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Sort of a Princess ant the Pauper kind of RP for our times, or perhaps a bit in the futire, up to you.

Vanessa Rayond seems to have it all, her mom is a Governor, her father a doctor. They live in the Governor's mansion and she attends one of the most prestigious prep schools in the country, She attends parties that make her envy of her peers, mingles with celebrities and is a straight A student and captain of the cheer-leading squad. Many want to date her, many more want to be her.

She would rather be just about anyone else. No freedom, no social life, and pressure enough to crumple a submarine. She has two havens, her music and her online persona. Together they give her a life in virtual relaity she can only dream of in the real world. Thanks to a skilled in IT that covers her tracks, she can go anywhere she wants online, do anything, or for that matter do anyone. As Violet Reyes, she can have it all, including writing and performing her own songs. Songs that would make her mothe'rs hair stand on end if she knew who wrote and performed them. And videos featuring dances routines and outfits that would send her father to the cardiologist if he saw them.

But freedom in virtual reality is becoming too enticing for Vanessa, she's planning on bring Violet to the real world after she graduates at the end of the school year. In the fresh, her flesh. But someone has other plans, plans that will alter her life forever, or just end it.

So that about covers the overall plot, with one twist that will be revealed in the first post/ Your character, ideally would be the IT expert although you could also play Violet. There are no romantic strings attached, though I am open to playing that with either gender. The real story here is how the various complications , both in the real world and in the virtual one, Vanessa's plans entail which could include whatever hidden agenda your character may have. (Please don't tell me those in advance, I like to roll with the surprises.) This is primarily to be modern and realistic although potentially some sci0fi could be involved.
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