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  1. Exif

    Open Fandom Roleplay w/Plots!

    I would say between the two, I am more interested in something related to Halo Wars. Would you like to DM to brainstorm?
  2. Exif

    New User Hello, there!

    Type? If we're talking genres, I would say fantasy, science fiction, horror, thriller, adventure, action, and fandom. I have really been looking for fandoms, haha.
  3. Exif

    Craving some Dishonored!

    Craving some Dishonored!
  4. Exif

    Still hunting for roleplays!

    Still hunting for roleplays!
  5. Exif

    What kind of relationship would you have with the avatar above?

    Enemy. Everyone is my avatar's enemy.
  6. Exif

    What would the Avatar above you say?

    "Konichiwa, bitches." -Avatar above
  7. Exif

    The avatar above you fights your avatar. How screwed are you?

    I think my avatar could take her.
  8. Exif

    One word story

  9. Exif

    If you could go to any foreign country, what would it be?

    Probably Canada, so I can see if they're all as polite as they say they are.~
  10. Exif

    My Artwork

    Here's another one of my digital art pieces. This was actually an OC for the show My Life as a Teenage Robot. Basically, he was an admiral of the Cluster Navy. I call him the Navarch, because it's a fancy title that means Master of Ships. His design is based on that of Admiral Trench from Star...
  11. Exif

    New User Hello, there!

    If it's not school-related, I am either playing video games on my laptop, writing a random story, or just browsing the Internet. I've always enjoyed writing, but it's strictly a hobby for me. I don't intend to make a career out of it or anything. But it makes for good recreation!
  12. Exif

    Favorite Anime?

    Easy, Hellsing Ultimate. For one, it's the first anime, or OVA if you wanna be super specific, that I was able to watch from beginning to end without having to wade through hundreds of episodes. Just ten hour long episodes that I could stomach. It's got an organization that hunts vampires...
  13. Exif

    If your life was a movie, what would the title be?

    "The Waking Nightmare". Because real life is the greatest horror story. :):eek:
  14. Exif

    Are your Oc's your Gender?

    Oftentimes, my OCs are male, but that doesn't mean I can't roleplay a female character. Males just happen to be my go-to for main characters. It's a "write what you know" kind of deal.
  15. Exif

    Favorite Fandom

    Oh, man. Where do I start? Dishonored DOOM Dota 2 Friday the 13th Gears of War Godzilla Halloween 2018 Halo Wars Hazbin Hotel League of Legends Mass Effect Mortal Kombat My Life as a Teenage Robot OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes Paladins Power Rangers Professional Wrestling Red vs. Blue Resident...