We the Unwanted

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Lawrence Huxley (Impregnable Fortress, Geraldis)
Lawrence stood ready and waiting, arms crossed over his chest loosely as he stood in silence, watching the goings on around him. He preferred to observe, think and then react, that was just his way. slowly more joined. Some he recognised and others not so well known. One nodded at him and he responded in kind almost too subtly to be noticed. He was not renown ed for being the most outward of the Guardians.

He watched as Donovan and Isolde seemed to have their spat in full view of everyone else. Nothing to hide perhaps but Huxley found it a rather unfortunate spot to have the sort of argument. It was hardly morale boosting. Another approached them and Lawrence frowned. This was taking too long and his long, bony fingers tapped absently against his bicep.

Patience was something he excelled at for he gave no complaint to the time their leader and others were taking but inside he was wanting them to hurry up. He wanted to do something and achieve sometime soon. The longer they waited, the smaller their window of opportunity went.

Isolde joined him after a while and he hardly moved much in the same way she had not spared him a single glance. Perhaps in that they understood each other, that there was just no need for the usual pleasantries. She spoke then and his watchful eyes broke their sentinel gaze, glancing towards her with a trace of mirth to them. "Most people's situational awareness sucks. Rushing about like rats, never stopping to use their eyes. Helps me evaluate, think and try to stop us landing in the shit," he replied as he watched their leader march off. His fingers tapped again.

After a while, Donovan finally seemed ready to take point as he appeared. Not that Huxley's head had moved much in his time of waiting. He was leaning at against a convenient angle of wall. He also observed the man was not alone and Lawrence spent a moment to simply study. His mouth twitched before he shifted from the spot he was leaning against and got his gear together. He had packed only what was absolutely necessary and he had packed light.

Donovan returned and as expected of most leaders came the small pep talk that usually preceded a mission. To Huxley, Donovoan hadn't given much of an impression that he had lead before but if this was indeed the first time, then there was little to fault thus far. Least it was short and to the point. Lawrence disliked pep talks that lasted almost as long as the battle or even a campaign. They were long, tedious and rarely solved much of anything other than to waste time.

He nodded in silent reply and fell into pace with the rest of them, filing out through the small door before finding himself within the woods. He peered around warily for a moment. There could be a watching pair of eyes that could tip the enemy off at any moment in time. They had to hope that they were not seen for that to happen. Glancing at Donovan, he nodded and looked at Eli before nodding again as they moved ahead.
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