Tell me 5 things about you.

1: I can be quite annoying sometimes, but I am fun to get to know

2: I love playing video-games, mostly RTS and FPS

3: I can play guitar

4: I want to become a writer in the future

5: I like sci-fi, fantasy, and apocalyptic RP's
1: I am a mad imagination guy

2: Uuuhhh... i like vast worlds RP

3: i'm a bit of a troll

4: Made my first official RP world right here on the site

5: I'm a student on Business and Management?
1. I am not an English speaker, but I love very munch English.
2. I am very shy. Maybe I'd better say introvert.
3. Since 2008 when I discovered rp, I have come to like it so much that I am addicted to it.
4. I tend to destroy the relationships around me and be very capricious.
5. In 2016 I lost my father.
1. I have my up my own language twice for different stories/roleplays.
2. I love winter, snow, heavy rain and any weather that makes you want a blanket.
3. I was obsessed with horses when I was younger to the point I was convinced I’d be a jockey when I grew up.
4. I also wanted to be a marine biologist.
5. Cooking delicious meals for guests is my love language.
1. I learned about roleplaying on Neopets as a kid
2. My favorite genre of book is Horror
3. English is my native language, but I speak Canadian French and ASL
4. I used to write poetry
5. I have the biggest potty mouth. Im in school to be a teacher so its...a problem
1. I am the only girl in my family in my generation (obviously).
2. I've helped solve a homicide.
3. I've been writing/roleplaying for 13 years.
4. I keep getting told I look like Melissa Benoist (CW Supergirl).
5. I'm a space geek. I love anything involving the cosmos.
5: Though it's always been something that I liked, recently I started to really get into Formula 1. I liked to watch it as a child but we did not really watch it as much, but last season I started watching it consistently! I'm excited for the next season to start this march. Some of my favorite drivers are Max Verstappen, Carlos Sainz, Kimi Raikkonen, George Russell, Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo and Fernando Alonso.

I LOVE KIMI AND MAX. I started watching 3 years ago thanks to my fiancé and now I am addicted. We live in the U.S. and we are planning to go to the US GP one day.
1.) I can cook really well - I specialize in vegetarian, low-carb Mediterranean food
2.) I have been RPing for half of my life, but I took a break for a few years to focus on work
3.) You may have seen me on the streaming's (I'm in the category of D-lister)
4.) I grew up on a farm and now live in a big city
5.) I'm a horse nerd
1. I have German and Norwegian heritage.
2. I love anime (if you couldn't tell by my pfp).
3. I'm a wannabe artist.
4. I curse like a sailor.
5. I'm part of the LGBTQ+ community.
Hey, I'm Navi! I'll give my 5 things.
1. I'm mostly white but I'm 25% Puerto Rican
2. I'm Pagan/Wiccan
3. I swear like a sailor (eheh...)
4. I'm going to go to college for psychology to become a therapist
5. I absolutely love to draw, I've been drawing since I was super little and I've improved so so much!
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I have Autism but the doctors said I would never be able to talk for the rest of my life and need to be in a home. I didn't talk until I was five but after that, I quickly grew in intellect. I passed high school as valedictorian and I am currently in college with the full scholarship I got. Although I am really good with school smarts I can still be a dummy when It comes to common sense and stuff though.

I have been roleplaying ever since I was about 13 and as of this post I am going to be 20 years old in about 12 days. I love roleplaying and I love to write and create

I want to travel to every US state before I visit other countries. I eventually want to visit Canada and some European states. Maybe Japan as well im not sure.

I'm a HUGE history nerd

Im a super flexible and adaptable roleplayer
1. I Absolutely love Anime, it makes me happy when watching which ever show I am into.
2. I am a gamer, I love playing video games with my friends, and I just love the story plots in games.
3. Writing is something that makes me happy.
4. Coffee is a must, because I stay up late playing games and replying to my partners with out stories.
5. I love animals, especially wolves.
1.) I live somewhere in Louisiana but I was born in Florida.

2.) I listen to all kinds of music.

3.) I wear glasses.

4.) I'm a gamer.

5.) I love the scent of vanilla.
Eyyyy! I am also not an English native speaker! Funny one. However-

First of all, I love reading and interacting with new people! Guess I am a socializing bitch on the internet. But don't expect me to talk to my classmates. Never.

Second of all, I have a dog and a cat. It can get quite messy around here when I am alone with them.

Third aspect of the day: I love reading and no one can interrupt me. I just love dissociating from the reality and sink into a new one.

Fourth thing to say: I roleplay because it helps me getting inspiration and upgrade for writing my books. I still have a long way to go, though I think I am fine for the moment. However, I also use rping as a chance to step into another set of made-up worlds.

Fifth and last aspect: I am absolutely interested in crimes, law enforcement, and psychology. I take classes in psychology and love reading about any disorders.
1) insert fact 1
2) insert fact 2
3) insert fact 3
4) insert fact 4
5) insert fact 5

and an extra five six!

1) im a weeb (obviously.......)
2) im an artist
3) bisexual
4) demiboy! yeah i dont seem like it because online im always themed pink
5) i have two guys in my anime boys top place ranking-- Nevra from Eldarya and Boris Airay from the No Shiki No Alice series
bonus) crazy Alice in Wonderland fan
First thing first: I am always here for a friends
Second thing: I am constantly bored
Third thing: I really like to watch anime
Foruth thing: I like to play video gamer

Fifth thing: I like dark humor.
1. I have an extreme passion for baking. I want to move to France and have a bakery
2. I love role playing and have been doing it for about 2 years now.
3. I love cats but I have a dog. He is a cockapoo witch is a mix between a cocker spaniel and poodle
4. I love to read ALOT. Its another escape for me and it helps me get ideas and it helps improve my writing.
5. I am an artist. I write and bake witch is art but I also do pencil and paper. I love to draw and occasionally paint!

Now you know a little more about me! <3
1. I'm anime and video game geek
2. I love to roleplay
3. I don't have good English, Even know I'm from America. I have some issues with my grammar.
4. I'm One Piece fan..
5. I like to sing.. Even know I'm not good.
1) I am a big fan of poetry and have a particular fondness of the New York School.
2) The first folk song that I fell in love with was Bob Dylan's - The Times They Are a-Changin'.
3) My current favorite movie is Blade Runner 2049.
4) I'm a pretty darn good home cook.
5) As a child I was an avid sleep walker and a conversational sleep talker.