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The Pandora System: Signups and OoC

Discussion in 'Out-of-Character Discussion' started by Minerva, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. Minerva


    Once, it was heaven.

    Now it's hell.

    Artemisia, the Jewel of the Pacific, the place where anyone could be anything they wanted to be. Run efficiently by computer systems and large megacorporations,it was meant to be a place where dreams came true. A utopia where everyone was catered to.

    Then, tragedy struck. A few weeks after the release of the Pandora System, the central system for the Pandora System corrupted. Something went wrong in the server, and sent out a signal to everyone with an implant. Within seconds, people with the Pandora System implanted became animalistic, violent. They started attacking those who didn't implant the device, and everything fell apart. The city government lost control, and the city fell into darkness.

    It's been 3 days since then. The survivors are scrambling to live in what's left of the city. Evacuation calls have been made out to the rest of the world, but no one is coming. We're stranded, we're alone, we're crying for help.

    We are alone.

    Welcome, to Artemisia.

    Welcome, to hell.

    Artemisia Citizenship Bureau


    Attached Photo: (Written Description is optional, realistic art or photos are preferred. If you don't have anything, hit me up and I can help find one!)





    Job: (This will determine what "kit" you get at the start of the RP)

    Psychological Profile: (personality)

    Familial Background:


    Observed Strengths: (you can have up to five, however, you must have an equal number of weaknesses for balance. These must also fit into your selected job)

    Observed Weaknesses: (No limit on these, however, a minimum limit of three)


    I do want division of labor with these. These are just meant to make character Division of Labor easier and to give some basic starting equipment and skills to characters.

    Everyone carries some device with maps of the city, your identification, and health information. It’s usually worn around the left forearm, though, some are carried like phones. Jobs will also have specialized apps or devices to assist them in their work.


    In Artemisia, jobs are given according to ability. People are assigned to which job they work best in. Some of these have subdivisions

    Those under Administration work as a bureaucrat for the city or one of the corporations. You maintain day to day operations for the city and its citizens.

    Administrators get:
    1x PDA for interfacing with computer systems around the city
    1x Administration Keycard
    1x Medkit

    Bureaucrat Admins get Public Identification. Your time spent filing reports and staring at computer spreadsheets has honed your skills in identification. You can easily identify if someone has taken The Pandora System if it is not clear.

    Technicians can use System Maintenance. Your time spent working on the computer systems and servers that keep Pandora running has rubbed off on you. You can quickly repair a broken computer system, or hack into locked ones, however that takes a bit of time.

    Those under medical work as doctors, nurses, or EMTs. They provide 24 hour medical care for those in the city.

    Medical Staff get:
    5x Medkit
    3x MediGel (able to close wounds quickly and with minimal pain)
    1x Medical Keycard
    1x Scalpel


    Medical Staff can Stabilize injured persons, healing their wounds quicker with available medical technology.

    Those under security work as police and bodyguards within Artemisia.

    Security Officers get:
    1x AthenaGen Pistol
    1x Shock Baton
    1x Security Officer Vest
    1x Security Keycard
    1x Medkit

    Security Officers get Nonlethal Takedown. You train in martial arts to be able to take down a single target nonlethally and quickly with your hands and arms and minimal damage to you or the target.

    Those under engineering maintain critical systems in Artemisia to keep the city running efficiently. This branch also covers fire crews who respond to emergencies.

    Engineers get:
    1x toolkit
    1x PDA for interfacing with systems around the city
    1x Engineering Keycard
    1x Medkit

    Firemen replace the Toolkit with a Fire Axe

    Maintenance Engineers get Technical Repair allowing them to fix a broken device. The device then may be used normally. .

    Firemen get Breaking and Entering, allowing them to override a door code for an ID card that they do not have up to three times per 24 hours. Unused codes do not stack.

    Those that excel at a certain skill or were recruited by an Artemisia Talent Member. These celebrities frequently appear in corporate propaganda advertising and are often well known socialites. They have connections to the higherups within Artemisia and people know them well.

    Groups of of teens and young adults known as Escapists have recently started filming themselves performing dangerous stunts such as using parkour across buildings, sliding into vents, and leaping on and off Maglev trains.

    Celebrities get:
    1x Ebony Level Card (Usable at any open store or Kiosk)
    1x HermesLink (similar to a Pandora System, only not neurally connected. More like a sleeve worn on the wrist.)
    1x Luxury Keycard
    1x Medkit

    If Escapist, add:
    1x set of lightweight clothing
    1x AthenaGen Owl Camera Drone


    Celebrities, being socialites and active community members, have either a Calming Presence which allows them to take control in a chaotic situation when around other people. They also might have Friends in High Places, people that have access to places they might not be able to go and access to resources they might not normally be able to use without these friends.

    Dodgers get Parkour, which allows them to perform feats of agility inaccessible to most. They're trained by themselves or others, and are usually small and light enough to also climb into vents and places where others can't reach.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2018
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  2. Wintergreen

    Wintergreen The Heart of The Party

    Okay this sounds pretty interesting.
  3. Minerva


    Ha ha, thanks. I worked hard on it.
  4. Wintergreen

    Wintergreen The Heart of The Party

    Yeah I kinda get some bioshock vibes and I love that game. So if you want I'd be happy to try it out! I'd have to make a character though.
  5. Minerva


    Yep. Bioshock, Remember Me, and Mirror's Edge were the biggest influences on this roleplay.

    And if you need any help making a character, just ask me!
  6. Attached Photo: [​IMG]

    Name: Rosalyn Blackrose

    Age: 17

    Height: 5'7

    Weight: 120 pounds

    Job: Celebrity

    Psychological Profile: She is usually very gentle and calm to others, but when she is pissed off, Rosalyn completely lashes out and uses some colorful words (Cough). Despite her friendly behavior, it is not easy to earn her trust. She is very keen and clever, always aware of her surroundings. Due to losing her family and someone she used to love dearly, Rosa is not willing to enter a relationship.

    Familial Background: Rosalyn was once part of a noble family called the Blackroses. They were known among the country until they were killed in a civil war. Rosalyn was the only survivor. No one knows if she had any siblings or not, but an investigation is underway. Rosa had been orphaned since 6 years of age and was sent to Artemisia as a result. She is taken care of by a female guardian named Cassia until she is 18. Rosa is very famous in Artemisia and almost known by everyone.

    Nationality: American

    Observed Strengths: 1. She is always aware of her surroundings, therefore she cannot be manipulated. 2. thinks up clever ideas, so she always has a plan.4. She has friends in higher places, therefore she can go places others can't.

    Observed Weaknesses: 1. She loses her temper very easily. 2. She can't run very fast. 3. Weak due to her diet. She doesn't have much physical strength.

    Other: Loves kittens
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2018
  7. Lucky

    Lucky Genetic Chimera, Prone To Losing His Shirt

    Name: Dylan Falcon
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 225 lbs
    Job: Security
    Psychological Profile: He is a extremely rational and calculating individual who suffers from BPD. Due to his BPD, he can be highly brash and impulsive, but isn't always. A genuine nice guy, he likes to help people, even if sometimes his methods can be slightly off. He is also anxious and has a slight trigger finger if you manage to tick him
    Familial Background: Dylan is the son of American businessman Dante Falcon and an unknown Italian woman. Raised by his father, stateside, he lived a very sheltered life and didn't get much social interaction outside of his body guards who taught him self-defense since he had a perchance for finding trouble when he escaped. When he was old enough, he was expect to become a celebrity like his father was, but choose to go security ( mainly in spite of his father) but also because he liked it.
    Nationality: Italian American
    Observed Strengths: Athletic, Eidetic Tonal memory, Mastery of guns, High IQ, Always speaks his mind, master of close quarters combat, can bench press 150 lbs.
    Observed Weaknesses:Suffers from BPD, Impulsive, anxious, easily distracted, Brash/ Always speaks his mind, suffers from minor bouts of depression, dissociates easily, rarely stretches and very easily pulls a muscle.
    Other: He's bisexual. He has two unique eye colors, no, it isn't genetic, he doesn't know why one of his eyes is brown and the other is blue, so don't ask him.
  8. Wintergreen

    Wintergreen The Heart of The Party

    Attached Photo:

    Jack Isles

    Age: 34

    Height: 5'11

    Weight: 181

    Job: Firefighter

    Psychological Profile: He puts up a cold barrier and is very cold towards people, often isolating himself from them, only finding comfort talking to inanimate object. Regardless of how mean he can be, He often throws himself into danger to help people out.

    Familial Background: Once upon a time he was a normal everyday man. He had a wife and one daughter. He had a job and was the 'man' of the house. He had a pretty regular job with a decent income to pay all the bills. His life was good and simple. As fate would have it, that would all change when his daughter and wife got in an accident. This drove him into depression. He couldn't keep his job as his mental illness got in the way. He locked himself up and eventually got kicked out of his home. An opportunity had arisen known as Artemisia. He wanted a second chance at life as his was becoming hell. When the Pandora system came into production he couldn't afford it as he wasn't making enough money. So he started as a volunteer as a firefighter in an attempt to eventually get full-time. However when all hell broke lose he really thought he had lost it and he finally broke. He had been driven somewhat insane. He is very cold towards most people and will often talk to inanimate objects. He has a hard time believing whats going on.

    Nationality: American-German

    Observed Strengths:
    1. He has above-average strength.
    2. He can take a hit very well. If he had a stab or shot wound he wouldn't react by making grunts or screaming in pain. If he did it's because he was trying to get a reaction out of you. He can manage pain well.
    3. Has lady luck on his side. While often getting into misadventures he manages to pull through because of how lucky he is. He's got a thing with timing.

    Observed Weaknesses:
    1. Not very Charismatic. Often mean. And sends mixed signals even if he likes someone.
    2. He is 38 and his athletic ability isn't the best. He has below-average agility.
    3. Being a madman has its benefits. But mostly it doesn't he often times throws himself into danger getting himself into hairy situations.
    4. Kittens

    • He carved "BRIAN!!!" into his fireaxe for an unknown reason.
    • He carries the necklace he once gifted to his daughter around. It is made pure silver. It has a heart with wings and her name "Lily" carved into it. It is very girly in appearance.
  9. Minerva


    Lucky and Takumi like this.
  10. Wintergreen

    Wintergreen The Heart of The Party

    Ok good to know! Good luck on your finals :) !
  11. ShadowCoyote0

    ShadowCoyote0 Senpai

    Hmm, so the available roles are either Doctor or Administration yeah? Also is it too late for me to join?
  12. Minerva


    You can honestly take any role, I don't mind redundancy so long as people don't all dogpile on one job, since there will be parts (like the opening) where characters are alone or will need to split up. Don't forget there's also subjobs like the Maintenance Division, the Dodgers, the Diplomats, etc.

    No, it's not too late, as it's Finals Week for me.
  13. ShadowCoyote0

    ShadowCoyote0 Senpai

    Alrighty, just making sure lol. The character I thought up best works as security, but I didn't know if that'd be allowed. I'll make my cs now
  14. ShadowCoyote0

    ShadowCoyote0 Senpai

    Attached Photo: [​IMG]

    Name: Michael Cayman

    Age: 22

    Height: 5'10

    Weight: 170

    Job: Security

    Psychological Profile: Michael is a gentle man who's purpose in life is to help people. Developing his goal of becoming a detective at a young age, Michael wants to keep the innocent safe. Despite his physical strength, he does like harming others, and is well known for his mastery of nonlethal takedowns.

    Familial Background: Michael's father was a detective before dying of cancer while Michael was in middle school. Michael's mother is a defense attorney. Due to her vital role in Artemisia, she was amongst the first people to receive an implant. Both parents had a large impact on Michael's more heroic outlook on life.

    Nationality: American

    Observed Strengths:
    • Michael is young and strong, allowing him to perform physically grueling tasks that other's can't.
    • Despite his young age, Michael is exceptionally good at hand to hand/ close range combat, making him nearly a master at nonlethal takedowns. A fact he is rather proud of.
    • Michael is very loyal to friends and family.
    • Michael is well educated and is time in the police force has made him book smart as well.

    Observed Weaknesses:
    • While he's never put someone else's life on the line, he often puts his own life in danger on order to perform a unlethal takedown.
    • Because he usually opts not to use lethal force, his aim with guns is rather poor compared to other officers.
    • Michael likes to see the good in everyone can be too trusting as a result.
    • Michael has a crippling fear of heights

    Other: Coming from a religious family, Michael is always wearing a necklace with a medal of Saint Michael. This is also where Michael got his name from.
  15. Minerva


    Finals are done (have been for a week. Sorry. Something else came up.) expect this up after Christmas
  16. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    Well, time to put my butt into this over the weekend.
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  17. Kian

    Kian Humanity's Stargazer

    Finished finals as well, I'm ready
  18. Kian

    Kian Humanity's Stargazer

    Arthur Nichols

    Age: 25

    Height: 5'11"


    Job: Medical - Surgical resident

    Psychological Profile: Arthur is fairly stoic - in the philosophical sense, not unfeeling - on the outside but strongly empathizes with others; he may not be good at expressing it but, often shows his concern through reasoning and logic. While he's more resilient to tragedy than most, he is often affected by it later rather than immediately. At times, Arthur can be somewhat sarcastic and light-hearted.

    Familial Background: Born to a pair of older English teachers from Australia teaching abroad in Japan. Arthur was interested in many fields throughout his childhood, looking into computer science, engineering, and film, but ultimately decided on pursuing a medical career at the age of 17. With English-speaking parents and attending Japanese schools, Arthur became fluent in both languages while receiving an adequate education. Currently, he is alone. His parents died when he was 24 from an antibiotic-resistant infection, days before he would leave for Artemisia to begin his surgical residency.


    Observed Strengths:
    • Extensive medical knowledge - Arthur is able to accurately identify the locations of practically most major arteries/veins as well as understanding injuries that would induce the most damage on or incapacitate individuals. (Ex. Striking under the ribs, on the left side, forces the body to lie down from liver damage - extremely painful)
    • Steady hand - Being a surgeon, Arthur is trained to precisely manipulate tools with little margin of error. Luckily, this skill can be applied to other items, more generally useful in the apocalypse.
    • Analytical - Having gone through intensive studying, Arthur is well versed in understanding difficult and/or abstract concepts and dissecting them into more easily digestible information.
    • Cool-headed - Conducting surgery is a stressful and timed task, having gone through these situations, Arthur is rarely phased by pressure nor time constraints and will keep a calm, logical mind.
    Observed Weaknesses: (No limit on these, however, a minimum limit of three)
    • Reluctant to harm others - While Arthur extremely dislikes harming others, he finds no issue in eliminating enemies who have gone mad or under control on the implants.
    • Not proficient in weapons - Arthur has never used any type of firearm nor melee weapon aside from play and thus, will be ineffective in wielding weaponry until given training or more experience.
    • Suffers from Insomnia
    • Poor Judge of Character - Arthur has difficulties differentiating those with bad intentions or good intentions.
  19. Alex Azure

    Alex Azure Prince of the Multiverse

    Attached Photo:


    Shiori Ryu


    (175 cm)


    165 lbs
    (75 kg)

    Celebrity - Escapist

    Psychological Profile:
    Ryu is an irrational, risk-taking individual. He has a strong sense of morality in helping others but little respect for authority or his elders. His ego has been fed by fame and his audience, and he considers himself infallible in most physical situations.

    Familial Background:
    The Shiori family were low-class farmers until Ryu's father, being the first in their family to go to college, brought their family into middle class. With a more privileged upbringing and access to new technology, Ryu became fascinated with the internet and parkour. Despite his parent's pressures to focus on his education, Ryu gained his popularity through performing parkour stunts for internet videos. He grew in popularity until his fame landed him a place Artemisia among the Escapists.



    Observed Strengths:
    • Skill - Parkour - "Watch me do this flip."
    • Team Player - "I may be the center of attention, but that doesn't make the rest of the team less important. It's necessary to take care of your crew."
    • Good Ears - "Shush. I think I hear someone coming."
    • Tech Smart - "Sure, I understand how the drone works and how to use HermesLink..."

    Observed Weaknesses:
    • Arrogant - "How could I not succeed with how hard I've trained?"
    • Risk-Taking - "Higher risks lead to higher rewards, right?"
    • Heavy Eater - "Calories mean energy. Gotta put back in what I've been burning off."
    • Book Dumb - "... but that doesn't mean I know the capital of Australia or how to solve calculus."
  20. Loki Laufeyson

    Loki Laufeyson Kneel before me. I said, KNEEL! Benefactor

    I'd like to join, but would also like to be a celebrity-escapist if that's coo? :(

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