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Somewhere to Belong
A Super Smash Bros. Story


The world you once knew is gone. You don't know how or why, but no matter where you were, or what you were doing, you suddenly find yourself ripped from your homes and placed into a strange, foggy world. None of this makes any sense, but before you can fully gather your bearings you hear someone scream for help.

And from there starts your journey, though some may not consider it one compared to the heart-racing action all around you. But it's a journey with new friends and a safe place to stay, so does it truly matter? Because here, with these different allies, is a new home. And maybe for some of you...this might be somewhere to belong.


Hello! This is Somewhere to Belong, a side-story featured within The Convergence Series. We're a roleplaying group that specializes in multifandom crossovers, with an overarcing story and timeline that's constantly growing! No prior knowledge of our series is needed to join up, though. In fact, we encourage newcomers to join us and learn more as you go along!

This particular side-story takes place during an event known as The Melding, where multiple universes have been crashed together, and many people displaced. All universes involved have one thing in common: they all appear in the Super Smash Bros. franchise in some way, shape or form. From series with actual fighters, to series that appear as Spirits, to even those with nothing more than a Mii Costume to their name, all are eligible to appear in this story. For a full list of games that are represented, you can go here. For more information about The Melding, you can go here.

  1. All the usual STC rules apply.​
  2. No godmodding.​
  3. Be respectful to me, your gm, as well as the other participants in the rp. We're all here to chill and have fun.​
  4. This is a slice-of-life rp that will be very light on action. Due to this, and the setting, I'm requiring that all characters involved be no more powerful than street level (as in, they'd be able to hold their own in a street fight, but nothing grander than that). Powers and weapons are allowed, but there really will rarely be a time to use them.​
  5. With people at work or in school, roleplays aren't super fast paced. However, roleplays in the Convergence Series tend to start out pretty post-heavy. Don't let that overwhelm you though! If you need to be caught up, just let me know and I'll fill you in.​
  6. This roleplay will start Saturday, February 1. I'll leave a link to it here, and will also leave signups open for a few days after for any latecomers.​
  7. We encourage roleplayers of all posting types, but we do have a rule about gifs/images: no more than three per post. For story telling reasons, only the gm may use more, but even then we try to limit ourselves.​
  8. As mentioned above, this is a roleplay taking place in The Melding. As such, I am only allowing characters from series that have appeared in Super Smash Bros. in some fashion. Don't worry, we're pretty lax on that front, and allow characters from games associated with the series directly represented (i.e. Deltarune characters, Rival Schools characters, Persona 1 and 2 characters, etc.). If you have a question, just ask!​
  9. That being said, no OCs for this particular roleplay. Pseudo-OCs, like for example Pokemon with names and personalities, are fine. Also, no duos for this roleplay, either.​
Character Sheet

(Just a picture is fine)
Name: (self-explanatory)
Canon: (What game are they from?)
Character History: (just a wiki link is fine)
Powers/Abilities/Weapons: (again, just a link is fine)
Other Info: (anything extra we should know)

Cast List
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Wii Sports
Abby is a pro at sports, becoming a women’s sports legend with her skill at baseball.
She has a baseball bat, and is an above-average runner.


Name: Calista
Canon: The Last Story
Character History:


Holy: Holy Magic. Deals damage and when diffused it gives your allies Deflector , increasing defense and Status resistance for a short time.

Shining: Superior Holy Magic. Deals High damage and if diffused, it gives your allies Deflector, which increases defense for a time.

Recover: Healing Magic: It gives regeneration and it removes status effects.

Ancient Barrier (Spirit Attack): Gives Zael an impenetrable barrier that protects, heals him and repels enemies back. Also heals characters. Zael can diffuse with it to spread to every ally.

Ancient Summon (Spirit Attack): Summons the Sentinel Beast: Mitra to aid you in the battle with Sentinel Beast: Atar. Only in Chapter 37.

Other Info: Taken sometime during the middle of the game. Has some experience with daggers and swords. In one chapter of the game she even uses Zael's crossbow to shoot poison arrows.
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Appearance: View attachment 4687 ( This is a theortical photo as we never saw her human form in game, just a vague outline)
Name: Lady Timpani (AKA Tippi)
Canon: Super Paper Mario
Character History:
Powers/Abilities/Weapons: N/A
Other Info: The character is taken from after the end of the game. As such, her sacrifice allowed her to regain her human form.

"Where there's life, there's hope."
Name: Captain Brenner (Known in the European Version as O'Brian)

Character History: Captain Brenner is the original leader of the 12th Battalion, "Brenner's Wolves." He's known throughout the land for his kindness in helping survivors of the meteor shower.
Powers/Abilities/Weapons: Brenner's your average Soldier, capable of close-quarters combat and capability of wielding most modern human firearms and rifles. He's shown to be an exceptional leader, putting civilians and his battalion over his own life.
Other Info: Brenner will be pulled before the first mission of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin.​
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Name: Cindy Aurum
Canon: Final Fantasy XV
Character History:
Belle of the body shop at the Hammerhead Service Station. Having lost her parents at a young age, Cindy grew up under her grizzled grandfather Cid's tutelage. She inherited his avid love for automobiles and quickly proved herself to be a more-than-capable mechanic. Her stellar reputation draws customers from all across the continent. No matter how terrible their automobile troubles, drivers come in for a tune-up and leave with a smile.
Powers/Abilities/Weapons: She uses an Auto crossbow as a weapon
Other Info: While never seen to fight in-game, the final chapter implies she at least has some skill in said department.​
I’m gonna swap out Abby for someone else

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Character History:


Other Info:
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Street Fighter/Capcom
Character History:
Other Info:

Here's the IC! Signups are still open for anyone who'd like to join in btw. This is gonna be a rather casual roleplay, so adding people in shouldn't be a problem for a while!
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Name: Ana
Canon: Warioware (was an assist trophy in brawl and 4 a master spirit in Ultimate alongside her sister Kat)
Powers and abilities: Ninjitsu, Cape flying (like cape feathers in SMW),shapeshifs into turtles
Other: Ana doesn’t have an actual age in the series here she’s 6. Reason being she goes to kindergarten. 6 is the oldest age a student can be in Kindergarten.