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Open Cyphon Miracles [Cygames Crossover Roleplay]

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by Crow, Dec 21, 2018.

  1. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    Note: This game is set to start earliest 13th January 2019. We have started right over here!

    Sign ups will be open until the End of Chapter 2.


    Our worlds have been merged as one.

    Worlds with different laws, realities and existences.

    Worlds never meant to meet.

    The sun beats into your face, forcing your eyes open. You look up and around.


    Up and front is your first instinct as you open your eyes. You see a sky of floating lands. Beneath your feet is fine, green grass. You can tell that this is not home. Maybe it is, but it probably isn't.

    It seems that you are not alone. Many others too are awakening from their slumber. The grass you slept on must be really luxurious! I'm amazed that you can sleep despite those monsters lurking nearby.

    Now that you are aware that you are far away from home, what will you do?


    As stated, you are a lost soul alongside other lost souls, seeming to have been sent to a place far away from home. You can choose to cooperate, or you can choose to ditch the gang. I probably wouldn't reccommend the latter, but hey, you do you.

    Your initial goal is to return your home to normal, but soon you are tossed into a hunt with a for the 22 Bahamut Totems, that are scattered across the very plains, metropolis and dungeons of this merged world, because someone else is intending to use them for something evil. These Bahamut Totems are not items, but rather, are people that you meet, and they could even be you! Each chapter mainly involves trotting around one homeworld before the next chapter has you venture into the other.

    This is a standard band-together go-on-adventure kind of thing, and won't be too complicated on the surface, with combat and routes kept simple enough, yet with a flair of branching. Anything else to mention will be kept for plot.

    This is intended to be a canonical sidestory in the ever-expanding Convergence Series Epic Roleplay, however, prior knowledge on the Epic Roleplay isn't required in the slightest to enjoy this game. If you'd like, you can join the Discord Server here.

    I might be looking for Co-GMs who have knowledge on Shadowverse and/or Dragalia Lost, since I myself have little to no knowledge on those, so that chapters based on those series could be constructed. A co-GM with knowledge on any other Cygames work is welcome as well.


    You are required to play a character originating from a Cygames product, be it their collection of games, mobile, browser and console alike, like Granblue Fantasy, [email protected] Cinderella Girls or Umamusume, or few anime, like Zombieland Saga.

    I am well aware that Rage of Bahamut, Shadowverse and Granblue Fantasy absolutely love sharing their characters. We'll figure something out from there. To help out with it, characters from Granblue labelled as Unknown Race, such as Vania or Minigob will not be permitted. However, the same characters' incarnation from another game will be permitted.

    The following characters will not be accepted as playable characters because they will be used by the GM for stuff. There will be characters not on this list that are planned for GM stuff as well, be it as a GMPC or an important NPC.
    Hayasaka Mirei (THE [email protected] Cinderella Girls)
    Morikubo Nono (THE [email protected] Cinderella Girls)
    Hoshi Shouko (THE [email protected] Cinderella Girls)
    Kokkoro (Princess Connect Re:Dive)
    Kyaru (Princess Connect Re:Dive)
    Blue Outfit Cagliostro (Granblue Fantasy) (Red Outfit Cagliostro is OK though)

    Any other possible restrictions to note like powerlevels will be overlooked by GMs.


    Standard STC Rules apply

    Try to keep things Civil. As GM, I will have final say in all disputes.

    Players of all abilities and lengths are welcome but try to avoid image spamming. No more than 3 images/gifs per post please.

    Try to post at least once per chapter.

    Reservations are allowed. They are a first-come-first-serve thing and expire after a week.

    You are allowed up to two characters maximum. If you do choose to have two characters as opposed to one, these characters must be from the same series. No using collabs to justify different series characters.

    For characters with their canon listed as being from Granblue Fantasy, you cannot play Unknown Race characters. The exceptions to this rule are Orchid, Robomi, Wulf & Reine and Morphe & Phoebe.

    New Thing as of 03/01/2019 - Happy two days late New Year! I will be accepting one character who does not fulfil the condition of being a character owned by Cygames as a type of 'guest character'. This is reccommended if you wish to participate but do not have sufficient knowledge of the characters that fit the requirements.

    New 08/01/19 thing - The limit of one guest character slot, which as mentioned above, is a character not fulfilling the condition of being owned by Cygames, has been upped to two, seeing that we now have the ratio of Cygames characters to handle another guest. One roleplayer is limited to one guest character i.e. no duos.


    Amira (Rage of Bahamut: Genesis) - @Takumi
    Ladiva (Granblue Fantasy) - @Jeremi
    Luna & Nicola Adel (Shadowverse) - @Kaykay
    Lyria & Sandalphon (Granblue Fantasy) - @York
    Nicholas (Granblue Fantasy) - @Gummi Bunnies
    Nikaido Saki (Zombieland Saga) - @Archmage JeremiahGMPC

    GUEST - Ian Archer (Tower Prep) - @Lucky
    GUEST - Sakamoto Ryuji (Persona 5) - @Yun Lee

    Here below is the Character Sheet so that you can fill it up.

    (Insert Picture Here)


    Age: Estimate if not available


    Abilities: Well?

    Canon: What series are they from?

    History: Attach a wiki link & a brief written history or description. I want to see how well you know the character.

    Personality: Minimum two sentences. No maximum.

    Other Information: Anything you want to tell the GM?​
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2019
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  2. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    (Reserving Sakura and Yugiri please)
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  3. Takumi

    Takumi Member of the Yato Club

    (Reserving Amira form Rage of Bahamut: Genesis)
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  4. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM


    Name: Ladiva

    Age: Around 30

    Gender: Female

    Abilities: A seasoned brawler and wrestler, Ladiva has the skills to meet any challenge.

    Canon: Granblue Fantasy

    History: The head of security and arena champion at the Jewel Resort Casino, Ladiva is an accomplished unarmed fighter and show woman. Following an incident with a disgruntled Imperial soldier over a lost bet, Ladiva joins the Grandcypher crew in order to avoid drawing the Empire's attention to the Jewel Resort.

    Personality: The real strength of this burly duelist comes not from her unrivaled brawn, but from her tender heart. She's just bursting with affection for all living things, and she never stops cherishing each and every creature within arms' reach.​
  5. Takumi

    Takumi Member of the Yato Club


    Name: Amira

    Age: About 5 mentally (?), physically a teen

    Gender: Female

    Abilities: Almost too many to list. Can be found under powers and abilities here.

    Canon: Rage of Bahamut Genesis

    History: a half demon/half angel who wishes to find her mother, Amira set out with one goal in mind and that was to head to Helheim, where she believes her mother is. She is The God Key, a fact that has her being chased by the Knights of Orleans, angels, and demons alike while she travels with a Bounty Hunter named Favaro. Because she formed a contract with Favaro he's stuck with her until he can get her to Helheim.

    Personality: Amira is childish, and has a great desire to see her mother at all cost. She has a big appetite, constantly judging different creatures by how "tasty" they look, and dislikes being lied to. She also seems to have an easy time bonding with horses.

    Other Information: Taken during the events of episode 6
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2018
  6. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    As of this post, four people, excluding myself, have been confirmed to be interested, be it via posting here, having applications prepared, or expression via other means.

    Also, I added a new thing.

  7. York

    York Just a newbie...


    "I'm glad I was able to help in the end..."



    Unknown (She appears to be physically in hear mid teens. Around Gran/Djeeta's age, which puts her at about 15)



    - Support; Lyria is not meant to directly fight in the front lines. However, after Sandalphon's rampage throughout the sky realm caused a near cataclysmic event to occur, she has discovered that she can put her magical abilities to use in other ways. Due to her ability to adapt to any element as neccessary, alongside her capability to extend the longevity, and durability of her team, she is a valuable asset. Though she is somewhat capable of combat by summoning beasts through an unknown method, they can only be maintained for brief instances, and are often better used in conjunction with the rest of her team's 'charge' attacks.

    - Elemental Blessings; Lyria calls upon the powers of wind, water, fire, and earth in order to protect, and support those around her. Using wind magic, she is able to create mirror images of her allies, allowing them to shake off a single enemy attack. With fire magic, she envigorates the inner strength of nearby allies, increasing their combat effectiveness, and overall damage output with their attacks. Water magic allows her to restore some of the health of the allies near her, with a lingering healing effect that lasts for a few additional moments. Earth protects her allies, increasing their resistance to damage dealt to them, as well as negative effects to their physical wellbeing. She can only invoke one elemental blessing at a time, and each one requires some amount of 'cooldown' before they can be invoked again. However, this does not mean she cannot 'stack' these magical effects in times of dire need, but she cannot continue to use them back to back without wearing herself out too badly.

    - Harmonious Heart; Though she isn't very good for fighting, Lyria is capable of speeding up the time it takes to summon a primal that strikes the enemy with a beam of elemental matching the 'dominant' element within her team. Once she is ready to summon it, she can choose to hold off doing so and simultaneously summon it alongside someone else's 'charge' attack for instance to increase the damage she does when she is able to summon

    - Primeval Dragon; The primal beast she is the most attuned with. Naturally it takes her time to build up enough magical energy to summon this beast, but it is much less time than it takes to summon other primal beasts, and doesn't require a shard as a catalyst. Uniquely, she is sometimes able to quickly summon a weaker instance of the beast as a 'counter' attack to strike the enemy with some form of elemental damage.

    - Summoning/Life Link; Ordinarily, Lyria needs to be in the presense of Gran in order to summon most primal beasts. In addition, if Gran were downed in battle, she would follow suit thanks to their souls being linked through means that are yet to be known. However, since her arrival into this strange world that resembled the one she had come to know, this 'Life Link' has been shifted to the Primarch that she ended up arriving here with, Sandalphon. As a result, she is able to summon two primal beasts using the right catalysts, and continue doing so as long as she waits long enough for the catalysts to replenish their own magical energy. The process takes longer than building up magical energy to summon the Primeval Dragon, but depending on the beast she summons using a catalyst, they can be much more effective in combat, or just beneficial to the situation.

    Granblue Fantasy


    Lyria lacks memories of her past, only adding to the mysteries as to her origins, or ultimate purpose. The first thing she remembers is being held prisoner by the Erste Empire, until one of their soldiers, Katalina decided to save her. After breaking out of the ship together, she met up with a young boy named Gran, and his small, flying lizard dragon companion (who is quite fond of apples for some reason.

    After Lyria linked her soul with Gran's in a moment where he was practically on death's door, she unleashed her potential to summon Primal Beasts from crystal-like catalysts... And from there, the four sought to traverse the sky realm, eventually becoming a skyfaring crew as they met new friends along the way, and of course... New enemies, and discoveries.

    The rest... Well, is history, even though it still feels like yesterday since Lyria first met Gran, and joined the Grandcypher crew.

    Though it is unknown how old Lyria actually is, she is shown to be quite passionate and full of energy. It is noted that she cares deeply for others, whether it be friend or foe, and shows a deep amount of sympathy to even those who kidnapped her, especially if they had shared her life experiences/similar feelings to her once (like in the case of Sandalphon).

    Currently she sees Katalina as her big sister, and of course is especially close with Gran, but... Now that they are seperated, and her life link with him seems to have been severed, it is tough to say how she will react to her environment, as it is uncertain if any other members of the Grandcypher crew made it here with her. Other than Sandalphon, of course.

    Other Information:

    Since I was saving Gran for another event, for the time being... I decided to replace him with Sandalphon, and make some slight tweaks to the nature of Lyria's 'life link' just for the sake of the roleplay. Other than that, she functions just like she would in Granblue Fantasy. As a result of her life link with Sandalphon, the elemental damage her Primeval Dragon does by 'default' is light. Though if neccessary, she can change the elemental damage type, at the cost of some of its damage potential (this is another small change to her usual game mechanics to make things a bit simpler).


    "You and I are only working together, simply because of a common line of interest. Let's work together only when we need to do so."


    Unknown (Likely many centuries, as he was one of the first primal beasts ever created)



    - Swordsman; Sandalphon is skilled with his blade, able to keep up with even the likes of other Primarchs (although under normal circumstances, he could not defeat them on his own. Until he inherited the powers of the Supreme Primarch that Lucifer chose to pass down to him). In addition, he is able to generate four additional magical swords around him during battle, increasing his potency in combat.

    - Ain Soph Ur; Calling upon his divine strength, he unleashes a rain of divine judgement from the sky, something akin to a series of massive lightning strikes. They deal a large amount of light damage, and causes a ringing noise to permeate the air, emanating from what is known as his 'bells of war'. This seems to increase the damage potential of a subsequent 'charge' attack of this caliber, and can stack once. The ringing goes away after a few moments, but can allow him to deal more damage if he can perform multiple heavy hitting attacks in succession.

    - Paradise Lost; Though it does not compare to the strength of Lucifer's version of this, thanks to Sandalphon still learning how to master his new powers as the Supreme Primarch, Sandalphon is able to unleash divine judgement by expending magical energy. Similar to Ain Soph Ur, he calls down a series of light beams from the sky, which then pummel those he targets. However, instead of producing a ringing noise, Paradise Lost heals himself and his allies a little, and temporarily increases their damage potential. This also strengthens his body briefly, allowing him to take more damage, alongside any others that may have once been Supreme Primarchs.

    - Sandalphon's Aura; His very presense envigorates allies that are aligned with the element of 'light' somewhat (this includes Lyria), giving them slightly more vitality, and increasing the damage of their attacks.

    - Alone in Heaven; Due to his 'lone wolf' tendencies, even being the Supreme Primarch, he is exceptionally tenacious, and perceptive at times. Although he cannot be in such a state without brief intermissions, or lapses in his situational awareness... This can allow him to increase the rate of his strikes against his enemies, increase his ability to protect himself against enemy attacks... And even counter enemy attacks with strikes of his own, dealing up to 5 strikes in retaliation.

    - Ecliptica; With enough calculation and the right timing, Sandalphon can unleash a powerfull series of strikes with the magical swords he generates behind him in battle, in addition to his actual weapon. This allows him to deal 5 simultaneous attacks at once, and drain some of his enemy's vitality, allowing him to recover some of his health, scaling with the damage he dealt (to a limit).

    - The Power of One; In combat, Sandalphon can bless himself and his allies briefly thanks to being the Supreme Primarch. This increases their damage, and also the potency of critical strikes, akin to Lyria's fire based Blessings.

    - Defiance; Sandalphon can shake off negative effects during battle that would otherwise hamper his ability to fight. Though he can only shake off one effect at a time, and is momentarily distracted while doing so, usually because he is blinded by rage, or is intensely focused on beating back negative effects on his mind or body.

    - The Promise; Thanks to a promise he made to Lucifer, after he had first inherited the powers of the Supreme Primarch, he is able to cling onto life just a bit longer. Thus, a blow that would normally kill him, or incapacitate him will more often than not leave him on the brink of death... Allowing him one last chance to either save himself, or do what he feels he must.

    Granblue Fantasy


    Sandalphon was initially born without a purpose, or so he thought. Having been created as a backup for the then Supreme Primarch, Lucifer, incase he were to die (which was unlikely back then), he was left with no actual role to fill, unlike the other Primarchs. However, Lucifer for many years lead him to believe that he simply had not found his purpose yet, and for a while... Sandalphon was relatively content with this, living with Lucifer, and eventually even sharing coffee with him.

    This was, until the day Sandalphon caught wind of the true reason he was created, and rejected it vehemently. This resulted in him being imprisoned in Pandemonium, a prison the Astrals, creators of the primal beasts (and by extension, Lucifer and Sandalphon) fashioned for their creations, once they saw them as nothing more as annoyances, much like Sandalphon was seen as.

    The ultimate tipping point was when Sandalphon, and other 'origin beasts' rebelled against the Astrals, resulting in them being sealed away within Pandemonium.

    For thousands of years since then, he lay there... Imprisoned, and growing more and more bitter towards the skyrealm, and Lucifer, the one who watched over it. Thus, he began to formulate a plan to exact revenge upon the skyrealm... Making a purpose for himself, as cruel and ruthless as it was. He intended to create a 'perfect' world in the aftermath, but his feelings on how this would be achieved weer a bit unclear to say the least.

    And one day... He was given the opportunity to enact them. It was the day Lyria met Gran, and though unknown to her or Vyrn at the time, roused a great Primal Beast from its slumber, causing the sky itself to shake, and creating a small breach within Pandemonium.

    However... Despite almost succeeding in his plans, having stolen all but one pair of wings from the primarchs, he was defeated by the Grandcypher crew, but even so... Nearly killed Gran, if it weren't for Lucifer appearing to save him, and resolve the situation with Sandalphon, but sealing him away within a cradle, forcing him to reflect upon his actions for all eternity. Or at least, for as long as Lucifer was still alive.

    Some time later, after Lucifer was mysteriously killed, the grandcypher crew, lead by Gran and Lyria entered the cradle where Sandalphon had resided... The latter eventually giving him the resolve to leave the cradle, and at last... Inherit the powers Lucifer once had, in order to stop a beast that threatened to tear apart the sky realm. Ironically, despite the fact he had sworn to destroy the sky realm when he had first been freed from Pandemonium, he played a cruicial role in saving it.

    From that day on, he swore to protect the sky realm in place of Lucifer. He promised... That he would keep the sky blue, for whatever it was worth, and fullfill his duty as the Supreme Primarch until the very end.

    What happens after his role as a Supreme Primarch was over though... Is going to be up to him.

    Sandalphon is blunt, and very ruthless in battle. However, in contrast to his rampage throughout the skies, the role he now serves as the Supreme Primarch has humbled him somewhat... And given him a sense of purpose that he never had before.

    His love for coffee, especially coffee made with the beans harvested from the tree which Lucifer had left behind is notable, although he keeps mentioning how bitter it tastes.

    While he is still rather rash and abrasive, sometimes even crass, it is noted that his bond had deepened with the Grandcypher crew, even if he doesn't admit it. Especially with Lyria, and Gran... Due to the parts they had to play in his 'rebirth'.

    Other Information:

    This version of Sandalphon is taken from sometime after the 'Cell Games' sidestory. Which means he has some basic understanding of the multiverse. Though since 'Cell Games' is still going, some details as to its conclusion will have to be glossed over, for now.​
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2019
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  8. Kaykay

    Kaykay Mhm.



    10(?), young child


    Various, if cards are taken into consideration



    Long story short, her parents were killed by a burglar which awakened her necromancy powers. Wanting to meet her parents again, whose souls she'd actually bound to the world, Luna headed towards the Morning Star. However, she and her world were put to sleep by the Nexus of Serenity. Luna woke up from the dream after even her own powers denied the fake reality of her parents being alive provided to her by the dream world. After gathering with the other Shadowverse leaders, they forced Nexus to retreat before heading to a new world, in which she befriended Nicola Adel.

    Up until very recently Luna was under the impression death was what allowed her to make friends, so her social skills are inhibited. Despite this she is seen to be a kind, albeit lonely, girl after losing her fixation on death, although she's still a naive child and is thus prone to childish mood swings.

    Other Information:
    Her personality varies pretty wildly in her in-game quotes and the early story chapters between the English and Japanese versions, so this just uses the latter.

    The current story arc is still in progress, so there may be changes in Shadowverse during the course of the RP.


    Nicola Adel

    Looks to be in his 20s or so


    Superhuman physically
    Flight, or just jumping to the point it might as well be.
    Has a core of sorts that he uses to power up
    Revives upon death, albeit feeling worse every time.


    All that is known about his past is that he has died and revived several times, leaving him feeling tired all the time. He was found by one Marlone Median and became friends with him, though they both deny such a relationship. Due to his raw power he was deemed a one man guild and generally just sleeps on a hill. Upon the main Shadowverse cast arriving in his world however, he ended up befriending Luna.

    Though lethargic and the type to avoid fighting when possible, Nicola seems to have trouble leaving troubled people alone. He's lazy and awkward, but is generally favored by the townspeople of Isunia.

    Other Information:
    The current story arc is still in progress, so there may be changes in Shadowverse during the course of the RP.​
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  9. Hahli Nuva

    Hahli Nuva "My resolve will never falter!"


    Name: Jameson Locke (Locke)

    Age: 41

    Gender: Male


    • Trained and holds mastery in multiple close combat quarters martial arts
    • Master Marksman and rifleman. Can use most, if not all types of firearms with the same deadly accuracy and precision like his own.
    • Specialized training and skills allow Locke to preform athletic and physical feats far beyond that of a normal human, even without the aid of his SPARTAN MK 4 Armor.
    • Exceptional soldier, leader, tactician, and engineer. Inspires those around him easily and leads from the front.


    History: https://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Jameson_Locke

    Locke is a true leader and hero, always striving to complete the mission and see his team members through to the end. He takes his job very seriously, but also has a sympathetic side that shows he cares about those around him, and that deep down, Locke is just as human as anyone else.


    A collected and forward-thinking individual, Locke is a competent soldier who takes a professional approach to combat situations. He is a proficient leader and inspires loyalty in his subordinates, even when they do not agree with his decisions. He is generally nonconfrontational and willing to resolve conflicts through negotiation, using his knowledge and intelligence to solve complicated political and tactical situations.

    For example, while his ONI compatriots Estrin and Horrigan were vocal with their low opinions on the Sedran Colonial Guard, Locke was willing to put aside their disagreements for the sake of the mission. Despite impressions from Veronica Dare that Locke is "ONI to the bone," Locke is troubled by some aspects of the organization he serves under, and is serious about his duty to protect humanity.

    Other Information:

    Locke is confirmed to fill the 'Guest' slot granted by the admin of the event and this marks his first canon apperance in Convergence as a whole.

    LOADOUT: This is Spartan Locke's loadout, based on his appearance in Halo 5: Guardians.

    • B58RN Battle Rifle
    • M6H2 Magnum
    • x4 UNSC Frag Grenades
    • UNSC Durasteel Combat Knife
    • ARMOR LOCK (Character Skill)
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2019
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  10. Archmage Jeremiah

    Archmage Jeremiah You can't outrun your own reflection


    Name: The Legendary Saki Nikaido

    Age: Physically 18

    Gender: Female


    Undead: Free from the mortal coil of life, the perks are vast, from being immune to the cold, to the ability to detach and reattach limbs at will.

    Brawler: Experienced street-fighter. Can throw a mean right hook and swing for the fences, and with her undeath, can stay in the ring longer than she ever could in life. Losing a limb here and there could be an issue though...

    Daredevil: Knows her way around a pair of wheels, and possesses a reckless abandon. Paired with her undead affliction, Saki is ready to throw herself into harm's way at the drop of a hat.

    Natural-Born Leader: Having led both bikers and idols alike, Saki has shown she has the talent and will to lead, no matter who's following.

    Street-Talk: Speaks the language of the common folk.




    Full bio

    Once the right hand man and best friend of the Dorami biker gang's first boss, Saki Nikaido died in a motorcycle accident while competing with a rival gang. Decades later, she was raised from the dead for one reason: to save Saga...with starpower. Alongside five other legendary girls from the past, and one egg, the idol group Franchouchou was formed, with Saki as their de facto leader.

    Personality: Hot-blooded and full of 90s 'tude, Saki Nikaido is truly a biker at heart. Outwardly tough and with a prickly disposition, Saki is deeply protective of what and who she holds dear, and will fight and die for them to uphold her strong conviction. What she despises most are the fearful, and fear itself, and holds no room in her heart for those who let it rule their lives.

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  11. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    One more update in the form of one more guest spot.

    I decided to open it since we I felt that we had the ratio to handle it, plus I was originally planning to open two anyways, just unsure since we were a small cast when I set the first one up.

    Don't expect a third one, because it won't come.

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  12. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    @York @Takumi @Yun Lee @Archmage Jeremiah @Kaykay @Hahli Nuva @Minerva

    Well, it's the 12th over here now, straight on the witching hour.

    I never did specify a timezone, so I might end up posting the thread on my early morning 14th, since that's the midday 13th for most of you.

    This post is just a reminder that the Roleplay is starting real soon. I'll tag you chaps once again in the Roleplay's in-character.
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  13. Hahli Nuva

    Hahli Nuva "My resolve will never falter!"

    It's the 11th here in America. I'm ready to go when you are.
  14. Lucky

    Lucky Genetic Chimera, Prone To Losing His Shirt

    Taking that second guest spot


    Name: Ian Archer

    Age: 16/17 ( Estimated)

    Gender: Male

    Abilities: Preflex- Detect and react to events a split second before they happen
    Martial artist- Wushu fighting style
    Environmental fighter (mostly punches and kicks/ his environment

    Canon: Tower Prep.

    History: towerprep.wikia.com/wiki/Ian_Archer

    Ian lived mostly of his life in the normal world and getting into fights to protect his friends. One day, after being suspended for protecting a friend, Ian woke up at Tower Prep, an academy that he didn't remember arriving at. He quickly realized that something was wrong and found a ton of trouble, also finding out that his grandfather helped to found the school and barely escaping. The last thing he remembered before arriving here with the anime girls was encountering Whisper 120 with his friends in her human form.

    Personality: Ian is an extremely intelligent, brave and loyal individual, but is also incredibly stubborn and quick to anger. He is also sensitive at his core and expresses his emotions. He often finds himself in fights, but has restraint unless he is hurt first. Ian hates people who bullies and harasses his friends and will step in to interfere, a flaw that he had.

    Other Information: Ian owns an iPhone and ipod. Ian eats healthy food.
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  15. Gummi Bunnies

    Gummi Bunnies The Magus of Flowers The Convergence Series GM

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    ❝ There's no way I can give up now! Gigantes Suit deployed! ❞


    Early 20s


    Nicholas is well-adept tinkering with machinery, making him an excellent engineer for his age. He was involved with the maintenance of the original Robomi model, the Robomi replicas, and the Gigantes models. Later on, he self-deploys and uses the Gigantes Suit to lend a hand in battle. By hooking the mobile suit to the back of his spine, he's able to make usage of the suit, arming himself with a customized mecha katana, wrist blasters, and rocket boosters for flight. The suit is also equipped with anti-repulsion emitters, allowing him to break through projected defenses and shields with ease.

    Granblue Fantasy

    Nicholas took after Dr. Rashomon as both a geologist and an engineer, often eating up the research budget to make machinery side projects much to the doctor's daughter, Marie, dismay. Around the time the Grandcypher's crew arrived to visit, the research facility began to run experiments with what was an old mechanized soldier. Soon came a ferocious attack with entities that were later discovered to be abominations, and that the ancient robot that Nicholas repaired was to be the ultimate weapon to eliminate the abominations: the weapon named Robomi. Over time, Nicholas noticed development of emotions from Robomi after every encounter with the abominations, and came to learn of her origins moments before fighting the source of those abominations. The threat was soon defeated with Robomi's sacrifice, which only fueled Nicholas's drive to delve more into machine research.

    It wasn't long until he was able to create the Robomi replicas with Dr. Rashomon's help, and in addition, creating the Gigantes Suit for himself to pilot. After hasty developments involving the second wave of abomination threats, Nicholas takes it upon himself to use this mobile suit to protect those from dangerous threats, just like Robomi would.

    Nicholas is the definition of unlimited curiosity, especially towards machinery. He has a workaholic streak, not being able to stop himself from working until he was sure that he's done all that he could pertaining to his work and research. He's entirely selfless and willing to protect others, sometimes disregarding his own safety. Just like with his research, he's restless until he's sure that everyone is saved and guaranteed to be safe. On a lighter note, he's bad with jokes and telling lies, but he keeps up a smile due to his naturally good heart.

    ~Other Information~
    Nicholas is taken after the events of 'Robomi' and 'Robomi: Generations,' but before 'Robomi: Z' due to me not playing that event. ^^;
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    I decided to extend the closing of signups to the end of Chapter 1 as opposed to the start of it for certain reasons.
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    Name: Ryuji Sakamoto (codename Skull)

    Age: Around 16

    Gender: Male

    Abilities: Ryuji is a Persona user, his particular Persona being Captain Kidd. Said Persona specializes in electric attacks and physical attacks, though currently is not incredibly powerful due to Ryuji only using it for a short period of time.

    Persona abilities:

    Zio: Light Electric damage to one target.
    Lunge: Light Physical damage to one target.
    Tarukuja: Temporarily increases an ally's attack power.
    Headbutt: Medium Physical damage to one target. Medium chance of stunning them.

    As this is an rp, I'll be changing how SP works in Persona 5, so that instead of draining Ryuji's set SP level, Captain Kidd merely needs to recharge a bit in order to use a spell again.

    Aside from that, Ryuji is armed with a Normal Rod (a steel pipe) and a Levinson M31 (a shotgun). These are merely model weapons while in his usual form, but as Skull, they are actually usable.

    As Skull, Ryuji also has enhanced physical strength and dexterity. In his usual form, Ryuji is still strong, but has one hindrance: his leg is weak from an old injury, so he cannot run as well as he used to. This is not a problem when he is operating as Skull.

    Canon: Persona 5

    History: https://megamitensei.fandom.com/wiki/Ryuji_Sakamoto

    Ryuji comes from a broken home, as his father was an abuser who treated Ryuji and his mother like dirt until he finally left. Not being very well-off and wanting to help his single mother, Ryuji was determined to get a track scholarship and become a famous athlete. He had actually been well on his way to this goal at Shujin Academy, and was the star runner for the team, until he became a target of Suguru Kamoshida, the volleyball coach who wanted his team to be the star of the school. Goading Ryuji into attacking him by using Ryuji's father as bait, Kamoshida was able to not only disband the track team, but also break Ryuji's leg in "self-defense," thereby crushing any hope of Ryuji pursuing track.

    With his dreams shattered and his former team despising him, Ryuji became something of a delinquent until hecmet a certain transfer student, a fellow outcast who, along with Ryuji, stumbled into the Metaverse and discovered Shujin was Kamoshida's Palace. Ryuji eventutually awakened his Persona during a confrontation with Shadow Kamoshida, and took on the codename Skull whenever he invaded the Metaverse. Along with Joker (transfer student's codename) and other teammates Morgana and Ann Takamaki, they were able to change Kamoshida's heart and end his reign of abuse at the school.

    Personality: On the surface, Ryuji is a typical teenage delinquent: loud, vulgar, and lacking in the booksmarts department. He has no filter when it comes to swearing, and can get very heated very quickly if someone pushes his buttons. He also is highly impulsive, and tends to act before thinking...and sometimes doesn't bother to think at all. However, beneath his tough exterior lies a heart of gold and a strong sense of justice, and Ryuji wholeheartedly believes in helping those who can't help themselves. Thanks to Kamoshida, Ryuji has a chip on his shoulder against adults (save for older women but we're not gonna talk about that), and will almost always immediately side with fellow teens and kids against what he perceives as unfair treatment and injustice. That being said, if an adult proves themselves as a decent person on Ryuji's side, he will definitely be okay with them.

    Other Information: At this point, Ryuji is from right after the very first Palace in the game. Gotta get ready for the Smash RP.
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