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Looking for 1x1 Partners! Multiple Settings and Fandoms

Discussion in '1x1 Bulletin Board' started by Steely, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. Steely

    Steely Tactical Imbecile

    Hello there! After taking yet another break from the site, I'm back. Given my latest struggles with inspiration and motivation to write, I'd love to meet up some new (and old!) people around here to set up a few roleplays! Here's a few details beforehand, however:

    • My time-zone is GMT -3.
    • I'm in my senior year of high school; while it's nothing close to a full-time job and whatnot, it still drains me of my energy at times, and keeps me from being on frequently. So I'm prone to one-day/two-day breaks. I do love roleplaying, but sometimes I'm too stressed or just too tired to write anything consistent or of decent quality. Regardless, I'll always try my best to give a heads-up before disappearing off of the face of the Earth, as I've done multiple times before.
    • I mainly prefer to RP here. Discord and Skype are great apps, though if we are to use it, I prefer it to be for OOC and brainstorming. As for threads or PMs here, both! Whatever you prefer is fine.
    • Speaking of Discord, mine's Steelio #1614. I'm very friendly, so if you're RPing with me and just want to chat, hit me up sometime!
    • English isn't my first language, so sometimes I word my stuff awkwardly, or my sentence structure gets icky, so sorry in advance if that happens! Either way, I'm by no means a grammar nazi, as long as it doesn't fall into 'incomprehensible gibberish' territory.
    • I'm not picky with post lengths. I do enjoy long-winded posts with lots of content, detail and emotion, but I know that these can burn you out. Do try to write a paragraph or two minimum, anyways. Effort is always appreciated!
    • Feel free to bring your own ideas! I might be compiling an amount of plots and settings I'd like to try out, but if there's an idea of your own that you'd be dying to try out, do tell me! I'm all ears.
    Anyways, onto the plots! Fandoms will be listed straight after.


    <-Warriors of a Disgraced Reich->
    (World War Two, Late War Period, German Focus)

    The Battle of Stalingrad is over. Victorious, reorganized and fueled by a desire to exact revenge on Nazi Germany for rampaging through their lands, the Red Army pursues its enemy tirelessly. The once invincible Wehrmacht loses their foothold on the Russian territory as quickly as it conquered it, its soldiers either barely escaping their crushing defeats, or falling prey to the Soviet wrath. Among them is the 39th Motorized Infantry Division, now a husk of its glorious past during the height of Operation Barbarossa. An army of crestfallen soldiers, led into hell by their love for their Fatherland. The Reich still tells its commanders to stand and fight, to hold back the Soviet onslaught, but their constant defeats turns what was meant to be a valiant stand into a desperate race to their homeland.

    Through the cold plains of Eastern Russia, Poland and the ruins of their own country, many tragedies await them. Mutinies will set them apart, fear and hopelessness will break them. Demons will be set free, and innocents shall die needlessly. Many will seek atonement for whatever crimes they might have committed, but just as many would rather throw away their humanity. Amidst this chaos, only one thing is certain: Their fate will not be a gentle one.

    A somewhat dark idea I've had in mind for a while. It can be played with fellow German soldiers, officers, maybe even SS officials and civilians from the villages and cities that shall be encountered during the play. I'm also open to other character suggestions, though I'd love to just play this idea out for once!

    <-Burnt Rubber, Roaring Engines and Bitter Rivalries->
    (Modern World, Racing Competitions, Tuner Culture, Need For Speed-inspired)

    As a means to try and revive the slowly dying world of motorsports, a millionaire with a passion for racing decides to create an 'alternative' motorsports festival. Simply named 'The Showdown', it is a gigantic competition spanning famous circuits from all over the world, as well as unconventional locations such as airfields, dockyards and highways, where street racers and aspirants of racing would compete for supremacy under more formal circumstances. The competitions would include run-of-the-mill circuits and sprints, as well as drag races and drift challenges, sometimes mixed in with creative activities as a means to promote the sponsoring brands and the drivers running for them. The idea proves to be a success: authorities see it as a way to slowly eradicate street racing, and the never-seen-before concept attracts a wild audience in no time.

    Drivers are allowed to create teams of their own, or simply run solo for the event. To further attract the underground racing leagues, tuning is allowed, albeit with certain limitations given by professional mechanics to prevent any unfair advantages. With music of all genres to accompany, unique car designs, high speed competitions and fierce battles for victory, the Showdown marks a turning point in racing history, as well as a pathway into professional competitions for those who prove worthy of such.

    This one is highly inspired by both the Forza Horizon games and Need for Speed Pro Street. A lot more lighthearted, though it can have some intrigue given the team competitions and such. Characters can range from mere mechanics and fans to solo drivers and team leaders, with the millionaire serving as a rarely seen yet highly influential figure in the competition.

    <-An Unusual End to the World->
    (Post-Apocalyptic, Survival, Slightly Futuristic)

    The end of the world did come for us, though not in the way we usually see it. There were no signs of nuclear annihilation, no hails of meteors, no tsunamis or earthquakes or even zombies. The world as people knew it simply broke down due to its own circumstances. Resources thinning out, economic crises emerging once again, populations growing more and more unsatisfied with their governments, poor countries being decimated by hunger, disease and infighting. Major wars weren't even possible as the great powers struggled to contain their angry citizens, and though governments were overthrown, chaotic attempts to contain their advance claimed the lives of many. Even then, ideological and cultural disagreements within revolutionary groups tore what remained apart, and soon, the world found itself ruled by chaos.

    A few decades pass, and the Earth has changed drastically. Given the high mortality rates when the hellish crisis took place, survivors go by through wandering and scavenging, with a few emerging settlements and small nations struggling to rebuild. Even then, ideological differences, territorial disputes and even mere disagreements throw them against one another, only worsening the scenario. Amidst this hellish world, could perhaps hope for salvation even thrive to change it once and for all?

    Considerably less fleshed out idea, though I'd love to expand more into how it functions and such.

    -<Minor/Simpler Ideas->

    <-Sengoku Jidai->
    (Historical, Adventure)

    A RP set in the bloody era that was the 1500s in feudal Japan. Thanks to my time playing For Honor, I've been quite inspired to do something in this time period. It could involve a feud between two rival samurai, the war of the clans for the control of the capital, and by consequence, the Shogunate, ninjas, geishas, all that stuff! While it's rather cliché, I'm also up for the usual "European sailor washes up at the coast", or "European ship arrives at Japan".

    <-The Italian Republics->
    (Historical, Political Scheming, Espionage, Assassinations)

    Italy, for a long time during the medieval ages, was under the jurisdiction of the Holy Roman Empire. However, the great disputes between the trading republics and the powerful families that controlled them, the presence of the Papal States in its region as well as its relations with other realms of the time (For example, France and the German minor realms of the HRE, as well as the Northern African Caliphates) could make for a great setting involving all sorts of schemes, claim and document fabrication, assassinations, betrayal, all that.

    <-The Viking Age->
    (Historical, Adventures, Exploration, Mysticism)

    The Greath Heathen Army commences its invasion of a fragmented Britain at the height of the Viking Age, seeking wealth and lands to conquer. The Isles, on the other hand, find themselves weakened and fearful of the Norsemen's wrath, and the Kingdoms of Mercia, Essex, Wessex and Northumbria raise their armies in an attempt to halt the pagan wave crashing at their shores. Outside of the spotlights, however, are the realms of the Picts, Britons, Irish and the Welsh pursue their own objectives. In this scenario, there are a multitude of possibilities and plotlines to be followed, from Anglo-Saxons battling the invading Danes or quarreling Irish clans to the West. Lots of focus given to adventuring, raiding, exploration, hints of mysticism and servings of political intrigue, if you so wish.


    A little combination of the fandoms I'm in, and would love to play a RP set in its universe. Those in bold represent recent cravings!

    Boku no Hero/My Hero Academia
    Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan
    Harry Potter
    A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones
    The Elder Scrolls
    Dead Space
    Fullmetal Alchemist
    Warhammer Fantasy/Warhammer 40,000
    Dark Souls
    Sword Art Online
    Miraculous Ladybug
    Star Wars
    Sunless Sea

    And that's everything! If you're interested, leave a message here or send me a PM straight away. Here's to hoping for a fun RP soon enough!
  2. Lore Weaver

    Lore Weaver Member

    Wow, those are a lot of well-thought out ideas! I can tell you are very much into realistic historical settings. Of the ones you listed, the Vikings, the Italian Republic and Unusual End to the World interest me the most/
  3. Shadras

    Shadras Illogical

    Neat variety! I'm up for a relatively relaxed RP, reply wise at least. We can be as intense as we want in the RP. Mostly I'm intrigued by the idea of a Star Wars, Dark Souls, or The Elder Scrolls RP. Let me know if you're interested.


    I’d love to entertain you! And crest a wonderful story together! If you’d have me!

    I really like the idea of the ww2 rp. However I wouldn’t mind other things.

    And if you like MHA I have a super school idea with a power set based off budism.
  5. KTallent

    KTallent Member

    I'd love a Harry Potter roleplay! Your Italian Republics idea stood out to me as I've discovered I'm a sucker of court intrigue sorta stuff. However, I don't know how much I'd be into a realistic fiction roleplay, as I tend to lean toward magic and/or other worlds at all times. Perhaps we can figure something out that suits us both more? Or not, of course, if other people match up with what you want better.
  6. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn


    Jokes aside I feel ike we are a great mix, because you suggested so many ideas that I like. In fact I like so many of them to the extend that I do not know which one to pick. xD...

    Right, hello there. I guess I should list down ideas that I am interested in:

    Warhammer is one, obviously. I once got around to doing a 40k rp, but that ended due to bad timezones. So I must say I am also craving for some Warhammer action here.

    Your Italian Republics and Viking Age ideas both caught my attention, but I have a suspicion that we could spice those two things up with us plausibly taking inspiration from the Eastern Side of Europe and its History. Well into early 1000s most areas of Southern Italy were, after all, under Byzantine rule with few regions even being Orthodox while their fellow Italians were Catholic. We could explore the intrigue and politics in the Byzantine controlled regions of Italy. As for the vikings... The way we could spice viking age up is by having us put our attention to Varangian Guard, or put attention to the temporary colonization of Vinland that Vikings had.

    Or we could do some stuff on Warhammer 40k/Fantasy, or even do a rp in Star Wars universe. Do you like the old republic era or nah?

    ...Oh? You like Fallout? In that case Degenerates like you belong on a cross. we can do a Fallout rp, even. Jokes aside I think we get along just fine. We both seem like to like so many fandoms.
  7. Appletree

    Appletree Resident Fruit Tree


    Is any of this still open?
    Enki likes this.
  8. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    Well, I wasn't responded to so I doubt it is.
  9. Steely

    Steely Tactical Imbecile

    Hello there! I'm terribly sorry for the delay. It is still very much open! I've put off this site for a while, but now I'm feeling rather inspired to take on some new RPs. All of those who have commented, please, do send me a message.
  10. Steely

    Steely Tactical Imbecile


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