About Me

I'm IGW, or Wild whichever you prefer, and I've been roleplaying for a good decade now. But I haven't roleplayed or been in the communities since before Covid so I am not feeling very confident in my writing at the moment. But let's have some fun anyway! Oh, and English isn't my native language so bare with me as I am a slow writer.

My Writing Style and What I Need From You!

  • I write in Third Person POV.
  • I can post at least once a week, more on good days.
  • I prefer to write in Forum Threads but can PM's if its necessary.
  • I can write multiple paragraphs but the length will depend on which scene I'm working on; for example dialogue posts might be shorter than posts that focus more on the setting the scene (descriptive posts). But on average I should be able to post around 2-4 paragraphs.

From my partners I require patience and understanding. I'm a slow writer and I overthink things which leads me to rewrite a post several times only to regret it and realize my first draft was fine all along.
I'm not too picky on my partner's post length as long as I have something to work with.
And then finally for me RP is a collaborative effort so please share your ideas and such, I'd like to hear them. And please share the workload. Don't make me do all the planning, plotting, worldbuilding, and pushing the story forward. I'd like to be entertained as well. >.>

Types of Characters I Play

I can write multiple characters in a story, and I can write various roles/archetypes. I can also play Humans, Humanoids, Anthros, Aliens, Etc... Everything just depends on the setting and story.

I can also play either male or female characters but whether they're dominant, submissive, or switch in nature depends on the character I play. I have a few LGBT+ characters but I am not confident in romantic scenes with them. So you have been warned if I disappoint.

Romance and Sex

I like Romance but not if it takes over the entire story, it'll get boring for me real quick. I'd rather have it as like a sub-plot or something. BUT, I do not like creating characters just to ship them in a story. There's more to characters than just ship-material.

Which leads us to the topic of sex. I don't mind sex scenes but ONLY if it fits the story, and ONLY if there's chemistry between the characters. Sex in stories need to have meaning and add to both character and story development for me. Which also means that, again, I don't create characters just for sexy times.


I LOVE Fantasy!! I can't get enough of it! And all its sub-genres!
But I also like Supernatural/Mythical, Sci-fi, Dystopian/Apocalypse, Crime/Detective, Historical, xPunk genres.


Nothing is set in stone, these are just bare bones ideas.

Genre: Modern Supernatural
Pairing: Master x Demon

Sometimes a person inherits money. Sometimes a person inherits jewelry. Sometimes they inherit a house. You wish you had the house because you...inherited the family cat. You've heard stories about it when you were a child. They used to say that this cat was 'special' and has been with the family for centuries. It could bring you fortune, save lives, or destroy lives...

As far as you know this cat looks quite ordinary. That is until the day you found out the truth.
Genre: Modern Supernatural
Pairings: Witch x Demon

This is a world where Witchcraft and Supernatural creatures live in hiding. The story could either be about a coming of age ritual gone wrong - where a witch performs a ritual in front of their family members to receive their familiar. Or the story could be about a couple of students who decided to be witches after discovering that Witchcraft is real, and perform a summoning ritual that also goes wrong.

The tale can either take a comedic turn or a horror turn.
Genre: Sci-fi
Pairings: Human x any?

There's not much of a plot here, just an interesting concept. For example I like the idea where humanity has advanced to such an extent that we're now able to populate the other planets, or their moons. There's Humans, Aliens, Androids, etc... No magic but cool gadgets and maybe some alien abilities.

A character has been cryogenically frozen, for whatever reason, around the time where people haven't colonized the solar system yet. (More like early colonies still going through trial and error). And aliens had yet to make contact with humanity, or perhaps there were rumors of one seeking contact. Suddenly the character gets woken up. How? Depends what their situation was. Were they frozen as a form of imprisonment? Were they frozen in order to wait for a cure for a disease that was back then incurable? Were they floating in space and just now discovered? Was their pod dumped in a junkyard by mistake?

Whatever the reason, they are awake now and discover that they are in the far future. Everything they knew and everything they once were is gone now. This is the start of a new journey for them.
Genre: Fantasy
Pairings: Vampire x Royal/Servant/Guard

A Character has been introduced to a new guard. This guard does what they usually do; protect the royal family or go on special missions. They are not that chatty and tend to keep to themselves. But one day that character witnesses something horrible. A Vampire!

What are they to do with this information? Should they tell anyone? Or perhaps they picked the wrong mushrooms for that breakfast omelet and it was all just a hallucination. How long will it take before the Vampire realizes their secret is out?
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