Master of Courage
WARNING: This RP will have a mature theme due to violence.


Chaos Era

On a distant planet, not much different from Earth, a war broke out across the globe. Chaos erupted in the streets and governments fell, and the human race seemed hellbent on destroying the planet. Plant and animal life became all but extinct. From the ashes of what would be called the Chaos Era, a group rose to bring order back to the planet; Universe. With them at the reins, Earth came into a time of peace. Universe created their own police force know as Peace Keepers to keep the balance in the streets and their military forces to keep the world protected. They begin to provide jobs not just in the military but for scientists, teachers, medics, and so many others. Scientists have been able to clone animals and plants to begin repopulating the planet. All was well, until Universe began to change.

Beginning of Corruption
Universe has grown like a monster too big for the closet it hides in. They accept bribes, assassinate those who pose a threat to their power, and they control everything from the school system to the military. They've preformed human testing and have created the human subspecies known as Signs, super-humans who can control the four basic elements; Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. They begin to use Peace Keepers and Signs as a means of bullying others into submission. Many Universe members are trained in the art of war and assassination, becoming lethal living weapons. Tired of the inhumane ways they are being treated, Signs begin to escape Universe and go into hiding. Because of this, Universe begins to give the Signs bar-codes and a six digit number to keep track of them. Even so, more Signs flee the confines of Universe. Universe begins to trainer and send out Trackers to bring in renegade Signs, and assassins to get rid of "dangerous" Signs.

The Sparks of Rebellion
So many have grown tired of Universe and the harsh way they rule. From the corruption a rebellion has bloomed but they lack any form of direction or control. They set fires, start riots, in the process civilians are hurt and killed. Universe has begun to buckle down on the rebellion, Universe members are allowed to apprehend anyone they think may be involved in the rebellion. If the rebellion continues on their current course, they'll be wiped out without a second glance.

Rebellion Symbol

The Four Signs
Universe, while experimenting with making super-humans, created a serum that would react when the host's physical and mental states are put under extreme stress and give them control over one of the four elements. They began the "Sign Program" as a way to both recruit and force people to become Signs. They use different forms of torture they call "trials" as a means to achieve the needed results to produce this chemical reaction. Some candidates in the Sign program do not survive and those who do are changed forever chemically and even physically. Most are seen as less than human and are often persecuted by others.

Fire Signs- Pyrokinesis, Electrokinesis (advanced), high body temperature, and tend to be the most aggressive. Some Fire Signs can breath fire, but the first few times they do it burns their throat, the more they practice the less the act burns. Their windpipes glow when they preform this act. Other physically attributes are known to occur; glowing veins, smoke from their mouths, coughing up embers, etc.
Water Signs- Hydrokinesis, Cryokinesis, Dehydration; ability to absorb water from another body, or control the blood flow of another (advanced), and have shown to have clairvoyant abilities. Water Signs are usually cold to the touch and can produce ice from their pores, especially when in emotional distress. This is why most Water Signs learn to keep their emotions on a tight leash. Some are even known to have snow fall around them.
Earth Signs- Geokinesis, Geo-Termokinesis (advanced), can use the earth to heal their wounds, and golem creation. When using their powers or under emotional distress, Earth Signs are known to sprout crystals on their bodies. They are often seen as the physically strongest Signs physically. If not kept in check, some Earth Signs are known to create small scale earthquakes and can topple buildings. When working with an Air Sign they can produce large sand storms. The ability to control and manipulate metal is very rare but is possible.
Air Signs- Aerokinesis, Aeroportation (classified as advanced because if they mess up, they could end up hurt of worse), have shown to have clairtangency abilities, and naturally more agile than the other Signs. Air Signs also have the ability to produce poisonous gases, some of which are flammable, and can also breath in toxins without being harmed. With their powers than can suck the very air from your lungs if they have enough practice and control, among other things. Their skin tones tend to be lighter, sometimes even taking on a grey ghostly tint or even appearing transparent at times. Some experience their voices shifting randomly when they don't know how to control it, going from a light whisper to a booming roar.

Other Info:

Guns are replaced with blasters which shoot plasma and require charging. As the blasters are used, the shots become smaller and weaker around the 12th round (a basic Universe issue blasters has around 20 rounds). This does not account for modified blasters or rifles. Rifles tend to have more powerful shots but fewer, around 15 shots, growing weaker at 9. Again these are Universe standard issues rifles and does not account for modified ones. If you can think of a weapon you would like to use, when I get the character sheets up and running, please feel free to post a description of it including its limitations,

Credits are the basic form of money in this world. One credit equals about 1 us dollar. While many don't carry around physical credits, choosing instead to use Pay Cards, physical credits come in bill shape and are a pale yellow color and come in 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, 20s,50s, and 100s.

Cybernetic Modification:
Cybernetic modification is large in this world. Though mostly used by hospitals as organ implants or prosthetic limbs, many people do get modifications just for the hell of it, usually turning to the Underground, or black market, to get them.

Different Universe Branches:
Universe has a variety of jobs ranging from desk jobs to assassins. Here's a small list of jobs at Universe.

Basic Office Jobs: the people whole handle the outward appearance and paper work of Universe. Usually don't have any special training.
Scientists and Doctors: In charge of creating Signs and taking care of any injured people who may come through, usually people who have no family or won't be missed.
Computer Techs: In charge of making sure no one hacks into Universe.
Military: Signs and humans alike can be apart of the Universe's military.
Peace Keepers: Specially trained police force that handle keeping order and enforcing laws.
Trackers: Used to find and apprehend renegade Signs. They usually aren't sent after Signs born outside Universe but are sent after them upon occasion. They also can be known to work similarly to Bounty Hunters. Should Trackers fail to capture a Sign for an extended period of time, Assassins are sent.
Assassins: Specially trained Signs or humans that either show exceptional skill or don't fit into the other occupation. Assassins tend to work alone or in pairs. Usually cold blooded killers, should one begin to show signs of compassion or remorse, they are usually tested and either sent to conditioning or terminated.

This is just an Interest check and if people are interested I'll post a link to the character sheets!!!​
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Basic Rules for this rp besides the rules for STC.

1. No God Moding or Mary/ Gary Sues. Everyone has their limits and no one is perfect!
2. As stated this rp will have mature themes. But this DOES NOT include sexual themes. What you do in your PMs is your business but no one here needs to see it.
3. Try to refrain from making one line posts. I understand that inspiration can become a bit thin at times but at least put something another person can reply to.
4. If and argument ensues, take it to the PMs. If you feel it's something I should hear about than don't be afraid to include me. I will try my best to be unbiased.
5. Don't be rude. We're all here to have fun.
6. If you're going to be gone for any extended period of time please let me know. If you don't let me know and you're gone for a month I'm going to assume you've been abducted by aliens and delete your characters. If you return and want to rejoin you'll have to make brand new characters. ALSO! The rp will probably continue on without if you're gone for awhile. In this case, it will be assumed your character is following along and will not be killed or injured at anytime. When you return you can contact me and I'll make sure to give you a brief summery of what's happened.
7. Swearing is allowed but try to keep it limited. Don't use any racial slurs or the C**t word.
8. Combat on this forum, against another Player, works like this: Each attack must be properly described, and movements 'shown'. Your character does not get an auto-hit, it must be an attempt. Like; "aiming an axe kick for his head," instead of "striking his head with an axe kick." Any status effects, like poison or special powers on a weapon, must be stated to make sure the other Players know what to do. If you're foe is an NPC, then you can feel free to auto-hit all day long.
9. No killing someone's character without their consent!
10. Try to keep OOC chat either out of the RP or in parenthesis (like this).
11. As far as how many characters a person can have, for the time being I'm going to put a limit of two characters per person. THIS RULE CAN CHANGE HOWEVER! If you can show me you can handle it, then I'll raise the limit!

If you have an idea you'd like to do, don't be afraid to tell me about it! I'm always open to new ideas!
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Interesting concept, I'd really love to join ^^ Quick question, though, are we playing just Signs or a mix of Signs and Universe goonies? I'm kind of interested in playing a Water Sign or someone working for Universe
Interesting concept, I'd really love to join ^^ Quick question, though, are we playing just Signs or a mix of Signs and Universe goonies? I'm kind of interested in playing a Water Sign or someone working for Universe
Definitely a mix! I'm so glad to hear you're interested!
Ok everyone, I'm working on getting the character sheet together and up soon. Thank you for being patient with me :)