Storyteller’s Circle Highlights: January 2020


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Storyteller’s Circle Highlights: January 2020

Special Thanks

In the past we've always opened our monthly highlights with a special section for users who have really gone above and beyond, or who make a concerted effort to make storyteller's circle a welcoming place.

This months special thanks will be going to the people who made this month's site overhaul and upgrade possible. Thank you to Ver, Sokka, and Vauvanukke for their contributions to our site upgrade campaign, and a very special thank you to Yun Lee for her substantially large contributions to our site upgrade campaign. We also would like to thank Script and Yun Lee for their continued monthly support of Storyteller's Circle.

New Roleplay Content

Things have been a bit slow in this area as of late, but we've had some new interest checks and RP openings crop up in the bulletin board, so make sure you swing by and check them out. A roleplay site isn't much without roleplay! And while not a NEW roleplay, I would add a special note that The Convergence Series has posted up a new side-story that's worth taking a look at. The Convergence Series has proven itself a consistent and welcoming roleplay for all sorts of players.

Keep an eye on the bulletin board in the days to come as well, because we'll be making an active push to get people posting their roleplays ideas up! The more we get churning, the more welcoming the bulletin board is going to look to new users.

New Miscellaneous Content

Oh boy, where to begin! Site Upgrade! As most have noticed, the month of January was largely focused on getting the place cleaned up, polished up, and ready for February's recruitment drive. This has come with a fresh new look to the website, as well as a lot of small changes throughout. The conversations system has been replaced with a much more involved version that offers a greater deal of control and flexibility for people. This includes the ability to remove participants from group conversations, build a system of auto-sorting conversations, the ability to rejoin conversations you have left (and to see when people have left conversations with you), and more! Make sure you take a look and familiarize yourself with all the new functions.

Most of our former features where smoothly transitioned and replaced, though you may notice some minor variations.

And I'm also happy to say we got our old dice-roller replaced! The new one runs much smoother and isn't riddled with the bugs that forced us to retire the old one, though isn't as intuitive in how to use it. If you want to try it out, we set up a thread for experimenting. To use it you make a post first and submit the post, then you edit that post to attach a dice roll to the post. You can add multiple dice rolls to a post, but can't edit or remove previous ones.


What we're doing right: Well, still being here is the big thing! Especially our dedicated regulars that have been turning up for years now. That long lasting connection with the website will only be a boon in moving forward and drawing new players and new activity to the place.

What we need to work on: New users! Things have slowed down over this past year, and only a concerted effort by our users will see that change. So in the coming weeks we would encourage everyone to participate in February's voting drive, and take the time to frequent the introduction forum for new arrivals, and even just take a moment to browse new content in the creative forums. Only takes a few moments to like someone's post, or to post some feedback when asked for. These little things make people feel less invisible and more part of the community.

Sneak peak for February: RECRUITMENT DRIVE!!! With TopRPSites resetting on the 1st of February, we will be hitting the month off with a huge push to draw new users to the website. Much of the month will have the staff (and hopefully the rest of the community as well) focused primarily on advertising and recruiting. Let's all see a strong start to 2020.
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