Cassandra and The Liars: A Post-Apocalyptic Epic


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A Mysterious Letter
No one knows the details behind the war that lead to the end of the world, they just know that this is the world now.

Some say the Gods came down and fought alongside their chosen followers. Others say there were no Gods, that we're just trying to justify dooming our own people to an uncertain future.

My name is Cassandra, I'm certain of our future and yet no one in this city will listen. We're coming under attack from evil forces and we need to prepare.

I don't know how I plan to convince you, whoever you are reading this note, but I need you to have faith. I'm not a liar, believe that at the very least.

We need to save our home from invaders no matter the cost, I can pay handsomely.

I have seen artifacts, ancient magic, or something, that can prevent our destruction. I know it sounds crazy, but I need you to believe me.

No one will believe you when you tell them of your journey, but that's okay. I wouldn't believe you either.

The Details
Cassandra and The Liars is a post-apocalyptic fantasy story set in a future where humanity is picking up its pieces and hoping to bring back civilized society.

The road back to civilization has been marred by violence, superstition, and the unforgiving wilderness that holds dark secrets and even darker shadows for all manner of creature to lurk.

After spending a night searching ruins in that very wilderness, teenaged Cassandra finds herself consumed by light, only to awaken back home in the city of Troy.

With nary a scar or any indication that she was injured, Cassandra went about her days in Troy providing the people in her city solace through religion.

It wasn't long until she had a vision of her city, and others like it, being destroyed by invaders, the images burned into Cassandra's head and despite her best efforts no one would believe her warnings.

Written off as a madwoman, Cassandra sent a letter to various other towns, to mercenaries, to religious leaders, anyone willing to at least aid her even if they didn't believe her.

Anyone willing to take a chance and fight whatever evil was on it's way.

In this roleplay we'll be taking the roles of those who answered her call, be it out of duty, greed, or skepticism.

Cassandra and her party will set out in search of allies, weapons, and ancient artifacts scattered throughout the ruined world that can help them to fight the future.

But, can you really fight the future?


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I'm intrigued, I always love a post-apocalyptic setting. Could you give more information, though? What's the goal, other than save the world? What are some guidelines on creating a character?


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Ditto to the above: are we in a fantasy setting, because it seems like some ancient Greek "all the demons have risen from Tartarus" style RP, but I'm only guessing that from the fact that there's a city called Troy and she seems to be some sort of oracle/seer.


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While initially just meant to be a straight up interest check to see who would be down for a concept like this, I'm actually more than happy to provide more information.

Yes, we are in a fantasy setting. For some of the characters they have never had a brush with anything supernatural, others have, but that's up to the discretion of the players.

You can play a member of religious sect convinced a God spoke to them and told them to join Cassandra.

Or maybe you're playing a warrior with no time for superstition. It's up to you.

The setting is inspired heavily by ancient Greece, but it doesn't explicitly take place in ancient Greece. It's not quite a mystery, but it is a plot point.

Remember this is a story taking place after the end of the world as we know it.

The goal of the story is, and this might seem a little cheesy, the journey. Being inspired by epics like the Illiad, the Aeneid, and Beowulf, much of the story is focused on the characters and how they grow, or not, while on this journey.

But, for the characters their reasons may vary for taking part in said journey. Money, fame, purpose, vindication, or faith, it's up to the players.

And lastly, before I give you all a chance to ask more questions if you have any, there aren't too many guidelines or rules when it comes to characters.

They just have to be human, whether or not they are magically inclined is again up to the discretion of the players.

Cassandra grew up her whole life ignorant of much of the world outside of her city.

Despite her visions, the supernatural and the stories of Gods were just stories.
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Well, I'm cool for this, seems neat. Will the character thread be here or a seperate post?


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It'll be a separate thread, this one is just to see who is interested and to answer questions.

I can get the character thread up ASAP if people already have some ideas.