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The Winter Solstice


Megalomaniacal Arbiter
We're All Mad Here
Within the world of dreams, you feel a sudden tug. You had agreed to the invitation, and now, you were here, finally, on the night of the Winter Solstice.

Under a pitch-black night sky, no moon or stars in sight, there was a stage, with a collection of round tables with white coverings of varying sizes spread in front of the stage, the coverings of the tables so long that they touched the floor and looked like ghosts, the cloth fluttering in the wind.

There were four chairs, each engraved with a different motif, each styled in a different way. The first chair housed a strange man in a brown robe, looking among the crowd like he could soon more than he let on. The Second chair was occupied by a woman, a rather tall and fair woman that glowed like the moon, a silvery haze glowing slightly around her. Oh, and she had wings - pearly-white, big, elegant wings, that glowed with moonlight. She wore an elegant but simple white dress, and in her hair around her head was braided a ring of moonlight, crowning her head with the simple grace of a halo. The third chair was occupied by a Man - a big shadow, a hole in the world shaped like a man wearing a trench coat and top hat. His elegant cane sat leaning on the chair. The Man looked happy, and looked up at the sky with a smile on his face. The fourth chair had two T-shaped wooden carvings in the armrests, with a Raven sat on each one of them - one a bleached-white raven with black eyes that leaked darkness like smoke, and another that had midnight-black plumage with slightly glowing white eyes. The fourth chair, however, was empty.

The Woman, the Angel, lifted herself off of her chair and walked towards the newcomers to the party with a her arms wide and her wings extended. She looked almost tired, but those who see with more than eyes would see that power still radiated from her in a soft, steady glow.

“Friends,” She almost sighed, putting her arms down, and clasping them behind her back. The corner of her mouth lifted up in an almost-smile. “Welcome.”