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Atomic Knight

Bear With Me
The Convergence Series GM
What was she saying? He squinted, trying to make her out while he strained his ears. Her speech was garbled, the figures blurry in his drunken haze. He'd been drunken before, almost all the time. Despite his fondness for drink, he'd never felt this out and out wasted in all his life. Qrow considered himself lucky he was still standing and conscious. Still, being drunk was much better than being sober. Years of experience on that. Plus, he wouldn't have to brood on how wrong he'd been. He had thought the assailant who stole power that didn't belong to her, her associates, all of them...that they were fear itself. That things could hardly get worse than they were.

So wrong.

A girl ripped asunder. Grimm in the streets, homes, academy. White Fang dropping in. Chaotic, yes. Something every huntsman and huntress present were trained/in training for? Also yes. And perhaps they would have done so... no. They would have done it. Beaten the odds. But then those things... Qrow shook his head. Despite all the sheer chaos, students and veterans alike rising up to combat the threats present, every single human and faunus present heard it. At first Qrow had figured it for yet another Ironwood thing that the prestigious General declined to explain. The coarse droning, almost like a twisted roar. Everyone of 'em, huntsman, White Fang, civilian. They all looked up as the sky itself seemed to be set ablaze. Ships dropped down, landing. Several of them were almost beetle like in appearance. Before he could even question this, everything went to hell more than it already had. Faster. Farther.

It had been so quick.

A flash of red lit the sky up and then Ozpin's tower was just gone. Flat out gone. More shots split off, taking down several of Jimmy's scattered fleet. The rest opened fire, for all the good it seemed to do. Then another of those ships arrived, and another, and another. Like sharks drawn to blood, they seemed to drop in. The horrible piercing sound multiplied, spiking into his skull as he grimaced. Buildings destroyed, others crumbling. Some Grimm attacked the new arrivals as well, others still just pressing their advantage against the distracted huntsman and huntresses. And all the raw negative emotion, practically able to taste it in the air...that would just bring more.

If he tried to explain how he was able to fight through that mess, save as many as he could and even managed to get out on this decidedly more friendly but no less unknown ship, he'd probably fail. Hell, he could barely tell himself how. Not that it mattered much, all that mattered was now.

Qrow shook his head, rising up on wobbly legs and sauntering off after Shepard. Glancing between her and Shizuo, he shrugged before stepping between them. "Hold on a sec--" *hic* "Didja...did ya just say a warp device...?"

That would be one way to fix this damn mess. Also...he shot a glance at Broly.

"Quit your loud bellowing, muscles. We're not deaf, indoor voices, yeah?"
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