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Interest Check Heroes of Adma - Fantasy Nation Build


Heroes of Adma

The Gist

Today and yesterday I have been receiving a surprising amount of interest for Powerbolt, an RP I thought surely would never take off. So sure was I, that I went on to pitch several other RPs, and lastly I have this one for those interest in Powerbolt – since I sort of moved on from that one in my musings.

The gist of this is the same as Powerbolt. You play a leader of anything from a merchant galley to a whole nation. This means mixed power levels are inherit to this game (unless we all choose to play nations), so you must be mature about that.

The Setting is an old one I have used plentifully and am very attached to. It has a lot to it, what I’m about to post is a very brief explanation. It’s a (a bit off-the-wall, sometimes) High-powered fantasy setting, with a sampling of all the many fantasy trappings me and my friend liked. Feel free to ask questions!

The Setting

Adma is a huge world – more then twice the size of earth, it maintains earth-level gravity only because of its porous nature; It is riddled with impossibly complex cave systems.

All fantasy creatures can find a home somewhere. Many of them already have. In the following sections you will find a small selection of details from each preexisting race, nation, continent and a timeline of recent events.

-59 – Age of Strife: When an explorer and treasure-hunter Arkson embarked on his first great adventure, the world was in a dire battle against the greatest empire it had yet seen; Tyrrar, ruled by humanity in its height, spread across Adma with the raging greed of a wildfire. These last fifty years of the empire were called the “Age of Strife” and “the great wars” because the world was separated between the Empire of Tyrrar, The Dictatorship of Orblee the Trickster (the greatest wizard Adma would ever know), and an Alliance of nations fighting for independence from these powerful kingdoms.

1 - Fall of Tyrrar: After Orblees armies were subdued by the elven Dawn Dynasty, Tyrrar promptly, almost miraculously, crumbled from a series of crashes, plagues, panics and important deaths. The more superstitious believe that a fell power held it together during Tyrrar’s reign, and then somehow disappeared, taking Tyrrar’s fortune with it.

101 - The Reclamation Wars: After a banishment of more than 1100 years and prompted by the vacuum left by Tyrrar’s fall, the elves of Blood Isle returned and reconquered their ancestral lands in Hersh, ushering in the new world power with the Return of the Blood Elves and their terrifying Kingdom.

205 - 2nd Resurrection of Blood Titan: nearly 2000 year ago, a blood elven warrior-king known as Blood Titan conquered what was, and now is again, known as Blood Isle. After his death, the many stories of Blood Titan live on in his empire, which included at least one attempt to resurrect the king. So great was his legacy that his empire maintained for it’s whole life rulership by his direct descendants. When a spirit, given the form of a Fox, offered to resurrect him and Orblee the Trickster (who had previously died of a madness caused by his arcane experimentation), the Fox was given everything he’d need. What came next is questioned often among historians.

209 – Banishment of the Wood Elves: Meanwhile, following thousands of years of warfare, the Orcs of Northdawn finally take the entirety of the peninsula, banishing the elven inhabitants entirely under the rule of the Orc King Broll and allied with Blood Isle.

531 - The Blood Crusade: Blood Titan’s second full-life was even more bizarre then his first. He claims his mysterious new wife was a demi-goddess, daughter of “Darkness”, the God of Undeath. The daughter she bore, named Blood Thorn, was then named his heir. Blood thorn led a vicious and awe-inspiring empire that warred unyieldingly with the world. This war is known as the Blood Crusade, for Blood Thorn saw to it that all humans of adma, down to the last child, was slain for the sins they committed through Tyrrar. The blood crusade lasted until she spent every dime of Blood Isle’s treasury, and then some. But eventually the dust would clear... Leaving but only one bastion of humanity standing.

733 - The Earthenrage: By now Blood Isle would have bigger problems then the broken human race. At this point an event called the Earthenrage occured; Three volcanic eruptions plunged it and the greater continent of Hersh into 100 years of fire and darkness. Blood Isle retreated south to return the that secondary fortresses they formed whilst banished, but nay... A blood elven pirate, Blood Tri the immortal (his immortality being a gift from Orblee himself), conquered the fleeing blood elves and pressed them into his naval kingdom, where they remain today.

Meanwhile, the darkness gave rise to a new power in Hersh, a fell beast called the Gnox reeved through and conquered broken people after broken people.

789 - Founding of the Vanguard: after over 500 years of wandering, the wood elves returned to Hersh to find it in chaos. They establish an alliance of free people of the land; The Vanguard of Hersh. Together, over the next century, the people of Hersh threw off the Gnox invaders.

912 – 1st Razak War: On the world of Razak, an empire of Dragons rules all. When the first long range portals, particularly strong enough to take explorers to Adma’s nearby neighbor planet Vedma, drew the attention of the scryers of the Razak Imperium, who mounted an all-out invasion of Adma. Despite taking much land, they were repelled and crushed by an unknown third party, who shut down their portal.

1231 – 2nd Razak War: Another portal opens from Razak, ushering in a second invasion. This invasion, staged in the southern rather than northern hemisphere, was much weaker, and was squashed even faster when adventurers were hired to cross the portal and cause chaos to trick the dragons into shutting it down themselves, and this evidently worked…

1233 – Clockwork Revolution: The balance of global power began to shift toward Eizenstan of Verde with the sudden, epiphanic invention of a multitude of advanced clockwork devices and alchemical reagents. Included in this boom is the Clock Engine, Fernberry Opiates, and Black Powder. Meanwhile, The Agana-Amphiib of Mana perfect their own clockwork engine, the Spring Train, and build long tracks on which to ride their invention.

1245 - Second Gnox Invasion: By this time, the Vanguard of Hersh waned in power. The people grew tired of its political meddling, as the last of the Gnox also fell to roving hunters. There was only one thing that could save it: Another influx of Gnox raiders arriving from the Catacombs of Adma. Amazingly, just that occurred, almost by design.

1398 - Modern day: The Vanguard of Hersh once again wane in power, though this time able to hold together their constituents in a cohesive empire. New kingdoms begin to rise up, and the world feels once again to be shifting. Only through time can we know where this will lead.


Major NPCs: The Vanguard of Hersh

Most Numerous Races: Wood Elves, High Elves, Halflings, Dwarves, Gnomes, Gnox, Orcs, Hobgoblins, Rageborn, Slimelings

Things to know: Hersh is home to endless ruins of ancient civilizations, as Hersh was for a long time the political center of Adma. Cutting it in half is the Death Mountains, the tallest and most rugged mountains in the world, and that are cursed to bare absolutely no living things. Farther north is Northdawn and the North Sea Islands, lush plains, ashen dunes and woodlands that stretch until they become tundra on the northern tip. The Vanguard is a confederacy of powers indigenous to Hersh united to repel the attacks of the Gnox. The longest running members, and thus the one with the most clout, are the Wood Elven Enclaves of Hersh. Due to ancestral tensions, Orcish powers tend to wield the weakest opinions if they join the Vanguard at all. Such nations that do not join are looked down upon as traitors.


Major NPCs: The Crimson Enclaves, Serpens Dynasty

Most Numerous Races: Dawn Elves, Fire Nymphs

Things to know: The Dawn elves and the Fire Nymphs of the Serpens Dynasty have hated each other and been at war since time immemorial. The land struggles often go back and forth, sometimes near extinction for one side or the other. The Fire Nymphs (Nymph’s here being a very human or elf-like race with elemental powers) are currently winning said war, but times change fast in Denzen. No matter what, these struggles never take place in the Dragon’s Bog, a swamp in which sleeps a malevolent goddess in the form of a dragon. When the dragon awakens, cities burn.


Major NPCs: The Peoples Empire of Draconia

Most Numerous Races: Dracons, Goblins, Merfolk, Sea Elves

Things to know: The Dragon-like Dracons of the Peoples Empire conquered the islands of Myradon up to the island of Great Eradon on the eastern side though blood and drowning violence. They and their Goblin allies vassalized the Elven dynasty here and every merfolk tribe, and slaughtered every Siren they found, leading to the Siren’s mass-exodus to distant lands.


Major NPCs: Scattered Sun Elf Tribes

Most Numerous Races: Sun Elves

Things to know: Waiver is home to desert and predator, and little more. Known for its forests of giant Cacti, only the strong survive here.


Major NPCs: Eizenstan, Liz’rios Tribes

Most Numerous Races: Eitenzi, Liz’rios, Sirens who fled Draconia

Things to know: Verde is a green land of thick, ancient forest. Home to an inactive volcano, the land here is rich and lush, and ripe for the mass deforestation by industrial powers such as Eizenstan. South of Verde are the Outmost Islands, trading and fishing hubs between Verde and Sorn. The mainland of Verde is split in half by conquering allies Eizenstan and the Liz’rios tribes.


Major NPCs: Nijaka, Eitenzi Colonies, Yowie Kingdoms, Alantia

Most Numerous Races: Snow Elves, Eitenzi, Yowie, Snow Baern

Things to know: Frigid, glacial and barren, Sorn is home to hardy cold-weather races, such as the Snow Baern of Alantia, the Snow Elves of Nijaka, among others. It is also rich in mineral ore, for races such as the mercantile Eitenzi.


Major NPCs: The Agana Amphiib

Most Numerous Races: Oxfolk, Mahotepi, Kigi-Numa

Things to know: Barren grey wasteland, Mana is a vast and trackless dust field, broken by occasional black volcanic glass mountains. Every corner is connected to the rest by fast Spring-powered trains, an invention of the Kigi-numa frogfolk under the Agana Amphiib. In it’s middle is the City of the Victorious, once the home of an ancient lich killed a century ago by armies of the Amphiib.


Major NPCs: Plutocracies loyal to Blood Tri the Pirate King.

Most Numerous Races: Dark Elves, Blood Elves, Skinks

Things to know: When Blood Tri pressed his people into his own pirate fleet, the former people of Blood Isle were taken to the barrens of Gnu. Long ago, indigenous dark elves say the land was fertile and lush, but a forgotten calamity left the whole continent permanently barren.


Major NPCs: The Laithan Federation

Most Numerous Races: Wisps, Garuda, Pan Baern, Kappa

Things to know: The mountainous continent of Laitha is divided east and west by the Red Mountains. On the east side is situated the desert of Gadai, home of the garuda, and on the west numerous other creatures call the forests and grazing lands home. The land is jealously claimed by the power-hungry Laithan federation, but most of it is unpoliced.


Major NPCs: The Hallowed Ring, the Troll Kingdoms

Most Numerous Races: Trolls, Yeti

Things to know: The land of the World Beast, the middle of Terra is muddy flatland, stomp into shape by a massive, loving rock Elephant, that has roamed Terra since the beginning of time. The Empire of the Hallowed Ring also calls Terra home, a group of five strange fungal organisms, each with countless zombies under their sway like puppets.


Major NPCs: Khas Uggras, Stali

Most Numerous Races: Harpies, Gnolls, Pixies, Minotaur

Things to know: The rough, rocky islands of Necro has never been fertile or friendly, though there has long ago been attempts to tame the land. That was before the rise of Khas Uggras, a cultocracy ran by devil-worshipping gnolls, and the appearance of the Garden of Evil; a forest that feeds of moral corruption, made out of trees that are each a small sliver of the power of some forgotten creature of evil. The land now is ruled by Lady Piel, who wields a sword called the Blade of Lost Souls, a magic blade which seeks only to inflict suffering. This sword seeks out it’s next wielder, always picking the most cruel person it can find, and binds to their arm locking in place a contract: when Piel dies, she will join the other 1019 souls imprisoned inside the sword to serve it and every other master that comes after her.


Major NPCs: Ibamayo, Duerk, R’shaka

Most Numerous Races: Humans, Twilight Elves, Lizardfolk

Things to know: Swamps and jungles make up most of Dirtinir, a land known for deadly Mud Vipers, a small water serpent whose venom rots their victim into compost for easier digestion. Besides these, Hydras and Dire Panthers whose fur can magically conceal them from sight, Dirtinir is easily most dangerous for its predatory people. Duerk was a country of elven outcasts, who turned the Twilight Dynasty’s magical defenses, that destroyed the would-be attackers minds, on the nobles themselves who banished them. The Humans of Tirrinnia survive as Duerks Vassals, only by their ruthless politics. The Lizardfolk of Ibamayo are a closed and unfriendly land, whose inquisitors prevents any and all rebellion.


Major NPCs: Buzzgussian Empire, Cappacannis, Bearfolk Raiders

Most Numerous Races: Goblins, Ogres, Baern (Bearfolk), Pech

Things to know: The ancient city of bridges, Cappacannis, is primarily populated on the Baerlo portion and the two city sized bridges that connect it to the Necro and Dirtinir portions. Baerlo is home to Baern Raiding tribes, as well as a goblin empire in it’s southern badlands. But the greatest portion of Adma’s largest continent is it’s golden plains and prairies, overcome by the restless Undead that drove out the once-mighty Pechs of the Brumm’s empire. They have never recovered from the fall of their kingdom.


Major NPCs: True Republic, Giant Reevers, Suuthoros

Most Numerous Races: Dragonfolk, Giants, Skodd

Things to know: The True Republic of Noron is a husk of it’s former self. Maligned and poverty-stricken, it was formed by Razak during the first campaign of the Razak Wars to provide the greater imperium with exotic grain and foodstuff. Economically the Republic has been a disaster for centuries and withstands Giant raiders and small rivals like the Skodd of Suuthoros only by the hope that Razak will return.


NPCs: Makanites, Gavizham, Osakites, Bothen

Most Numerous Races: Half Elves, Desert Nymphs, Tanuki, Fyurrae

Things to know: Many sheikdoms and small city-states in Nasagam fall under the banner of the Hibbish Church, a religion of moral purity that worships Hib, the god of law and honor. South of the Orblic Mountains, known widely as such because they were Orblee’s first lair, the land turns abruptly to shining, sandy desert from the Savannahs north. Nasagam is also a very tribal place, with most all Half-elves and elves living in city-states under the Makanite branch of Hibbish religion, and the Desert Nymphs living under the Gavizham branch. The Osakite Tanuki are descendant of Osaki Dragonslayer, a friend of Arkson, and the Fyurrae of Bothen are an isolated but highly intelligent musk-creature (not unlike a ferret) in the southernmost shores of Nasagam’s deserts.

Dwarf: Sturdy and short, Dwarves are master masons and miners. They currently serve within the New Vanguard in Hersh as a bulwark against the Gnox conquest.

Halfling: Calculating small-folk who are generally trustworthy treasurers and tax-collectors, Halflings once operated an alliance of Trading Guilds that have since fallen in a desperate war with Gnox invaders.

Ogre: Giant-folk who operate the global trade hub Cappacannis, the city of bridges, with steady strength and wise business practices.

Giant: Giants are found in some Necroine Islands and stand 20-30 feet on average. Dull-witted humanoids, they rarely appear as more advanced then hunter-gatherers.

Pech: A nomadic small-folk with the strength of any giant, they run from a disease that inflicts only they, waking their own dead as vicious undead monsters.

Gnox: Horned and ashen skinned, the Gnox originate deep within the underground of Adma and are working to conquer the surface. They possess not empathy or kindness, some say.

Gnome: Clever inventors and designers of gearworks, the Gnomes have been a people adrift among other small-folk settlements since their homeland was consumed by volcanic eruption during the Earthenrage.

Rageborn: Hardy warrior humanoids with an auxillery heart. Their bloodlust and rage prevents them from forming effective communities.

Slimeling: Strange humanoids who can gelatinize their bodies into a corrosive substance similar to a Slime. They are rare and have yet to form any kind of organized society of their own.

Agling: Small-folk who are quick, nimble and strong. They live under the Parlimentary government of Aglonia, and are responsible for many arcane-alchemical advances prior to the Clockwork Revolution.

Gremlin: Aggressive and malevolent small-folk who are commonly maligned as ugly and criminal. They dwell as a minority group in Eradon.

Astralborn: Humanoids long thought descendant of divine spirits, notable for their angelic (or for some, Demonic) features.

Human: Rare, intelligent humanoids who make for ruthless politicians and tricky enemies. They were nearly wiped out in the Blood Crusade.

High Elf: High Elves have quick-wits and reflexes, and eagle-like vision. They live in northern and central places, originating in Hersh.

Dark Elf: Dark grey skinned Elves with an eye for detail and a culture that values deception. They are found in both the deserts of Gnu and the Tundra of Noron.

Wood Elf: Widely thought of ‘impure’ elven pedigree, Wood elves were some of the first to use magic and taught it to Blood Titan. Their culture worships nature and maligns their ancestral enemies, the Orc.

Dawn Elf: Also called Sun Elves, or Fire Elves, Dawn elves are a warlike race of elves attuned to the sun and fire. In Denzen they war endlessly with the Fire Nymphs, barring that in Waivur they war with each other in their own tribal society.

Twilight Elf: Reclusive and elitist, the twilight elves track the stars and are excellent magicians. Among them are the Darklings, who descend from a mixture of royal dawn elven blood and a twilight elf outcast, and currently rule their forests within Duerk.

Sea Elf: A lithe and athletic elf that can breathe water. They were some of the first to be declared conquered vassals of Draconia.

Snow Elf: Peaceful and artistic, the Snow elves have an old, isolationistic society in Sorn.

Blood Elf: The vicious and power-hungry elves of Blood Isle, they practice selective breeding to maintain a direct lineage to Blood Titan in their ruling class, called the Titans, who now readily climb the ranks to captains in Blood Tri’s pirate navy.

Fire Nymph: A warlike race of humanoids with pyrokinetic power, they have had a long and tumultuous history of war, conquest, defeat and finally glory, as they now are the major power of Denzen.

Snow Nymph: Southern relatives of the Fire Nymph whose powers allow heat to retreat from them rather then come to them.

Desert Nymph: Indeginous people of Nasagam, they make up much of the honor-god Hib’s followers. They have a rich and mercantile culture.

Goblin: Once a slave to Orcs, goblins have formed two empires; Buzzguss and Marcannon. Though Marcannon is part of Draconia now, they joined the empire willingly, and maintain their own culture. The strongest and largest among them graft iron spikes to their skulls, forming a group of warriors called the War-Gobo.

Troll: Trolls retreated from hersh early on in civilized history, forming a splinter of the Orcish pantheon focused on the fringe god Ig, the destroyer. They are found mostly in Terra.

Orc: Stubborn and strong humanoids of Hersh, Orcs are notable for their pallid skin and large tusks. They have spent their entire existence at war with one thing or another, their culture knows little else.

Marjari: Uncouth semi-aquatic shark-like humanoids, Marjari are maligned as barbaric savages, and mostly dwell in the deep ocean floor, where they are uniquely suited to survive.

Dracon: Imperialistic semi-aquatic Dragonoids, Dracons rule the Peoples Empire of Draconia, a regime trying to appease the needs of the many, after a brutal conquest to the power they now enjoy.

Lizardfolk: Reptilian humanoids from Dirtinir, their society was united under the discovery of a forgotten lizardman empire called “Ibamayo”, found by a lizardfolk adventure named Arkson. they continuie the tradition of the Ibamayo Empire even today.

Chealo: Cold weather catfolk, their sprint is powerful and among the fastest attainable. They are known for their durability.

Dragonfolk: Once a peaceful Dragonoid of the frozen north, Dragonfolk mobilized to form a dragon-empire on Adma once the Razak arrived to rouse them.

Skinkfolk: Desert-dwelling lizardfolk of small stature. They are excellent climbers and quick runners, native to Gnu.

Mahotep: Indigenous crocadilefolk of Mana. The Mahotep used to have a mighty empire, but had fallen to almost savages now.

Du'ulm: Also called Oxfolk, these Contemplative bovine humanoids live in loose shamanistic circles in Mana’s grey wastes.

Quochezi: Quadrupedal and feathered dragonoids. They are native to northern Hersh and have limited dragon-like powers. Their culture shuns material wealth and political power.

Baern: Brown Bear-like humanoids native to Baerlo, they are the land’s namesake. They are the oldest race to roam that land.

Panfolk: A variety of Baern with black, red and white fur not unlike a panda. They naturally commune with pandas, in fact, and are often found together in the mountains of Laitha.

Garuda: Bird-men of Laitha from the Desert of Gadai. They were responsible for the New Gadaian Republic and a prominent school of arcane arts.

Tanuki: Small raccoon-dog like humanoids, capable of limited shapeshifting. Those who are descendants of the famous tanuki adventurer Osaki Dragonslayer are called the Osakites, and guard Orblee’s first Lair.

Yowie: Large intelligent monkeys of the Sorn glaciers. They are a young race with a militant and warlike culture.

Kappa: Peaceful, naturalistic turtle-like humanoids from Laitha.

Centaur: Half-horse humanoids who are found in many places, they are stiffly independent and rarely form organized societies.

Minotaur: Half-bull humanoids who are large and aggressive. They are uncommonly found in large groups due to their haughty nature.

Merfolk: Graceful aquatic humanoids with fish tails below their waist. they are known for their beauty, but rarely have they formed potent civilizations.

Siren: An oft-mistrusted race of semi-aquatic humanoids who possess a "Siren Voice", that magically makes others more suggestable. They cannot produce male specimens, and resort to mingling with other races instead; A siren takes on her father traits but is always lovely and strong, and always possesses a Siren Voice.

Gorgon: Half-serpent humanoids who can paralyzed their enemies, sometimes through their piercing gaze. They are exceedingly rare and often stigmatized.

Harpy: Winged women believed to be related to Sirens but lacking their siren voice. They wander the world with little in the way of organized protection.

Wisp: Humanoids capable to turning to bioluminescent clouds. They have almost died out due to their highly specific ecological needs, but were once revered in Laitha.

Izashar: Jellyfish-folk similar to Merfolk. They live in deep underground rivers and lakes.

Eitenzi: Pyrokenetic humanoids of unknown origins, found mostly in Eizenstan in Verde.

Kigi-numa: a race of Frog-folk that migrated from the underground to the surface. They are clever and inquisitive.

Skodd: Hardy, Fire-worshipping humanoids of Noron. They emit a slight, magic-cancelling aura.

Sehrelli: Highly intelligent and long lived Skodd who form Suuthoria’s ruling- and scientist-classes.

Fyurrae: Ambitious, intelligent musk-creatures, similar in size and appaerance to a Ferret, and native to the desert of Gaviiz in Nasagam.

Snow Baern: A race of antarctic Bear-folk who broke off from the Baern millennia ago upon a forgotten calamity, when they retreated to a deep, underwater bubble formed by a strange deity.

Liz’rios: Warlike Lizardfolk of Verde who believe they are rightful heirs to the land along with their Eitenzi allies.

Doglin: Bestial goblinoids of Verde who first appeared and began raiding other societies roughly around the smae time as the rise of Eizenstan.

Yeti: A simple ape-like humanoids adorned with goat horns. They live in Terra and are the prime worshippers and protectors of the World Beast.

Gnoll: Savage Hyena-folk who respect strength and martial cunning. They primarily dwell in Khas Uggras, under the rule of Lady Piel.

NPC Nations:
The Vanguard of Hersh: Formed in the first invasion of the Gnox into Hersh, the Vanguard is a confederacy of united powers fighting to prevent the end of indigenous culture in Hersh. Since the last invasion, the vanguard has expressed more and more authority over it’s members, appearing increasingly like a unified single country. It currently includes five members (The Sylvan Court, Kannoghettia, Silverglade, and the city-states Amos and Decurio), and is currently run by its Speaker, Lady Oakenfar, a wood elf druid-turned queen of the Sylvan Court.

Khas Uggras: Khas Uggras is a cultocracy; a church-run society that worships fallen divinities and devils. Built around the Garden of Evil, a forest of the shards of a dead god of pure evil, the Gnolls who gather here are always particularly cruel and opportunistic. It is ruled by whoever wields the (un)holy Blade of Lost Souls, a sentient sword that likewise seeks cruelty and delights in pain. The sword seeks out its next wielder, whoever stands to deliver the most pain and suffering to the world, and then binds to the agreeing hand that takes up it’s offer, never again to be let go until the wielder’s death. Its current wielder is a Twilight Elf ex-gang boss named Lady Piel.

Cappacannis: The City of Bridges stands as the largest metropolis in Adma. The city itself is a trade hub built onto two massive, ship-height suspension bridges that cross the channel named after it. The city was built by Ogres long ago, and Ogres remain the majority of Cappacannites. It is ruled today by the aging but venerable Governor-General Hobkens Alberbob, an Ogre with a burning hatred for Khas Uggras.

Baern Raiders of Baerlo: The Baern, namesakes of Baerlo, currently live in a system governed by anarchic bandit-lords, and live off of stolen goods from raiding Buzzguss and Cappacannis. The Bandit-lords are many, disorganized and quarrelsome, and no central leader unites them.

Buzzguss: Once considered an Empire along with it’s sibling Marcannon, The Goblin empire split apart when Draconia Vassalized the goblins in Marcannon as part of their conquest of Myradon. Today Buzzguss has it’s own ruler, culture and even a pantheon unique to them. It is currently ruled by Queen Oggaga the Spiteful.

Duerk: Once, the Darkling outcasts organized by an outcast Dark Matter and his wife, princess Violet of the then-great Dawn Dynasty, returned to live in the mountains outside the twilight forest. At this time, the Twilight elves lived an isolated and elitist society of staunch social order, and the tree’s themselves were magic to drive those who entered unwelcome insane. These Outcasts, after the death of Dark Matter, decided to grow more aggressive; They had better magicians then their old master in any measure, anyhow. So they secretly subverted the magic of the forest to madden the welcome and ignore the unwelcome. Now with this “Terrible Outbreak” occurring for “completely unknown” reasons, they entered the fray and cured the commonfolk of this ‘illness’, but sadly the nobles were beyond hope. This was the founding of Duerk, which is today run by Dark Matter’s great-grandson, Dark Hunter II.

Ibamayo: Ibamayo was founded when Arkson, a lizardman adventurer, discovered the ruins of a forgotten lizardfolk kingdom. This discovery brought the scattered jungle tribes together to repair and reinstate this empire. It is today run by High Chancellor Cul-ozzi Burningtongue.

Tirrinnia: Founded long ago by human settlers from the west, Tirrinnia came into it’s own from the Blood Crusade to just prior to the Clockwork Revolution, by which point they had been vassalized under land-hungry Duerk. As it turned out, Tirrinnian humans were just as vicious as politicians as the Darklings and took well to life under the Twilight Elven rule.

Suuthoria: A simple land ruled by the knowledge thirsting Sehrelli and filled with the strange, anti-magic Skodd. Though small, Suuthoria is an advanced and inquisitive land. It is currently ruled by Simon Crowin III.

The True Republic: Formed by Razak to farm Noron for them, the True Rebuplic has been held together only by loyalty and zeal without any contact with the dragons since. It is in economic ruin, and has yet to name a new king after nearly 11 years of their previous leaders death.

Aglonia: Ruled by Lady Rose Aniira, the aglings are a peaceful and mercantile democracy that hides among the forested Islands of Ag off the coast of Noron, into the Kraken Sea.

Serpens Dynasty: The center of the Serpens Dynasty is the Serpent Tower of Orblee the Dictator, in the city of Serpen (renamed, but it’s old name has been forgotten). The serpent tower is a massive obsidian tower shaped like a standing cobra, coiled around the city. This Tower was magically formed by Orblee when he took over the land. His was a cruel and sadistic regime, followed by hundreds of years of rule by a dark elven council from gnu who were traditionally foreigners, a tradition set by Orblee because of his mistrust of the Fire Nymphs, until Blood isle destroyed this council and reinstated a Fire Nymph King. Today, Serpens Dynasty ruled by King Teltarchus II.

Crimson Enclaves: Roughly 200 years ago, the venerable sorceress-queen of the Dawn Elves, Crimson Blazerunner, defended the Dawn Dynasty from it’s final attack from the Serpens Dynasty, before it’s collapse and her death at the hands of the enemy. Today the Crimson enclaves are trhe remainder of that empire, stubbornly holding on just to spite their ancestral enemies. The De-Facto leader of the movement is General Aira Raya, leader of the Enclave’s united army.

The Peoples Empire of Draconia: After their predecessors conquered Myradon and drove out their Siren menace, the dracons into a new era of foreign relations. Calling themselves the “Peoples Empire” after a surprisingly peaceful exchange of power, the dracons have moved from conquerors of new lands to police over the lands they have. Considering their aquatic nature, Dracon cities and trade colonies are found in every ocean, never far from where ever a prospective trade partner or wartime foe may be found. Despite their aquatic nature, they maintain great galleons and have perfected the anti-ship siege weapon, a ballista they transport on the sea floor. As always have been, their ruler takes on the name “Dragzon” and forsakes whatever name he had before.

Marcannon: Goblins of Marcannon are a proud and warlike race. Marcannon may be one of adma’s oldest nations, though today a vassal to Draconia, one would not know it taking to any War-Gobo, soldiers of Marcannon’s elite warrior caste. Unlike their landlocked cousins, Goblins of Marcannon build crude but fast and numerous ships. The goblin Lord-Governor of Marcannon is the only Draconian Lord-Governor to not be a Dracon, and his name is Hackataphra Many-Fingers.

Sea Dynasty: Once a proud elven realm, the Sea dynasty is a shell of it’s former glory. Draconia allows no weaponry, gatherings and even restricts the trade of commonplace material that could be fashion into a weapon (Thought the Peoples Empire has loosened on this). The Sea Dynasty has a Lord-Governor, but he is a Dracon, no sea elf hold any public office of any sort.

Mer Tribes: By far the simplest annexation for Draconia, the merfolk tribes would not unite enough as the empire picked them off one at a time. Their Lord-Governor is never seen on the site he governs, and the poorly educated Merfolk scarcely know he exists.

Eradon: Ancestral home to many races, including Gremlins and Tanuki just to name a couple, this tropical island has a peaceful place since the Borotti coup 100 years ago. Ulek Borotti III holds power now, employing both the carrot and stick as needed.

Kingsbury: A small Trade port founded by the human kingdom of Hirotia many thousands of years ago. Now in the center of Draconia, numerous times has it fought off goblin invasion, only to be taken by their Dracon masters. Amazingly, a single merchant purchased the island, reinstating the old ruling family and keeping sway over the city from the shadows. No one knows this secret owner’s name or nature, but the current ‘lord’ of the island is Sir Alan, son of Akan.

The Makanites: Once an advanced empire, the Makanites have fallen into city-states, each mostly keeping to themselves, though skirmish is not unheard of. Always have the Makanites been known for their worship of Hib. There are many Sheiks over many cities, none are more powerful then the others.

Gavizham: An old and colorful desert kingdom, Gavizham is known for its golden desert and shining oases. The Desert Nymphs who live here are recent converts to Hibbish worship, only just turning with their latest Sultan, Al-Harbab.

The Osakites: Tanuki descendants of Osaki Dragonslayer one and all, the osakites purchase, curate and protect artifacts of Orblee the Trickster, and live in a city built around the wizard’s cave. Their current leader is their Matriarch, Silver Dai.

Bothen: A young empire of Nasagam’s southern shores, Bothen is a curious trading land that seek profit and discovery. Thier people, the Fyurrae, are small musk animals who lack opposable thumps, but their connection the domesticated sand-chimps allow them a different method of manipulating their surroundings. They are currently ruled by King Grey Hamwith.

The Hallow Ring: In actuality, the Hollow Ring are simply five enigmatic and sentient fungus organisms, come together in alliance to better manage their many hands and feet: re-animated corpses infected by the spores.

Troll Kingdoms: A scattered alliance of Troll Jarls, the kingdoms first band together against encroaching Draconic and Agling joint-colonies, until infighting broke out between the two, leading to the colonists demise and tension between the two empires.

Laithan Federation: Formed from a military revolution to depose the old Republic of Gadai, The High Chancellor Lambardon Dault works to conserve the dying kappa and wisp communities in Laitha’s shrinking forest from laitha’s growing Garuda farmlands. Dault is a polarizing Garuda, hated by most of his brethren as a traitor.

Blood Tri’s Turf: Blood Tri is called by many ‘the god of piracy’, because Orblee made him forever a young, healthy Blood Elf as a reward for aiding him. Historians also know, though no one in Gnu admits this, that another pirate, “Cat-Eyes” Odjurim, was Orblee’s first choice for the fated mission, but Blood Tri caught wind and murdered Cat-Eyes and insisted Orblee choose him instead. Despite his bluster, the “pirate god” is a hopeless slave to narcotics (which his ‘blessing’ allows him to survive indefinitely) known for the deadly warpaths he goes on while influenced.

The Agana Amphiib: The Amphiib is a mechanical marvel, a wide land strung together by only mile after mile of Springtrain Rails. In its center sits the City of the Victorious, which used to be the City of the Dead, citadel of the Lich Ashkaroshk the Terrible until the Kigi-numa banished him from the realm. Today the current Amphiib is Senga-Amphiib, an elderly Frogfolk who is venerable and wise beyond his considerable years, and personally saw to Ashkaroshk’s destruction in his youth.

Eizenstan: An ambitious and clever people, few historians know where or how the Eitenzi originated, just they they did so roughly a few thousand years prior in Verde. Even with their exact origins a mystery, they are a force to be reckoned with and a driving factor of the Clockwork revolution. Their current leader is King Jaxon Vkandis.

Liz’rios: Hostile and isolationistic, the Liz’rios tribes expand their borders greedily, often using their enemies to feed their troops in true utilitarian fashion. They maintain tribal division and assign profession based on heritage, creating a rough caste system.

Nijaka: A small, isolationist elven dynasty that is extremely old. Their Emperor, Yima Sotora, watches over a peaceful people of fishers and masons.

Alantia: Long ago, the world was in turmoil, and a strange and long dead god provided the way for a nation of Baern to escape to the seafloor to survive the end times. Today they have returned, many thousands of years later, to reclaim their frigid empire.

Yowie Kingdoms: The yowie are militant monkey-like humanoids who form kingdoms among the glaciers. Though powerful in build, they spend most all their energy at war with each other, and thus are prevented from true power.

R’Shaka: 100 years ago, the world received a short disturbance when Orblee the Trickster, long missing, revealed to adventurers everywhere that he was in need of a new, entirely-golden body and gave them a laundry list of three objectives that must be met for him to return to Adma and handsomely reward them for their aid: Craft golden statues of him, Slay a certain Orc whom recently sold him his soul, and then slay “the Fox”, a rival sprite (this didn’t have anything to do with making Orblee’s new body, he just wanted the Fox to die for no real reason at all). When the first two items at least were accomplished, the Magical Echo of Orblee who had decieved the world used that unknown orc’s soul to build a giant golden body so he could manifest in reality and crush the universe under his tyrannical rule... Then after 3 seconds the real Orblee appeared from his hiatus and made the echo vanish. The highly magical golden body crumbled to nuggets into the great sea and were lost, leading to widespread economic depression.

Recently, an incredibly wealthy and magically powerful nation of deep-water Marjari has appeared, and made massive buyouts of ships, ports and sea-trading routes all over the great sea. R’Shaka, Marjari for “the Tide of Prosperity” was this nation called, and they show no sign of running out of money yet under the rule of the morbidly obese Plutarch H’Akwark the Whale-bodied.

Stali: Stali is a predominantly Harpy city state run by the Poet-Regal Fennelette, a philosopher queen elected by the State College of the city. The college assigns people to their castes, as well as pick from the Philosopher Caste each queen. This meritocratic caste system is as follows: Labor/Warrior caste below Tradesmen cast, below Merchant caste, below Philosopher caste. those who do not fall in line with society, criminals or troublemakers, are said to be of the “Barbarian caste”, which is the lowest order and most cannot speak or do business with them.

WHEW! That was a lot of information to copy. Hope you like it, and don't be bashful about asking questions; I was to communicate this as clearly as I can.
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I'm interested in the details and the story, and from previous conversations I know that your plan is for players to take on a Nation or a ruling party of some sort. My only concern is that it may lead to some difficulty connecting players who would otherwise be excluded in their own nation, and have trouble reasonably interacting with others if it wasn't a war or dispute for territory/trade.

What are you hoping for the Player Character's to RP and accomplish?


Huh, y'know I had a very similar conversation with another user on here when I posted Powerbolt. I can assure you, these Nation Builds are done often and honestly don't encounter as much of those hurdles as you might think. However, mixing up power levels is a more novel idea, one that might be a wrinkle. I'm willing to to "standardize" our roles to just rulers of countries, maybe limit the world a bit to just one corner so we are neighbors.

I'd like to advance higher-level plots within the setting and world build with you guys, mainly. Your not required to play only one character, play characters freely as they fit your nation. Example: If the King of my kingdom (me) sends a diplomat to negotiate a trade deal, that diplomat is a character (and also still me). Or: if an explorer sets out on a private venture to explore some frontier, and is from my country, he could also be my character.

Make sense?


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Makes sense, it would be a member taking over a whole nation and role-playing as people from that nation as they see fit in the form of exploration, trade deals, and political management. Interaction with others would be done through a larger scale and can happen through different characters simultaneously. It makes sense, but is quite unique as it wouldn't be a focus on individualized characters except maybe a select few made to represent the country.


I'd be willing to give it a try, even though i still dont quite understand xD
So you play multiple characters that represent your nation?


Essentially, any character that falls in the category of 'working for your nation' is fair game for you to take control of. That generally looks like having a couple that represent the different facets of your faction in practice, yes.

I have a few questions for you guys: Do we want to take steps to standardize things? By that I mean, would everyone want to play a nation, or would some of you like to play different sorts of organizations? - anything would be fair game, for the most part. Also, do we want to use that whole map? It's pretty huge, so I'm thinking if we want we could get away with only a quarter of it and then we'd be forced to be neighbors.


I'd prefer a nation over a organisation. We can use the whole map, if we have enough people. Gives more opportunities i giess.
I find that a company is either huge and has a stake in whole economies or barely leave a mark at all, where there's a bit more consistency in the logistics of a country


Countries it is then. I think that's wise.

Their are currently four of us, which I think is enough, and my max here is gonna be six or seven.


Alright, the OOC thread is up. I also included the Character Sheet template, please post them their too.



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Reading up it seems like we are doing it like other civ rps we have done in the past but just to make sure--
We are making a civilization, culture and all that jazz with us the player playing as the leader commanding VIPs, be them core members of the government, something akin to heroes or high value champions within your fold?


Pretty much, yes. For other's reference: You aren't tied to only those characters - But I generally find they're the best choices in this sort of thing.


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was thinking of using my old race, children of the whispered throne as a starting point, filter and update that for this. you would be ok with that or would you me to go ground up?

Also: Should we call out where we want to plant our flag before we post so we don't have awkward over lapping? just kinda say hey i'd like to be here, here or maybe other there. and work stuff out?


Man, I only vaguely remember them, and I can't seem to fish out the only Roleplay they would be in... I'm sure we can work with whatever, though, so feel free to post any idea at your leisure.


We have been on ice for a bit because of my finals, and then because of visitors to my home, etc... Y'know, life things. I do want to return to this, so short answer: Yes, you may join. Let's try to get this going now!