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New User Hello, hello!

The Bugul Noz

New Member
Hi! I'm Bugul Noz. I've RPed a few times before, but that was many years ago. I wanted to get back into it, and this site had a layout I was comfortable with, so I've landed here! I'm excited to get back into storytelling, and to meet new people.

So, I guess a little bit about me?

I'm a major nerd in a lot of ways. Can't tell you a single thing about math or history, but give me the chance to talk about languages, anything to do with English literature, or obscure mythical creatures and I will talk your ear off. I also adore Star Wars and Lord of the Rings (anything fantasy or science fiction really) and have a strange fascination with learning songs in different languages that have medieval vibes. I also play DnD. Basically, I am a full fledged Type 4, INFP. I apologize ahead of time.

I'm not sure how long I've been roleplaying because forums go through waves of activity and life hits hard, but it has been a few years. I've always enjoyed RPs that involve character development and over arching stories. I tend to write in third person, and prefer it, but I am flexible. I try to do posts with, at the very least, a paragraph, because I know sometimes, it just happens that way! Things can get bottle necked. :emoji_sweat_smile: And I tend to gravitate towards stuff that's geared towards original fantasy or sci-fi, but if you ask me about a Star Wars or LotR fanfic one, you bet I will go for it. I also am a heavy planner when it comes to 1x1 RPs, especially when it comes to original worlds. I'm a sucker for world building.

I'm not use what else to put for fear of more rambling, but...yeah! Pleased to meet you all, and can't wait to see what's in store!