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Side Story Of Ice and Ruin (Sign-ups)

Discussion in 'Convergence Out-of-Character Forums' started by Yun Lee, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    Of Ice and Ruin
    A Convergence Side-Story

    In The Melding, there was little time to figure out where to go when the robot attacks first happened. Whether you ended up somewhere safe or somewhere dangerous was a complete stroke of dumb luck or cruel misfortune, and it was up to you to survive until you found someplace or somebody to take refuge in.

    Such was the case of two small sanctuaries hidden deep within a snowy mountain range. Those who could fled through the thick snowfall and dense forests to Snowdin, a warm little community filled with monstrous but friendly townsfolk, while others ventured further through a mountai pass into Snowpoint City, a small village nestled away from the rest of the world. Far off and away from the scientists' reach, there was safety there.

    However, a troubling problem has reared its head over these past few weeks. While in contact with merchants, no one has actually arrived through the pass in recent memory. This wouldn't nearly be as much of a problem if it weren't for the recent storm that rendered Snowpoint's harbor useless, not allowing for any trade or food to come into the little city. And just three days ago, Gym Leader Candice went off on her own to investigate, but hasn't been heard from since. Something needs to be done, and quickly, otherwise the good people of Snowpoint will starve.

    That's where some of you come in. Having taken refuge in Snowdin, you have seen travellers and traders wander off into the icy forests towards Snowpoint, never to return. Perhaps you have a good friend in Snowpoint you want to help. Perhaps you want to assist your neighbors out of the kindness of your heart. Or...perhaps the cash reward offered by a young businesswoman for clearing up the pass is too enticing to pass up. No matter your reasoning, you've made up your mind to escort a small caravan of supplies to Snowpoint City and keep it safe.

    Though, those of you in Snowpoint itself are not going to quietly sit by and let this happen. Candice, her family, and the citizens themselves, have been nothing but kind to you all, offering up food and lodging without a second thought. To think something terrible may have happened to her, and that these good people may suffer longer, is too much. That's why you and a small group of like-minded individuals team up to find her and whatever monster lurks out there in the unknown and stop this madness once and for all!



    1. As always, STC rules apply.
    2. You are able to play any character from any franchise that has appeared in Super Smash Bros. (a good list is here).
    3. No godmodding/metagaming.
    4. Duos are allowed, as this game will have two separate storylines going at the same time!
    5. If you have any questions, I'm here to help! Please make sure, though, to treat me, your GM, as well as other players with respect. We're all here to have fun.

    Character Sheet

    Name: (Self-explanatory)
    Age: (If you don't know, just make one up or say 'unknown'l
    Canon: (What series are they from? OCs will not be allowed due to the nature of this game, though I will allow pseudo-OCs such as a Pokemon you give a name and personality to)
    Powers/Abilities/Weapons: (Just a wiki link is fine)
    City of Refuge: (Did your character go to Snowdin or Snowpoint? This will determine which group they are in at the start of the game)
    Other Info: (Anything else you want to add goes here!)

    Just to clarify which each city will entail:

    Snowdin: Escort a merchant caravan to Snowpoint City and find out what has been happening to the missing supplies. Will have a bit more adventure elements to it.

    Snowpoint: Search for Candice and also try to figure out why nothing has been coming through the pass as of late. Will have a bit of horror elements to it.


    Cast List
    @Gummi Bunnies as Claude von Riegan (Snowdin) and Morgana (Snowpoint)
    @Jeremi as Hilda Valentine Goneril (Snowdin) and Shermie (Snowpoint)
    @Lucky as Ness (Snowdin) and Paula (Snowpoint)
    @Sark as Crasher 'Maxi' Wake (Snowpoint)​
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2019
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  2. Lucky

    Lucky PJ

    Name: Ness
    Age: 13
    Canon: Earthbound
    Powers/Abilities/Weapons: Ness also has access to PSI Thunder, PSI Fire and PSI Magnet along with his in-game powers of PSI Flash, PSI Rockin', PSI Shield, Lifeup, Healing, Hypnosis, Paralysis and Teleport. He wields a baseball bat, a slingshot and Yo-yos.
    City of Refuge: Snowdin
    Other Info: Ness has a crush on Paula.
    Name: Paula
    Age: 13
    Canon: Earthbound
    Powers/Abilities/Weapons: Paula knows PSI Fire, PSI Freeze, PSI Thunder, PSI Magnet,PSI shield. She also has telepathy ( a way she can keep in contact with Ness). She generally wields a frying pan and has a franklin badge. She also has the ability of pray.... which sometimes is helpful and other times can be terrible if used.
    City of Refuge: Snowpoint
    Other Info: Paula has her Teddy bear that can take hits for her ( She is carrying three of them). Paula likes Ness.
  3. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    Name: Hilda Valentine Goneril
    Age: 23
    Canon: Fire Emblem Three Houses
    Powers/Abilities/Weapons: Has her axe Freikugel
    City of Refuge: Snowdin
    Other Info: Is post-timeskip

    Name: Shermie
    Age: 21
    Canon: King of Fighters
    Powers/Abilities/Weapons: Powers and skills
    City of Refuge: Snowpoint
    Other Info: She has a keytar
  4. Sark

    Sark Im-im-impossible!!

  5. Gummi Bunnies

    Gummi Bunnies The Magus of Flowers The Convergence Series GM


    ❝ Strategy in motion. ❞

    Claude von Riegan


    Fire Emblem: Three Houses

    He is highly known for his knack of "scheming up plans" and being a prodigy tactician. He possesses a Minor Crest of Riegan, which allows him to wield the bow relic Failnaught.

    ~City of Refuge~

    ~Other Info~
    Claude is taken post-timeskip.


    ❝ It's time to show my stuff! ❞



    Persona 5

    Morgana wields a curved sword and a slingshot as his primary weapons. His persona is Zorro.

    ~City of Refuge~

    ~Other Info~
    Due to the Melding, Morgana's Metaverse appearance is present despite not technically being in the Metaverse.​
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