But We Were Happy
Euphoria- A feeling or state of intense happiness and Excitement.

You have died.

It doesn't matter how it happen, those details are unimportant.

Especially after you see our video.

Congrats, you are in the Good Place, and have earned enough points to be here. Welcome to Neighborhood 12358W.

Or are you a mistake?

I have a secret for you all. You are all mistakes. The question remains though..... can you keep a secret?

This RP is based on the Good Place. All you have to know is that everyone who has died belonged...So come, find your soulmate, enjoy your time in the Good Place. Everything is fine.

1) All STC Rules apply
2)No god-modding or meta-gaming.
3) OCs and Duos welcome, no limits.
4) 3 Images/Gifs per post
5) Be Nice to Everyone
6)Have fun
7) No cursing in the Good Place. We have alternatives though.

Character Sheet
Age (Approximately)
What does their ideal soulmate look like?:
Extra Info:
One Reason they Might not have earned their place in the Good Place and Don't Belong Here: Ignore This. We have no idea how this got here. ( DM this information to me)

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Billy the Kid



Billy is extremely proficient with his signature Colt M1877 double-action standard revolver Thunderer. His draw with a gun is one of the fastest and he has a reputation of being one of the best gunmen in the whole wild west. His marksmanship has ascended him to legendary status, causing him to become a Heroic Spirit, and to develop a Noble Phantasm called Thunderer, which unlike other Noble Phantasms, is entirely based on his skill with a gun. "Thunderer" is an anti-unit Noble Phantasm. Billy fires three burst-like shots at his enemy using his gun.

History: (scroll down to the biography section)

What Does His Ideal Soulmate Look Like:
"An outlaw doesn't need a soulmate, it's just another thing that'll drag me down. I'm an independent man!"

Extra Info:
Appearance: View attachment 7986
(Faceclaim: Josh Swickard)
Name: William "Will" Morningstar
Age (Approximately): 25
Canon: Lucifer OC
Abilities/Powers: Age Manipulation- Will has the ability to manipulate people's age to be older or younger than their natural age.
Will has other powers, but it seems only age manipulation is working in the good place..... how strange.
History: Unknown
What does their ideal soulmate look like?: A nice guy or gal who challenges him. He really doesn't care.
Extra Info: Will is the son of Chloe Decker and Lucifer Morningstar making him a quarter angel and three quarters human as well as having demonic powers due to being the son of a version of the Devil.