burden of being an Avatar of a powerful being, and one had rejected it.
He knew he should tell the other members of the Opposition as much, but he knew they wouldn't listen. They wanted a peaceful resolution for this, and he did, too. To some extent. They had to pay for some things. Some things could not be forgiven.
He had largely been accepted with open arms by the Opposition after he deserted from the Scarlet Five - Mainly, he suspected, because of his unique power set - and one of his first missions was this. They had asked him to be here, even though he was still recuperating from his explosion - what was it? A week ago? With his powers, sometimes it's hard to keep track - and his powers had yet to be at full strength since that... incident. He knew that the Five had used almost all of their resources to cover up the event, shrouding it from the public eye along with the extensively illegal (And largely unfruitful) studies they had done on him.
Needless to say, he didn't like them.
At all.
But he wasn't about to let his prejudices, even the healthy ones, get in the way of protecting everyone.
So he stood there, telling the Five, if they hadn't known already, that he was here. He had chosen his allegiance, at least for now.
And boy, are you in trouble now.
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Haukea's skin crawled. She hated this. Hated it with every fiber of her being. She did not think this was a good idea, and it made the Opposition look especially out of options, which was not true. So they were here, trying to... reason with the Scarlet Five.
That was funny.
Cause, you know, criminals are very reasonable.
They're known for being reasonable and, you know, that kind of complete crap.
Haukea would fight and fight and fight until she died. She had been doing it since birth. Fighting to be treated equally. Fighting to be seen, to be noticed. Fighting to be free. And that is exactly why she was here. She had always preferred fighting to negotiations, but maybe... maybe this was the right choice. Maybe this would be the best way to go about this.
But Haukea still didn't like it. She hated the glint in Moonstar's eye, the way he seemed like he knew something she didn't, the Opposition didn't.
Haukea shifted nervously, but her expression was as blank as always.
The guy next to her- Blindfold? She wasn't good with names- murmured his doubts.
"Me too," Haukea muttered.
She hated feeling weak. She hated feeling vulnerable. She hated at being at someone else's mercy. Haukea had her arms crossed, which would look like a casual position to anyone looking at her, no matter how close or hard they looked, but she really had each of her hands laying on a knife hidden in her gear.
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Tharin stepped into the quarry, stopping to look around and enjoy the view a bit. The wind blew slightly tousling his hair a bit. Sighing he pulled a pack of Red Kingdom cigarettes out and lit one up. He took a long drag then continued forward, the rest of the crew behind him. They actually arrived first so while he waited for them to arrive he found a big rock jutting out of the ground and leaned against it. The surface was cold and ridged, but was somehow still comfortable.

It wasn't long after they arrived that The Opposition arrived. They had brought a good many people with them. He recognized two faces on the other side immediately. A frown spread across his face. Had Hazel brought Blindfold with her to try to use him as ransom. He'd hate to kill a former ally but he'd do so without a second thought. If someone switched sides they made that risk. This "meeting" wasn't going to go well but at least he had a chance to crush The Opposition here. He had no intention of accepting any of their terms. His terms were surrender or die. He looked Hazel in the eye a smirk crossing his face, "long time, no see. You've aged gracefully, I see."

Hazel and her group arrived to see The Scarlet Five already there. The weather felt great and the surroundings were serene. She doubted this meeting would go as planned, but she wanted to at least try. She felt the tension immediately. This didn't bode well. Was it really a great idea. It felt like one when Kevin, one of the other founders, brought it up, but now that she was here it felt utterly stupid. They had just gathered a good portion of their troop in one area. She didn't doubt her veterans abilities but the new recruits were basically just led to the slaughter.

Her eyes narrowed for a second .She hoped her eyes were deceiving her but she could swear that she saw Kevin on the other side. At the sight Calista whispered in her head, that is Kevin. She knew for sure now that this was a trap laid out by the other side. Before she could think anything else a familiar voice boke the silence. Looking in that direction she saw Tharin leaning against a huge rock smoking a cigarette. "The same could be said about you." Her eyes darted over to the lad that spoke out on the other side. " I don't know," her eyes went back to Tharin, "how are we doing this. I doubt ya'll have any intention of a peaceful negotiation, do ya'll?"
[( Bluebird )]

"Everyone is here... or so it seems." he said to himself. Standing behind Moonstar and beside his other comrades, Bluebird can be recognized from the group. What else would be more attention grabbing than wearing a mask and an attire full of different hues of blue?

Today is the day when the Scarlet Five and the Opposition 'congregate to talk about peace'. Most of the time, such ideals are purely driven by politics or desperation, but chances are that this Meeting may be more sinister than the rest that he witnessed in his history. He questioned to himself, "Why did they choose to negotiate this late? Why a gathering this large for a treaty? What sort of negotiation will they bring forth? Will there even be a negotiation?"

From the crowd, he could recognize several interesting entities that may or may not lunge out and murder at least one disposable from the crowd should things ever get awry... Or should THEY ever make things go awry. Surveying the opposing crowd with eyes unseen, he tried to make guesses on which members seemed mire likely to go after his head. Would that perhaps be the man with the blindfold? Maybe it could be the lass with the pale complexion? Or it could be the shadow right at the perceived corner of the assembly? "Definitely not the shadow," he muttered to himself, recognizing the otherwise hidden figure observing from the rear of the cluster. A plenty of familiar faces gathering in one place is enough to mold a powerful degree of alertness into him.

Ultimately, the entirety of his being is fully ready to shave off the number of rats that scurry in his table should any of them move a single limb with hostile intent. He is excited to show some 'magic tricks' to the Opposition in personal, regardless on the true aim of these so-called tricks.


[( Joe )]

"What do we want? Is it really peace?" Joe questioned in his thoughts as his sweeping gaze got locked unto the unfriendly sparkle emanated by Moonstar's eyes. That appears to be the gaze of someone ready to kill, despite the original intent of the meeting; on the occassion that this may not be a facade. It will be no surprise to see him strangling a more lowly operative seconds later. In fact, he would not care if such were to happen; for it would be the fault of their unpreparedness should they ever stopped seeing the light of this material world.

Currently, he stands at the side of the Opposition, sworn rivals of the Scarlet Five who suddenly wanted to stop their conflict in such an odd timing. Regardless of his own allegiance, or perhaps the lack thereof, it is the Opposition's turn on having his service right on their fingertips. It was never a surprise for anyone from both factions to see him suddenly appear on the other side of the conflict nonchalantly, for that is the role he is destined to play: the double agent who serves as a double agent. Afterall, that is what double agents are supposed to do: switch around and conduct some business without any lasting concern on the fate of their targets' pawns. He holds no personal vendetta against either side, but nor does he hold any of them with utmost respect. He would not hesitate to gun down friend or foe, for neither terms should exist in his vocabulary. There are only accomplices, targets, and obstacles in his world.

He still expected for the worst as promised by the dreary atmosphere set up by the presence of several ominous figures: specifically the Five themselves. He holds a partial concern towards the possible outcome of the scenario, given the risk posed by such an operation and all that; but the truth is that he never really cared about who will meet their demise on the end. Regardless, the tension of the atmosphere foretells the potential of this gathering's spiraling devolution into a feast of violence; and he bears no guilt in advance to the deaths of whoever will stand in his way. There is always a reason why some people tend to hide in the shadows.


[( Leon Brandt )]

He watched eyes and voices exchange glances and words from each side, most of then addressed to the side opposite to them. Meanwhile, all he currently plans to do in the midst of the small TSF bunch is to listen at the words each significant person's utterances. He had been focusing on his hearing lately prior to stepping into this meeting, carrying the simple intent of picking up as much important info as possible with help of slightly enhanced ears. Should he break focus on keeping his hearing improved and obtaining information from others, he might miss a vital statement and put all his effort to smoke. Despite this, his eyes still remain vigilant for the slightest motion of hostility, especially from the Opposition and their lackeys, being as slightly enhanced as his sense of hearing.

Even though he did not pick up any outright threats as of yet, his intuition alone tells him that a pair of greater collectively thought-out threats might be silently building up by the ever-conflicting energies emanated by the presence of both opposing factions. This gut feeling is all that is needed for him to be just as vigilant as he is right now, not only because one has to save their own life, but because one also has to destroy and end the lives of others. He may not be as seasoned as the rest, but he did find his place in TSF for a very good reason.
She wasn't sure why they had even called such a meeting in the first place. A negotiation? Bah, like any compromise of any sort was going to happen between them. She already had a feeling such a meeting wasn't going to end well. So much power in such a small place, one small spark could cause a huge fight, and she had already prepared for that.
Cira made sure to stay in the back of the group, her power was not one that was destructive, and anywhere up near the front meant getting caught in the crossfire that was sure to happen. Her eyes had already scanned the area mapped out the places which would be most helpful in getting them the upper hand. Her hand rested on the throwing knives strapped on her waist, relaxed, but ready. She waited for the negotiations to start.
In all her years of being a part of The Scarlet Five, nothing like this had even seemed feasible. Yet here she stood, one of the top dogs. There was no way this meeting was going to go according to plan, but then again the plan wasn't exactly to settle. Everyone in the quarry knew that their life was at risk for even showing up, but that was part of the game when dealing with an organization like The Scarlet Five. Ajax rolled her shoulders forward before pulling and smoothing her jacket. Her finger ran over the belt that encased her hips, if she was going to take over anybody she figured it would be wise to at least bind herself to prevent too much mischief should the person in her body gain enough stability to do something.

Of course, she had been sure to study up on a few of the top runners from The Opposition, and some of those stood on the other side were familiar faces. "An odd day to reveal where your loyalties lie," she spoke, mostly to herself. Anyone who thought they had a chance outside of The Scarlet Five wouldn't have shown their faces because that made them targets. However, that could be their strategy. It was all part of a sick game, but she didn't intend on staying long. Negotiations would probably start to cloud the beginning of an ambush, but none of The Five were dumb enough to walk into something of such a large scale unprepared and/or without backup. The weight of her knives in the drop bag strapped to her left thigh reassured her.
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Madame Sea

When they arrived, it was later after TSF. Not that they were planning to come late to their own party, but being fashionably late? Now that was something Madame Sea was notorious for. Only this time, everyone was fashionably late with her. It gave the Council Member some time to finish her grilled ham and cheese sandwich. She tossed the wrapper into the back of the sleek, mirrored Cezeri. Not that it mattered to TSF, but having the latest hovering vehicle was all the rage. The mood setting was expected when everyone was already expecting a fight before the negotiations could begin.

Worst of all? Was Madame Sea going to be the speaker? Hopefully not, but she would not back down from talking to the opposing members on the other end of the quarry. Some of them were already speaking, ‘Good.’ She thought whilst she surveyed the area. There was nothing, as was expected, which put her at a disadvantage. Madame Sea did not mind as she scanned the faces of TSF, Aspen was nowhere to be found. A wave of relief temporarily passed through her.

A male voice rang out, prompting Madame Sea to look at the one who looked like he was already planning their deaths. She clasped her hands together and came to the front. It was a risky move, but she rather be the first to go if TSF would not cooperate.

“By talking, child.” Madame Sea calmly retorts. Unlike some members on her end of the field, she was content. It was a feeling of being at ease when in Madame Sea’s presence. Whether it brought some calm to the tension hanging in the air or not was something she wasn’t too worried about.
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Everyone knew that the Scarlet Five were up to no good. They were villains, after all. What else did villains get up to? Nothing but schemes and mischeif came from their bunch, that much was to be sure. And yet, here the Opposition was, trying to make peace with an organization who is the very definition of anti-peace. As if the Opposition were not already aware of their nefarious goals.

Trinity aka NOVA had been particularly vocal, practically shouting her opinions and views at anybody who listened. She was always this way, but more so now with her studies in college, as if the higher institutions were only adding fuel to the fire that were her drives and passions towards peace and justice. Rebelling against evil and chaos came as naturally to her as fighting crime. Even if it keeping up with the demanding full-time hours of College and the Opposition were exhausting. As her stomach responded with a hungry growl. Trinity practically shoved a granola bar into her face. These days, she was always hungry. Doctors said it was a result of the nanomachines speeding up her metabolism. Testing the fact at college parties to out-drink everybody in the room as a party trick was fun, but the constant hunger was annoying.

Trinity entered the room with her parents, the Scientist and the Lawyer, in tow, pulling her white sports hoodie down as far as it would go in hopes that she would not be noticed. They seemed too busy sizing each other up to notice her entrance, anyway. Madame Sea was already aware they would have been arriving late, and it would have been no surprise to her, yet Trinity couldn't help the apologetic glance thrown her way. It was never fun to disappoint Madame Sea, and she only hoped to avoid being reprimanded publicly. Not only that, but it was nerve wracking being around so many villains at the same time. Her father, the Scientist, had her suit in his case, of course. Should anything go wrong.