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I'm thinking of a world (named Dantorel) with very RPG-esque qualities. Complicated skill systems and crafting systems. When a monster is killed, all of its items and its corpse get transferred into cards, which allow easier carrying. Monsters races evolve, regular races have skills. Slimes are special. If anyone thinks this is a good idea, then please comment.
Hail, @Drakey. I like the idea; just the idea of RPG-esque systems in writing seems good. Question, though, are the skill systems extremely complicated or more "pick a skill and it can close off the option of some skillsets"? And how might slimes be special? I'm a little curious.


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Well...I thought about it some more...

cancel the whole being a monster thing, it is way too complicated to actually put into effect. But slimes are kinda awesome in my opinion.

As for the skills, think of everything you can do in the real world, punching, kicking, public speaking, drawing, memorization....all of these would be separate skills

Then you have special skills, such as magic spells or weapon skills such as a power slash.

while a skill won't close off other skills, choosing a class will make some skills harder to learn

Mages do not learn weapon skills easily, etc


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Only Humans allowed!







total points 50
Wisdom -
intelligence -
Strength -
Speed -
Agility -
Dexterity -
Stamina -
Perception -


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Name: Hrothwulf

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Bio: Once the son of a respected noble, Hroth's father was caught in a smuggling scandal. Since then Hroth has had to hide his face and has been on the run for several years. During that time, Hroth has developed an almost unnatural curiosity for the practice of Necromancy.


Hair is longer, the armor is dented and cracked in places, the sword is broken.

Gear: What is on the picture.

Wisdom - 5
intelligence - 9
Strength - 9
Speed - 10
Agility - 5
Dexterity - 5
Stamina - 3
Perception - 5
Name: Manon

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Bio: A fight with her family drew her to sic a pack of monsters on them, leading to their deaths. In the end, Manon despaired from what she'd done, and decided to spend her days hunting them to atone for her actions.


Gear: Similar to the picture. The sword's a colichemarde instead, a smallsword descended from the rapier.


Wisdom - 5

Intelligence - 8

Strength - 3

Speed - 8

Agility - 9

Dexterity - 8

Stamina - 4

Perception - 51504704235337.jpg
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That's pretty awesome...Though I was kinda hoping you would be able to befriend monsters .... Welp, never mind that.

Accepted. When would you like to start?
I could try that with the ones that don't trigger PTSD. Maybe I'll need a monster list.

Thanks for the acceptance. You're the GM, though, so it's your choice when to start.


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Well, I was thinking of starting it, and anybody who wants to join can

I was thinking that we could be ambushed by a few goblins on a road leading to a small town, How does that sound?
That works! Collecting members along the way: something only adventuring roleplays can do!

It seems a good idea. Fighting with someone does forge alliances easier. I've only got about 30 minutes left to reply, though. Curfew's coming up for me and I'll lose a phone if I don't follow it. My sister did.


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oh thats weird...no Idea where the 6 pm came from... now I feel really awkward...