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  • One of my favorite rp partners is in a different time zone and we only get like 1 or 2 posts a day xD
    It's sad bc it's a fun rp it's just going really slow
    Just finished my Crona fanart! That took literal hours and it's not even that good lol
    Check it out in my new Soul Eater Fanart thread under creative forums > artwork.

    Crona is the most precious child and anyone who says otherwise can fight me xD
    My brother caught up to me in Soul Eater so we're gonna watch the rest of the anime together! I already know something really bad is going to happen though. Poor Crona...
    Sometimes I'll be obsessed with something, and I'll love it with all my heart, but then suddenly that rush of excitement disappears. It's like I got so used to the void in my heart being filled that I don't even notice it now.
    ... Is this normal or am I just insane lol
    What's my goal in life?
    To go to an anime convention dressed up as my favorite character, then find another cosplayer from that fandom and jump into a spontaneous roleplay in the middle of the convention center. Then we exchange phone numbers, immediately become friends, and then organize a massive group cosplay for the next year.
    That's all I want now xD
    Also key spam XD
    Lol I would totally join y'all as Sayori or something
    But yeah me and my bff/potential future gf hope to do some cosplay once the whole pandemic thing is over. I'll be Maka, she'll be le precious baby Crona and we will just jump into spontaneous rp whenever we feel like xD
    that's the dream.
    My siblings FINALLY caught up to me in Soul Eater! Now I can watch the rest of the anime and force them to watch with me as I fangirl over Crona xD
    I'm so done letting my siblings use my pinterest lol
    There's like a million pictures of Pikachu and random Harry Potter memes but zero Soul Eater on my homepage xD
    Okay now there's stuff from fandoms I'm not even in
    WHY IS THERE SO MUCH BNHA I don't even watch BNHA what the heck :emoji_joy:
    oh dear XD
    The hours between 3 AM and 6 AM allow you to cross over into another dimension where time is screwed up and the only other people that exist are random insomniacs on the internet
    Looking for someone to play the "popular girl" role in a group rp (highschool yandere)
    Check the bulletin board
    Idk what's up with me rn, I want to rp but I've kinda given up on a few rps already, wanna play some video games but my siblings are asleep and that's no fun, and also the whole house is asleep I'm the only one dumb enough to still get up at 5 AM xD
    I'm literally so obsessed with Soul Eater now I have different rps that take place throughout the whole day so when one friendo leaves, I can just jump right into another rp xD
    Someone help me
    You know you're obsessed with a character when you make a semi-yandere oc to ship with them lol...
    whispers Crona x Shikoooooo
    People irl be asking me who I like
    looks at Crona, the nonbinary demon swordsman that doesn't even exist
    "It's complicated.."
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