[Warhammer 40K] Atlantis 40,000 - Interest Check


I have an idea for a 40k Epic RP, but I need to gauge interest before I pursue it. I will need atleast five active people, not just because that's the minimum for starting an Epic, but because the idea requires that or more to work.

Basic Idea

More or less, the basic premise of the game is that their is a 'main' player faction - the planet of Atlantis, discussed below - that most players ought to be in. The backstory is told in their perspective, but if other factions surpass them I'm not opposed to broadening the scope of attention.

Atlantis is a planet that got lost in time. They started in a good era for humans, got sucked into the evil 'Warp' dimension, and came back to reality in the 41st millennia. They will be the first faction not led by a GM, for a little while. The whole point is that most of the players, except those who explicitly want to be part of the Imperium or the Orks, have to work together to survive the harsh challenges the GM's throw at them.

Want I need

Before I start anything, I'm gonna need at the very least 5 active players willing to be part of Atlantis, and someone competent enough to help me GM. This will be my first time running an Epic RP, so having someone else who might pick up where I may be insufficient - They don't need to be as active as me or as dedicated - would really help me be sure I'll succeed.

Finally, the Backstory

The year was 999, of the 21st millennia. The Red Court ruled their people with fairness and prosperity. But even the Court had enemies. The machine-men of the Red Court were at this point only half human, the other half digital collections of code on a network that spanned a solar system. But today they were up against a foe that drones and AI alone could not defeat.

The Red Court issued a mandate; the people would have to fight this unnamed enemy, by revoking their human bodies and fully uploading themselves to machines of war. In return, they were offered a place to retire for the rest of eternity; Perfect, undying, cloned bodies on a watery planet called 'Atlantis'. It would be paradise.

The People would accept this. The red court had their true army, and with it they stole 100 years from obliteration. The Soldier class would last a whole century before living as an implement of war would fully strip them of their humanity.

A new generation of thinking took hold of the Court: Making the people fight this long was morally wrong. The Soldier class was retired to Atlantis, so a new generation would take over, and perhaps not stay in use as long.

But their technology was not naturally powerful. It was fueled by taking energy from other planes of existence, and it would come at a cost. The combined output of all the Soldier class, united on Atlantis, and all the technology drawing power from the distant realms, would cause the planet slip into the warp itself.

In the warp, a place long unknowingly the source of the Red Courts tech, the machines would start taking energy from reality and throw it into the warp, protecting the planet for 500 years. The people would barrow underground, hiding from the strange, vile creatures living in the Warp. And for 500 years, Commander Hakkard would protect the Soldiers and their children, the Cloneborn, as well as he could.

At the end, Hakkard, like all the soldiers before him, would become erratic and illogical. Finally a revolt was led, shutting down Hakkard and killing him. Without the machines that powered the planets luxeries and Hakkard himself, the planet fell out of the warp and back into reality - Hakkard likely knew this would happen the whole time.

The year is 999 of the 41st millennia. Atlantis has just came out of the warp to find the Red court long destroyed and forgotten, and a strange, hostile new world. So, Commander, what now?
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Well, I should specify, and sorry I wrote it in the heat of the moment, not ALL the tech is dead. The network and tech powering Hakkard died, and while that constitutes a GREAT majority of the Atlantians welfare, they still have weapons and very old ships they can use well enough to scrape by.


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This is a tricky business. If the planet is taken out of time in the 21st millenia of the dark age of tech, (or any time during the dark age) they would have immensely powerful tech (possibly able to completely curbstomp the imperium completely if it was made any later). They would, on the other hand, have no protection from the psykers that would appear among their population, and no interaction with the forces of chaos through them, and subsequently be wiped out by demonic incursions. They wouldn't adhere to the doctrine laid forth by the Emporer, and would be exterminated not only other races, but the Imperium as well. I'm not trying to say this is a bad RP idea (I really like 40k) but you're gonna have to jump alot of hurdles if you want this to work thematically.


The idea is that the players are the underdogs who must use their wits to survive in a foreign environment. Yes, I know they have superior tech, and yes, their supposed to have no experience, for the most part. I was thinking that their clone bodies were made with knowledge from the warp, so Daemons are less apt to kill them (They absolutely still will, but less apt to notice them, perhaps). Their primary means of self-defense is secrecy. No one knows they were gone to begin with, the Red Court controlled the planet and then was destroyed after it disappeared. Also, their bodies are not human, they're technically humanoid clones, so we can take creative liberties.