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Storyteller's Circle Comic: Participation Interest

Discussion in 'The Storyteller's Circle Comic Strip' started by Cream, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. Cream

    Cream The blobfish Staff Member Warden Designer

    Hello everyone,

    For those of you who don't know me, I'm Cream and part of the creative team. You may be in a role play with me, or seen me in the chat and in the creative forums (and I may just be annoying people in the game forums ;)). If you know me, great, if you don't know me then hello!

    You may have seen in the Storyteller's Circle Highlights sneak preview, that a site comic is on the way. If you have not seen that announcement yet, you can find it here.

    So, down to business. What am I doing?

    I'm creating a site comic that will hopefully entertain you all. I've done a couple of comic pages before, and have great pleasure to do one for Storyteller's Circle. Before I get going on the first page, I need a couple of things from yourselves. As users of the site, I want to have us in the comic, but I do understand not everyone wants to have themselves portrayed in such things, so this thread is for users to express that they don't mind being in the comic. I will only use users that have posted it as an okay here.

    That said, I'm not going to be drawing the users as cartoon people, so I also won't need any photos of yourself or anything to go by, if you're worried about that. I won't even need a description of your looks. I haven't decided on how I'm definitely going to portray yourselves in the comic just yet, but as I still need to work on drawing people, and therefore it won't be as people.

    At this point in time, I'm only looking for your consent to be used as a character, within the comic and not for actual comic ideas. That's not to say ideas are unwelcome. If you do have any ideas regarding the storyline and do want to share them with me, then feel free to drop me a line via PM. If they were used, or have inspired me in any way, I'd be sure to fully credit you as well, though there is no guarantee that they will be used.

    If you register your consent before the 20th, of each month, then you may find yourself in that month's comic strip. Again, I don't have any guarantees that every user will be featured each month as it does depend on the story. This thread is just to make sure that when I do use users, they are happy for me to do so.

    Many thanks,

    Cream :)
  2. TheZanta

    TheZanta Reproduces by Budding

    I am down to clown.
  3. Aman

    Aman Dragon Priestess Benefactor

    Hell yeah son. Sign me the heck up. I want to be part of Cream's beautiful drawings.
  4. Inconspicuous

    Inconspicuous Super classy secret agent

    I'm all in!
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2017
  5. MissMudkip

    MissMudkip Mud...Kip!

    Put me in it Cream! If you need any help I do own the adobe suite (Mostly Photoshop and Illustrator), and a drawing tablet so I can lend my services. If you'd like I can pm you some of my work.
    Meliodas likes this.
  6. Meliodas

    Meliodas Dragon's Sin of Wrath Benefactor



  7. Astaroth

    Astaroth Crossroad demon

    Sign me up!, And if you need any help with it, such as coloring or lining. Idk, for example. I will be glad to help!
    Meliodas likes this.
  8. Silaries

    Silaries Lord of Weissburg

    I'm in.
  9. Shadelier

    Shadelier Comparatively shadely

    To be immortalized in Cream's Comics. Who wouldn't want that. Count Shadelier in.
  10. Silaries

    Silaries Lord of Weissburg

    Oh and if you should ever need help with the artwork you can ask me, especially if you should have trouble drawing humans...!
  11. Jomber

    Jomber Explorer Benefactor

    Explorer reporting! I'm in.
  12. Daze

    Daze Cave Hippie.

    Sure, I can be used. I do not mind.
  13. Luxin

    Luxin Active Member Benefactor

    Cream, you're welcome to pop me on as often as you'd like. Can't wait to see these in the future.
  14. Sway

    Sway Dark, doom honey Staff Member Warden

    Oh my god! *volunteers*
  15. GoddessLuna

    GoddessLuna The Moon Goddess Staff Member Warden Benefactor

    You may not know me sometimes I talk in the chat sometimes I only lurk there.... But I would love to be included =)!
  16. WiZ

    WiZ Active Member

    I'd like to be part of this too.

    I also have a couple of ideas on how you could portray characters.

    #1 The Easy Way: just draw your normal cartoons character and write the users name on top of the bubble when they speak. You could even just give everyone a t-shirt with their name or a nickname on it.

    #2 The Hard Way: Actually take some time thinking about who each person is, both IC and OOC. Then you could draw a sort of caricature of them with help from their profile picture (I.E. I would be WiZ Kalifa, @Jomber would have a Spider face, @Daze E. Chain. would be a "Cave Hippie", etc.)
    Jomber likes this.
  17. Cilin Hosan

    Cilin Hosan シリン・ホサン

    You can put me in
  18. Ragenaut

    Ragenaut Jack Black Playing Blackjack with Black Jack Black Ages Eternal GM

    I want to be in the comic!
  19. Gypsy

    Gypsy Gratitude, integrity, and compassion.

    I consent!! but only if i get to chase you with a whip in it. :p jk. This sounds fun.
  20. Morph

    Morph Best Villain 2016*

    I hearby grant you my consent. Expect to hear from my legal team at their earliest convenience to iron out details.
    Captain Cannonfists likes this.

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