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Open Vitam et Mortem - Epic Recruitment

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by BrookeDi, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. BrookeDi

    BrookeDi Well-Known Member Staff Member Warden Vitam et Mortem GM Benefactor

    Calling one, calling some!

    Previously I posted up this interest check about a school for students of magical abilities. Since then it has grown to something much larger than just a school hidden in a mountain in Canada, expanding to include multiple related settings (and still growing--more settings are expected to come!).

    Here is an updated description of the settings (you'll also find some very sweet 'reviews' from current players) and here you can find all of the OOC information along with the threads for the IC stuff.

    There are plans to expand this RP into more settings but we've just recently transferred over to an Epic. As such, we'd like to invite more players.

    , as you can see by looking through the above links, this RP is heavily involved. There was a lot of work put into the setting, the way magic works, certain things that may not exist, etc. I would love to see who is interested, but I am not guaranteeing a spot for everyone who is interested. What I expect from players is activity and communication (this means if you're going to be unable to post and you know it's coming, let me know and we can work through it. If you're no longer interested, again just let me know. No hard feelings! If you have questions or ideas, I'm happy to listen and discuss, even though I will not guarantee that I will always agree. If you're unsure if something is possible, magically, or if something does or doesn't exist, ask!).

    The school location, in particular, is pretty full and I may only take a few (if any) for that particular setting.

    Those of you who do join might be joining at a bit of a disadvantage, as we've had several conversations with all and some of the players in regards to certain aspects of magic, however I've tried to address these as best as I could with all the stuff in the OOC threads. Still, never hesitate to reach out to me with questions and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible. I don't say all this to scare anyone off, but just to let you know what you're getting involved with. It's a really fun setting with drama, angst, silliness, death, darkness, humor, and magic.

    For those interested, please just post questions and character sheets here and once approved you can move them to the OOC - Character Sheet threads.


  2. Green Door

    Green Door Member

    Hello! This seems very interesting! I've got a few character concepts but I'd like to ask a few questions. I want to make sure I don't clash with the tone or setting, because you clearly put a lot of work into it!

    Okay, so the idea I had was someone who was brought back with necromancy. Is it possible to bring people back with at least some autonomy? They'd be missing their memories and a massive chunk of their personality, but they'd at least be able to hold a menial job. If they wouldn't be destroyed outright, would they be allowed to exist on a probationary basis? In this case, they'd be a janitor/trash collector/hauler/etc. for Occultatum. They don't need to eat, don't need to sleep, can't really complain, and if something falls off you can just slap it back on. They'd need some type of muzzle/mask thing (The person who brought them back made sure they were bitey), probably some type of supernatural restraint, but they'd function alright in a social setting if they really had to. I'd imagine they wouldn't really be considered a citizen, so they wouldn't have anything to their name and they'd probably be paid in pigeons or something (if anyone bothered to compensate them at all). Again, this all depends on how your version of the undead and necromancy works. I'd be willing to come up with some stuff in their case, but I'd like to know if it's possible at all!

    My second question is about enchantment. If someone wanted to make a living selling little magical widgets, would they be able to? Say, the magical equivalent of a DVD bootlegger? On top of that, does the magical population have drugs or other questionable substances unique to them? Like someone showing you a trenchcoat full of contraband, but instead of Rolex watches it's manticore teeth or something really inadvisable to handle?
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  3. BrookeDi

    BrookeDi Well-Known Member Staff Member Warden Vitam et Mortem GM Benefactor

    @Green Door
    Thanks for your inquiry! I think it would be very interesting to see how that plays out, but just be forewarned that your character will be facing some heavy persecution and prejudice and discrimination. Which makes for great RP but just wanted to prepare you for that. But! It's certainly possible for a person to come back with some autonomy, if it were done by a powerful and talented enough sorcerer.

    As to your second question, yes and yes. Enchantment don't necessarily need to work, either but just be some sort of promise to do something. But he could sell legal or illegal enchantment. There are a few magic substances, the most popular being pixie dust. Haven't really named many other but regular drugs will adversely affect a sorcerer, just not to the extent it would a normal human since their metabolism are a little differently.
  4. BrookeDi

    BrookeDi Well-Known Member Staff Member Warden Vitam et Mortem GM Benefactor

    Oh, and to add the character sheet is fairly simple.





    Occupation: (Can list n/a or Student if in high school or college. Please clear with BrookeDi, first, if occupation in the magic world)

    Setting: (Altsoba, Origins, or Pennsylvania)
  5. Is this still open?
  6. BrookeDi

    BrookeDi Well-Known Member Staff Member Warden Vitam et Mortem GM Benefactor

    Absolutely, submit a CS and a character concept and I'll look it over!
  7. BrookeDi

    BrookeDi Well-Known Member Staff Member Warden Vitam et Mortem GM Benefactor

    We're still accepting new players. :>
  8. Name: Alyssa Owens

    Age: 19

    Appearance: A little above average weight, she stands at around 5 foot 6. Alyssa has light blonde hair cropped short in a pixie cut. Chubby cheeks rest just below blue eyes. Hardly seen without a full face of make-up and a delicate nose ring piercing on the right side.

    Gift: Earth

    Occupation: Student (would like to potentially have her do some kind of student work as well?)

    Setting: Pennsylvania

  9. Rose

    Rose Active Member

    Uh, is it possible that I could rejoin?
  10. BrookeDi

    BrookeDi Well-Known Member Staff Member Warden Vitam et Mortem GM Benefactor


    Absolutely! You're welcome to reuse your same character or make a new one.
  11. Rose

    Rose Active Member

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  12. BrookeDi

    BrookeDi Well-Known Member Staff Member Warden Vitam et Mortem GM Benefactor

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