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What would you do if your entire life was already decided from birth? If you were born to fulfill a role in a story, even if it gave you an unhappy ending? Would you follow the path you were given without question, staying true to your heritage? Or would you try and fight your fate, make your own ending, even if it came at the cost of all you hold dear?

Well, let me go ahead and answer that for you. No matter how you decide to treat your doesn't matter.

Because you don't even have a say in the first place.


My Dear Student,

Once upon a time...I'm sure you've heard that phrase before! Your entire life revolves around it, as does mine! After all, I'm the one in charge of all these stories you and the rest of the denizens of our world are from! And as I'm sure your parents have told you from the start, you have a responsibility to keep these stories alive by following the role you were born into. No matter who you will be-royalty, vagabond, magician-each role is important in ensuring the future of your story! Otherwise, you and your entire family would cease to exist, and your story would vanish into nothing.

Now, I know how scary that sounds, but don't worry! That's where I and the other staff at Ever After High School come in. Since the beginning, this boarding school has prepared future fairy tales for their roles in life with appropriate classes, guidance from current fairy tales, and a concentrated campus to meet and bond with others just like you. And then, come senior year, you are ready to face Legacy Day with your head held high, and sign your name to your destiny!

I look forward to seeing you this school year. Make sure to review your schedule and living arrangements enclosed in this packet, and I can't wait to help you achieve your happily ever after.

Your Headmaster,
I. Grimm



Welcome to the world of fairy tales, where you've been born into a very important role. You see, in this world separated from the mortal one, everyone is destined to play a part in a fairy tale. You are the descendant of a long line, stemming from the originals in the story. Cinderella, Robin Hood, The Big Bad Wolf...someday, you must take on the role of that character, and live out the story so that it may continue to go on. After all, if there was no one to play your part...everyone involved in your story would disappear! Scary stuff!

In order to get you ready for your future so that you can handle the weight of your role in life, you'll be attending Ever After High, a boarding school that will give you the necessary classes for a successful run as whoever you were born to be!

But unfortunately...none of this is real. You don't know it, but you are someone else. Your memories were taken from you, and you were brought into a completely different place, under the guise of attending this school. But maybe there's a way to get your memories back...if not, then it appears your destiny will be rewritten forever.


Hello, and welcome to Happily Never After! I'm extremely excited to get this roleplay going-it's one I've been planning for over a year now. I'm finally ready to run it, and can't wait to get it going!


  1. All regular STC rules apply.
  2. No godmodding or metagaming is allowed.
  3. Be respectful of all other RPers involved. I am your sole GM for this RP, so I ask that you please be respectful of me and the decisions I make in regards to plot development, fight sequences, etc. We're all here to have fun, and I am not afraid to kick you from the RP if you are continuously rude to anyone involved.
  4. This roleplay is part of The Convergence Series, a multifandom Epic Roleplay group located right here on STC. If you're new to our group, welcome! You don't need any prior knowledge of our lore to join in, and I'm more than happy to bring in some new faces.
  5. OOC talk tends to go in our very own Discord server. If you would like to be part of it, just ask me to give you a link when you PM me your character sheet.
  6. I don't expect this RP to move super fast, as I work fulltime, and I know people have holiday obligations and school/work. Even so, it may be best to find a partner for posting, who can tag you and fill you in. I'll have plenty of NPCs in case you need someone to interact with, as well, so no need to worry about being left out!
  7. Please do try to post once a chapter so we can keep this RP going and finished in a timely manner. If you're going to need to be away a while or even drop out, let me know! I'll fill you in on anything you miss, because I want everyone involved!

This particular setting is Ever After High, where the characters are high schoolers getting ready to become famous fairy tale characters, the same characters their parents are, and their parents were, and so on. So, for example, if your character were going to be the next Cinderella, they'd be the child of the current Cinderella. During their time at school, the students take classes to prepare for their future, which are also taught by current fairy tale characters. At the beginning of senior year, students will participate in Legacy Day, the day where they sign their name into the Storybook of Legends and accept the fate that they were given.

And that's all I'll be saying~


This roleplay follows a Convergence format known as an Illusion Game. In an Illusion Game, you play as a character from a fandom (or a fandom OC, I'll allow those), but you will give them a false identity. It's basically as though you're playing as an OC, but in reality you're someone else completely!

Now, here are some guidelines for characters, just to make things easier:

  • All player characters will be high school seniors. This way, everyone participates in Legacy Day, everyone is familiar with the school and world, and everyone knows how they truly feel about their upcoming destiny.
  • Your character does not have to be the same gender as the original. Red Riding Hood can be a guy, Prince Charming can be a girl, etc.
  • I'm gonna be extremely lenient with what counts as a a fairy tale, so you can have plenty of options and room for creativity! I'll allow stories from all over the world, fables, ancient myths (no gods though, stick to characters like Perseus or Heracles), folk tales, tall tales, classic ballets like Giselle or The Nutcracker, certain stories that have been adapted thousands of times over (Alice in Wonderland, Treasure Island, Peter Pan, Wizard of Oz). If you have a question about what I will or will not allow, please don't be afraid to ask!
  • I will allow "monster" type characters, like Medusa or Frankenstein's Monster, as long as they fit my above criteria. They will be considered exchange students from Monster High, in that case.
  • As I mentioned above, no gods or otherwise immortal characters. Also, no figures from currently practiced religions, such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, etc. Greek myths, Roman myths, and so on are fine.
  • You can use any adaptation of a story in your character making! Just please link me whatever adaptation you choose to use so that I can be on the same page.
Character Sheet

DO NOT POST THIS HERE! This entire sheet must be PMed to me, and then I'll edit it for posting here in the ooc. That way, your character will be a complete secret.

Illusion Appearance: (Please describe how they look! You can use a picture too, but definitely some form of written description is needed. You can have them look just like their true form, or you can go crazy with appearance. It's totally up to you!
True Appearance: (just a picture is fine here!)
Illusion Name:
True Name:
Illusion Age:
(remember your character is a high school senior!)
True Age:
Future Character: (who will your illusion character become?)
Story: (link the version of the story here, unless you're using a character from a full novel)
True Canon: (what are they really from?)
Illusion Bio: (tell a bit more about your illusion character's life here.)
True Bio: (you can link a wiki page here)
Illusion Powers/Abilities: (what skills do they have? Remember, you're just a high schooler, so nothing too fancy. You're still learning. True powers I can find on the wiki, so you're good there lol.)
How does the illusion character feel about their fate?: (Are you excited to play your part, or no? A mix of the two?)
Other: (Anything else I should know goes here!)


Cast List

@Lucky as Verde West [Wicked Witch of the West]
@ShadowCoyote0 as Hunter Wolf [Big Bad Wolf]
@Neko Shogun as Lina Blossom [Thumbelina]
@Crow as Fledgeling [The Ugly Duckling]
@Takumi as Angel [Little Red Riding Hood]
@Gummi Bunnies as Crescent Houraisan [Princess Kaguya]
@Jeremi as Pyry [The Snow Queen]
@MelodyMeister as Caroline Lewis [Alice]
@Lissamel as Mortiz Pfeifer [The Pied Piper]
@York as [The Ill-Fated Princess] (reserved)
@Archmage Jeremiah as Mallory Jekyll and Ms. Fortune [Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde]
@MarMar as Olive [Rapunzel]
@Sark as Jean LeDompeteur de Beaumont [The Beast]
@Minerva as Georgia Pierce [St. George]
@Alex Azure as Hector Louis [Heracles]​
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Appearance: Verde is the most unnatural shade of green you can imagine. However, despite that, she doesn't care. She tends to wear bright red t-shirts and neon pants alone with ruby slippers. She has a winged monkey tattoo on her shoulder that she conceals.
Name: Verde West
Age: 18
Character: The Wicked Witch of the West
Story: The Wizard of Oz
Bio: Verde is the daughter of the wicked witch of the west and was raised by her. She came to Everafter High ( against her wishes) and is destined to follow in her mother's footsteps. She's not happy about it, but is trying to make the best.
Powers/Abilities: Still learning her mother's sorcery and isn't good at it, is okay at vanishing in green smoke, can fly but only with a broom. Otherwise nothing special.
Other: Nothing really.
Appearance: Lina has long brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a fair complexion. She is also pretty short, even when she grows herself to ordinary human size.

Name: Lina Blossom

Age: 18

Future Character: Thumbelina

Story: Thumbelina

Bio: Lina was born in a kingdom of flowers to her father, the king, and her mother, Queen Thumbelina. Because her mother grew up experiencing many troubles, Lina was sheltered by her and kept safe within the kingdom until it was time for her to attend school. Because she was raised by protective parents, Lina is rather naive and a bit of a crybaby. She tries her best to hide these traits from others, but struggles at times.

Powers/Abilities: Lina has the ability to shift her size from big to small or even somewhere in between.Ordinarily, she is very tiny and will revert to her original form when sick, injured, or tired. She can also shrink or grow the size of other objects. When it comes to mastery of her abilities, she has limited control over them.

Other: Her powers can be compared tothose of Marvel’s Antman. ;)
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Appearance: She has white shoulder length hair resembling the morning frost. Her skin is light blue, and her eyes is a bright turquoise. While usually wearing her nations customary colors of white and blue at school she usually picks slightly warmer colors like some light pastels, almost always dressed quite preppy.
Name: Pyry
Future Character: The Snow Queen
Bio: As the daughter of the Snow Queen, Pyry has always been taught responsibility and honor to one’s country. Having a strict regime from a young age has left her quite aloof and distant, one could even say quite cold to others, but she has tried to improve ever since enrolling into Ever After High School.
Powers/Abilities: Light cold manipulation.
Other: Absolutely useless with plants and animals.
Reserve me the Pied Piper, if you're able ^^

Well, I guess the best time to get back into Convergence is when it's based on something I was super into in, like, middle school

Appearance: Angel has tanned skin, amber eyes, and short black hair with the right side slightly longer than the left. He stands at about 5'6" with a slim build.
Name: Angel
Age: 18
Future Character: Little Red Riding Hood
Story: Little Red Riding Hood
Bio: Angel was always told of what he'd become, and always had to be reminded to do certain tasks around the house by his mother...and not to eat so much. After getting a pretty red cloak as a gift from his grandmother before coming to Ever After High his mother stressed to him about doing his best and such. Being from a long line of Little Red Riding Hood's, Angel is actually the first boy to be born in a long time belive it or not. His mother, being the previous Little Red, at least gave him a happy home even if she nagged him quite a bit. He almost misses it, but don't think he'll ever say it out loud!
Powers/Abilities: None?
Other: Really likes bread, and totally isn't afraid of any wolves. Nope. Not even a little...okay, maybe a tiny bit.
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Appearance: A completely beautiful girl for her age and for the tale she is to become. Long wavy black hair and alluring blue eyes. She often wears short kimonos as a way for her to become familiar with the character she's supposed to become.
Name: Crescent Houraisan
Age: 17
Future Character: Princess Kaguya
Story: The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter
Bio: For awhile, the Houraisan family has always set up Crescent's mother to take up the role of Princess Kaguya, due to the fact that before Crescent's birth, their children had always been boys. While it was doable to tell the tale with a boy taking up the role of Princess Kaguya, the Houraisan family refused to resort to that, and it was only until the fourth child, Crescent, was born. As herolder brothers were eased up for a relatively normal life, Crescent was treated differently, being pampered out of nowhere like a princess without actually knowing why until she turned 13.
Powers/Abilities: As someone who is to take up the role of Princess Kaguya, Crescent was made to drink the Elixir of Life in small portions as she grew up so that the elixir wouldn't put her in shock. What it would gradually do to her is slow down her aging process, or rather slowly make her immortal in a sense. Eventually her intakes of the elixir will also make human needs such as sleep and eating needless to her, as the concept of getting tired or hungry is "stopped" by the elixir's effects to her body. She also has the ability of levitation but only during the nights of the full moon.
Other: Crescent and her mother look rather alike to each other due to the fact that her mother remained as "Princess Kaguya" long enough unlike Crescent became of age to prepare for that very same role, meaning it was only until Crescent's preparations for that role that her mother stopped taking the elixir so it's effects would eventually wear off.
Appearance: Caroline looks quite girly overall. With a healthy rosy tint in her skin, and her slim figure, combined with her tall stature of 177cm, she is regarded as quite pretty. Caroline has large blue eyes and shoulder length puffy brown hair, which she decorates with a pink bow. Like her mother, she likes wearing girly cute dresses, espically complex, elegant dresses.
Name: Caroline Lewis
Illusion Age: 17
Future Character: Alice
Story: Alice in Wonderland
Bio: Born to a strange household, with Alice as her mother, Caroline grew up just as strange as her mother, but also as kind as her. Due to being coddled and spoiled, she's very childish and ignorant of the real world, behaving like a child. Despite this, after enrolling into Ever After High School, Caroline has began to mature, or at the very least, has dropped her immaturity and temper tantrums, but not her cowardice or her ignorance.
Abilities: N/A
Other: Loves all animals, espically cats. Loves strange things, but scared of dangerous things.​

Hunter is a shaggy, scruffy young man with a lean but muscular build. He stands at 6t tall (8ft in wolf form). He has dark brown hair with deep amber eyes.
Illusion Name: Hunter Wolf
Illusion Age:
Future Character: The Big Bad Wolf
The Big Bad Wolf
Bio: Hunter is a relatively gentle soul, a bad quality for the soon to be Big BadWolf. He tends to avoid making friends with his peers, as he doesn't want to get attached to them, nothing what is bound to happen. Though considering many of them avoid him out of fear, it works out. While his father has thankfully calmed down since his old days of eating folk, he has done little to help Hunter acceptwhat's to come. Despite being mostly calm and gentle, he has a short temper for those who hurt people close to him.
Powers/Abilities: Can turn into a wolf (and a sort of middle ground wolf man, mostly just sharpened claws and fangs), a weak "huff and puff", heightened senses.
Other: He smokes for two reasons. One, because he's of legal age so why not? Two, it helps to dull his senses, else all the scents might drive him crazy.
I've edited in all reserved characters thus far!
Appearance: Against her pasty complexion, Mallory's dark brown eyes, and bouncy hair cut to shoulder-length quickly catch the eye. She is commonly dressed very casually in cool, or earthy colours, and always seems to wear the same two pairs of worn down jeans with glaringly obvious patch jobs that appear to be holding, at least.

Becoming Ms. Fortune, her hair turns a deep navy blue, and shimmers as if being struck by rays of sunlight through ocean waves. Her already pale skin becomes as the Moon, and her bright eyes become red from weeping.

Name: Mallory Jekyll & Ms. Fortune

Age: 18

Future Character: Dr. Jekyll & Ms. Hyde

Story: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

A straight honour student throughout her early academic life, Mallory lived an uneventful life on Vancouver Island with her mother and brother. Following a string of supernatural occurrences and disappearances around the island's mountain ranges, however, Mallory's mother caught wind of her affliction and sent her off to Ever After High at the first opportunity.


More Than Just a Pretty Face: Overall book-smart, rational thinker, and puzzle-solver.

Rugged Canadian: Acclimated to the cold and camps out on snowy mountains for "fun". Knows how to survive the Winter and the types of ice and snow you can and cannot walk on.

Amateur Seamstress: Spent 50$ on an old sewing machine and 30$ on mismatched fabric and thread instead of 100$ on two new pairs of jeans. Very proud of herself for repairing her own jeans and saving 20$.

Read a Self-Help Book Once: Claimed it didn't help at all - proceeded to complain about it on the internet.

Can Scream Really Loud: Still embarrassed about that one time she shattered a mirror.

Float: like a butterfly. Actually impressive supernatural feat. Only Ms. Fortune can do it though.
I added a new tab on faculty and electives! As stated previously, classes are preselected by yours truly, but during the prologue, you'll have an opportunity to choose an elective to be part of!
Jean is a well kept, conventionally attractive man who's who demeanour screams 'I got here by my father's wealth and I don't care who knows it'. It's rare to see him without the latest fashions hanging across his shoulders or designer shoes upon his feet: why would he lower himself enough to dress like everybody else? An insufferable narcissist, Jean is known to spend hours on end preparing his pompadour each morning, ensuring that every single hair is in place.

Jean LeDompeteur de Beaumont



Future Character:
The Beast

Beauty and the Beast

Born into the loving arms of a beautiful King and Queen, Jean was not only born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but an entire golden cutlery set to boot. Being waited on hand and foot by a small army of servants and pandered to by a whole nation of adoring subjects, Jean's ego began to grow as quickly as he did, eventually dwarfing his father's former arrogance. Yet as he slowly entered into adolescence, Jean became aware of his higher destiny, and his place in the cycle of stories. He was told that he would one-day be cursed to wear the visage of a foul beast and that he would be loathed and forgotten by those who once called him 'Prince'. His role in his own story soon became a death sentence, or at least, it did so in his eyes; in a handful of years, all the pleasantries he had come to know and love would be stripped from him, and it would take the sudden love of a blind stranger to free him. How could someone love such a hideous creature? Perhaps he would fail in his role, and be bound to his four-legged form forever?

Dread tainted Jean's later development. He began to rebel against his parents and step away from his studies; how would swimming a mile or learning the tango serve him when he awoke one morning his hoofs? His plans for the future began to unravel, for his final act had already been decided for him. Jean soon game to a definitive solution: with his death warrant signed, he would simply have to live a lifetime's worth in just 2 years. He began to attend and host wild parties. He tried every sensation he could find. He ran down every avenue that presented itself. He lived a life of excess and extremes, casting away his title in the name of living. Soon, his father grew tired of his antics and immaturities, sending his son away to Ever After High in a last ditch effort to teach his son a glimmer of humility and pry himself from the centre of his own world. Maybe if he gave Jean the opportunity to meet other future Fairy Tale characters who would share the same fate as him, perhaps he would not view in his own destiny in such a pessimistic light?

Alone in a strange new school, Jean threw himself back into his old ways, only this time, he had an even greater audience. New fans. New admires. New girls. New boys. At Ever After High, Jean would strive to finally have he ego quenched and at least make some sort of splash before all his friends forgot he existed. Maybe Daddy's money could help him buy a friend or two, or 'convince' a teacher to let an absence slide. From there he could spend his time building up some Vanity Muscles, join a solo sports club to rake in some glory and host an end of year party nobody could forget. To hell with classes. To hell with homework. Jean was going to make the most out of his last year on earth, whether Grimm liked it or not.

Indulging in all the pleasures of upper-class life, Jean is well versed in the art of swordplay, horse riding (via polo), dance and poetry, yet has managed to slack off all of the above in favour of parting and chasing partners. Since joining the school, Jean has used his good looks to reinforce his acting abilities and sought to score roles in school plays and talents shows, and built up a fair amount of strength via his vanity muscles. Though completely mortal in regards to power, Jean's greatest strength comes from a seemingly never-ending parental allowance, allowing his to not only keep up with the latest trends but also throw money at all his problems until they quietly vanish.​