slow burn

  1. Kura Fujimura

    New User Introduction Post

    Hello, my name is Kura and I'm here looking for long term advanced lit or novella roleplay partners, preferably slow burn romance with a double up.
  2. Dan

    The Archrivals of White Springs

    In the sunny side beach town of White Springs, California the sun rises over the ocean to awake it’s residents. Its light reaching all across the ocean front town towards the mountains stretching in its background. The weather this time around is starting to grow chilly, yet warm enough to sport...
  3. Vardoger

    Eidolon [Personal OC Gallery]

    Welcome to my character gallery. The actual one has become a pain to update, so I've moved it to this thread. Enjoy.~ Jump to: 1. Zahir Keen - A Ferift (animal/human shifter) Maned Wolf who wishes he were human. 2. Jiden Sparx - An Electrical Engineer claiming to be an inventor who just...