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Megalomaniacal Arbiter
(Well, let's do this again.)


(Wait, really? Anything? You sure this is a good idea?) But I'm going to do it anyway.

...yeah. Anything.
"I wanna be a wisecracking skeleton who looks innocent and can beat you up!"
Go for it.
"I wanna be a Shaolin monk who can destroy worlds!"
Be my guest.
"I wanna be a badass, shotgun-wielding demon slayer who walks around breaking everything and listening to hard rock music!"
That's the spirit!
"I wanna blow up a planet!"
Umm... a bit genocidal, but you do you.
"I wanna be an all-powerful god who can do anything!"
Uh, okay. Be careful, though. Someone rules this world, and he doesn't like anyone superseding his authority.
The world is your oyster. You can ride it, live in it, or destroy it and suck the last ever-loving marrow from it's bones. This is the place for your wildest imagination, your most rediculous of ideas. There can be alliances made, betrayals, too. You can do anything. Be careful, though. The nature of this is that you can treat others' creations disrespectfully, this is a sandbox.
But start knocking down others' sandcastles and see where that gets you.
(Oh, okay. This'll be fun.)

Lastly, there are going to be five beings under the King, each governing an aspect of existence- they can have other abilities besides, but they are the most powerful beings under the King.
Logic - The Author (@Chaos Sphere )
Reality - Hirata Yakushi (@Lila Renn )
Power - Hisho (@MythyDragonwolf )
Knowledge - Artemis (@Rainshine )
Soul - Cheshire Cat (@Lish )

Enthropy/King - TMITM (@TMITM )
You have to reserve these, (and anybody else that had previously must do it again) but they'll be used to try and create order though a council of Five - however you choose to do that.
Oh! And if two characters have a fight, and you can't work it out IC, we can have a friendly debate or something to resolve it. (If it doesn't work out, I'll just decide. You might not like my decision, though.)
@Jaredthefox92 @KatsuTheCat @Lila Renn @Lish

So, yes, this is basically an anarchy thing. It adheres to very, very few rules, of course, the site rules, but not much more than that. It follows earth's history (loosely, I mean, if you wanted to make Ghengis Khan an immortal being or demigod or something, than go for it)
There's only one rule.
No takesie backsies. If your character dies, either by you choosing it to, or there being enough story evidence or someone won a debate over you that results in a death, your character dies. For real. The sanctity of the dead MUST be respected. (Unless, of course, this changes, in which case, whatever) Other than that, you can literally do anything. Introduce yourself into the world. I don't care. Do. Whatever. You. Want. Free your mind.
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I wanna keep Chesh if I can :D And claim Soul, plz plz

@TMITM Good to see you back on here <3