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    Soulmates Recruitment!

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    Seemingly Random [Semi-open]

    The fuckers! They had shot Anthony's dog like, well, a dog. Then they man handled him against the wall. "Well, well, Mr. Tooth fairy. Aren't you getting a bit ahead of yourself? I mean, you don't even know my name." Anthony was trying desperately to make light of the situation, but all he...
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    Taken [Frengine]

    Hroth screamed. He screamed with an ear peircing clarity. Fright and pain, overflowing in his mind. Unable to move, frozen in place, Hroth watched as the pin came down. It had crashed his wing. Turning something once glorious and majestic into a crumpled heap of flesh and bone. He screamed. A...
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    The Children of Shannara - OOC

    Me too, but thx anyways
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    IC - Altsoba School of Sorcery

    Sinclair, without looking up from his impromptu studies, responded to Adrian, "She happens to be an indoor cat, so it's alright." Sinclair was busily trying to formulate his Rune Matrix. Maybe the focus in the center, with the gatherers at the four corners? The foundation runes should definitely...
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    Chasm (Post-Apoc): Recruiting

    Anthony and Holly should hang out a lot. Just saying.
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    The Children of Shannara

    Kel's attention sharpened as he heard Cassie's voice. However after hearing what she said, his mood sank, pulling him ever deeper into his interests. "I'll join..." He mumbled as he pulled at a couple of wires. Then, accidentally touching the exposed ends to each other, the radio blared to...
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    Chasm (Post-Apoc): Recruiting

    Name: Anthony Daughrty Age: 19 Role in the Community: scavenger, babysitter Appearance: Standing at 6 feet, Anthony was rather tall. He has shoulder length white hair, extremely pale skin, and pink almost red eyes. Obviously, the guy is a full-blown albino. As such he typically wears clothes...
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    The Bad Ending

    Anthony walked point for some reason. He really didn't know how he had gotten picked for the position. With a disdainful look on his face, the non-personable young man stopped. Out of the group of four, only two didn't wear a gas mask. Anthony was one of those two. The mutant stood, clothed in...
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    IC - Altsoba School of Sorcery

    Sinclair looked up as Adrian sat down across from him. The guy had apparently decided that sitting there was here new calling as he did it everyday. A book on joining rune systems sat in front of Sinclair as his breakfast sat nearly untouched if not for the efforts of Dot. Then, Sinclair...
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    Sinclair looked up at the concrete jungle that surrounded him. Unable to keep his excitement in check, a giddy smile formed on the man's lips. He was here, he was finally here. After years of hatred for his innate gifts, the Dullahan was finally in a place where he could explore them. "Hey...
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    Moonshine Pub

    Elizabeth blinked, a smile forming on her metallic lips. Suddenly, three clockwork dragonflies zoomed into the pub, circling around the three. After a few circles, the little automatons nestled in their Creator's silver hair. Then Tony, the fox, stood up in the counter and sauntered over to...
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    [IC] (Legends Eternal) Easttowne

    Deroc looked around around as three voices came to him from nowhere. The first from a Golem, one made from magma, from the land of his fathers. The second from a person of Slua. One of the betrayers stood behind him, its twisted form clothes in only a cloth. Then, a dwarven lady, spoke in...
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    Lutetia Lornaine Forest

    Sari's eyes were blue fire itself. She stared at the bear with a force that would be impossible for a girl of her stature to create. She had no quarrel with the bear or his home, but he was coming dangerously close to getting in her way. If he did that, then he would have to be taken care of...