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No longer are you in the world of the living and only you know why. Maybe you were murdered. Maybe you were hit by a car or had a heart attack. Or perhaps your death was more heroic; maybe you died in a war or saving a family from a burning building. You even could have died in the most ridiculous way possible, by choking on a marshmallow or something of the like. The point is, you are now dead. The circumstances of your death aren't really too important at the moment either. At this current point in time, all you see is darkness. You wonder what will become of you now...

"You there, yes you, standing in right in front of me," a voice called out.

You glance around confused. You don't see anyone. The only thing you can see still yet is darkness.

"Oh where are my manners. You can't see a darn thing, now can you?" the voice said. "Let me fix that."

A tiny glow suddenly illuminated the darkness. A giant white hand, which looked like a foam finger, was suddenly holding a lit candle. The candle wasn't enough to light the entire room, but it was enough to show you the face of this being in front of you.

"That better? Good! Now I can feel more at ease introducing myself. I'm Lord Death. Not the Lord of all death, mind you, I simply help out in a few different universes. In one world, I run a school for special children, and in this universe, well, I watch over a special game called The Reapers' Game. It's found in a world inhabited by reapers called The Underground."

You ask Lord Death about the Reapers' Game, and he explains.

"The Reapers' Game is a second chance at life. If you participate and survive until the end, you will be allowed to come back to life. The game lasts seven days. But if you die during the game, your soul will be gone forever. You don't have to accept--if you don't, you will pass on to the afterlife--but if you do accept, you can play and gain the chance of coming back to life. What would you like to do?"

You accept, of course. You have so much more you want to do with your life. After you accept, however, Lord Death gasps.

"Oh! There's something else I forgot to tell you--a few things, actually. In order to defend yourself during this game, you will use pins which have certain powers."

A table magically appeared in front of you, covered in many pins.


"You may only pick three pins," Lord Death explained. "Choose wisely."

You choose your three pins and then glance to Death again.

"I hope you're happy with your choices. You can't change them. Now then..."

He tells you about the player system of the game. It is very important that you have a partner with you at all times or else you will not be able to use your powers. He then offers you a cell phone.

"Have you seen these in the universe or time period you come from? You may not have, but that doesn't matter. The information on how to use this cell phone will now be placed in your head automatically, not to worry. It's a device the Reapers will use to contact you and give you instructions during the game. Follow the instructions. If you don't, you could be erased, also known as being killed in this world. I suggest you quickly commit the term to memory. Now then, there's one more thing. Open your cell phone..."

You open your cell phone and see the words ENTRY FEE as one of the option menus.

"One thing I forgot to mention earlier is that this game has an entry fee. Type on your phone what it will be. It has to be something important to you. A special memory, person, or item. That is what we accept for you to play the game. It is your payment. But never fear, if you win the game, you will get your entry fee back. Still interested in playing the game?"

You nod. You're ready for this. You want to come back to life more than anything.

"Excellent," he replies. "You're all set to play the game."

Suddenly, the room is illuminated entirely. You're in a completely white room with brown double doors behind Lord Death. The two of you are the only ones in the room.

"Leave through those doors. When you do, you'll be sent to the game arena and to where the other players are. Follow the instructions on your cell phone. Good luck."

You nod again and start to walk to the doors when you're suddenly stopped by Death's voice.

"Wait!" He cried. "One last thing..."

You turn to look at him and he tosses you another pin. You catch it and take a good look at it.


"One last pin. It doesn't have any powers, but it is important. It's called your player pin. (So, technically, you have four pins.) If you lose it and don't find it within a short period of time, you will be automatically erased. So whatever you do, don’t lose it."

You nod and clutch the pin tightly before heading to the door. You open the brown double doors with a creak and see nothing but white light ahead. You step into the light...

Suddenly you go unconscious. When you wake up, you are in the middle of a huge city you don't recognize.


You start to walk around and realize you are trapped in an invisible dome with a few other people, the other players. Nothing to do but wait for the time being until you get instructions from your game master...

Welcome to The Underground.

To keep yourself occupied by waiting, you could either talk to the players and make some friends, walk into a training center you can see in the upper left part of the area to check what it's about, check out the mysterious wishing well which seems to be the only thing in the middle of this street, ortalk to a street performer who seems to be off to the side juggling for some reason. He doesn't seem to be a player because you don't see him wearing a player pin. Maybe he could tell you the name of the city and what the heck you're supposed to be doing right now.

There are also a few sitting areas such asbenches, chairs, and a swing set.

But whatever you do, the choice is yours. Right now, you're just biding time until the game inevitably starts.

@BarrenThin as the Joker (DC Comics)
@CrunchyCHEEZIT as William "Maxwell" Carter (Don't Starve)
@Ver as Ciel (Type-Moon)
@Jeremi as Thanos (Marvel Comics)
@Khan of the Mardu as Minato Arisato(Persona 3)
@Mari as Emma Frost (X-Men, Marvel Comics)
@Pretentious Pineapple as Silver Sablinova (Marvel Comics) and Teresa Agnes (The Maze Runner Series)
@Krieg as Big Sister (Bioshock Trilogy)
@Xibilation as Marie (The Aristocrats)
@Zireael as Jenny (Doctor Who) and Kanye West
@Yiyel as Assassin Asha (Iji)
@The Gil as Lorne Malvo (Fargo)
@York as Crono (Crono Trigger)
@DapperDogman as Chandra Nalaar (Magic The Gathering)
@Gummi Bunnies as Yuka Mochida (Corpse Party: Blood Covered)
@Josh as Chrom (Fire Emblem)
@Salsacookies as Wander (Shadow of the Colossus)
@Caramon Zero as Gajeel Redfox (Fairy Tale)
@Atomic Knight as Susan Ashworth (The Cat Lady)
@Ziogen as Aesir (Valkyrie Profile)
@Batman as Batman (Batman Arc)
@Wedge Antilles as Marcus Wright(Terminator: Salvation)
@Raven as Rocket (Sucker Punch)
@MrDubWubs as Kamina (Gurren Lagaan)
@El Presidente as Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect Series)
@Arlathina as Ashabel eh'l Nahime
@Arnold Solomon as Jorik Goringtove
@sierra as Ryou and Bakura (Yugioh duel monsters)
@Crazy 8 Nate as Booker DeWitt (Bioshock Infinite)
@Levy McGarden as Levy McGarden (Fairy Tale) and Eevee (Pokemon)
@TheColourlessRainbow as Elizabeth(Bioshock Infinite) and Jodie Holmes (Beyond Two Souls)
@froggy as P.E.T.E
@Xx420BLAZEITxX as Claptrap (Borderlands)
@Ryu Keiko as Ryu Keiko
@SirDerpingtonIV as Pyrrha Nikos (RWBY)
@Ozzie Chanter as Gabriel (Supernatural) and Ashley "Ash" J. Williams (Evil Dead Trilogy)
@Celeste as Celestia 'Celeste' Ludenberg(Dangan Ronpa)
@Thuro Pendragon as Hurley (Lost)
@Iowan Corn as Guy Noir (A Prairie Home Companion)

Table of Contents

Prologue Chapter Ending

Chapter 1: The Game Begins!

Chapter 2: Frozen Nightmare

Chapter 3: The Return of Shibuya

Chapter 4: Jungle Fever

Chapter 5: The White Room

Chapter 6: The Silent One

Chapter 7: The Price We Paid

Chapter 8: Unfinished Business
"Mister West! Kanye! Kanye, over here!"

The crowd of paparazzi surrounded the famous hip-hop artist from all sides as he tried to make his way to the limo, wearing dark shades and what looked like about a dozen gold chains around his neck.
Out of the crowd jumped a woman, looking to be in her early twenties, only to trip and fall on her knees in front of Kanye, immediately starting to scream obnoxiously loud and clawing at the man's body.
She was quickly taken down and tazed by one of Kanye's bodyguards.

"God DAYUM! A'ight listen up, y'all! Y'all wanna get the FUCK outta here before I start smackin' some bitches!"
He threw his arms around a bit and loosened his neck muscles to look more threatening.
No one was really impressed. Someone was even taking a video with their iPhone.

"You for real, man? You for real?" The rapper said, making his way over to the man with big steps.
He slapped the man's camera out of his hands and started pushing him. "No fucking videos man! You wanna record a video? Huh? That what you want? Huh? You wanna record a video? No videos man!"
Continuing to push the man for a few moments, he was eventually stopped by another man laying a hand on his shoulder in an attempt to calm him down.
But Ye not ready to leave.

He gave the man behind him a good elbow to the face. "Get your dirty fucking peasant hands off my fucking jacket man! You for real? You for real, n***a? HUH?"
Multiple kicks to the gut followed.
"That's right! Cry, bitch, cry! Kanye's the best! I'm the greatest!




But apparently someone had the nerve to have stabbed him in the back.
He felt a sharp pain coming from his upper back, and felt a stream of blood going down on it.

"God dammit man, what did I just say about my fucking jacket?! And you got my skin too! Fuck! My beautiful, beautiful skin! Where's the blood going? NOBODY MOVE! My blood can't touch the ground in this world, for real dawg!
Y'all are some... Dumb mother... fuckers..."

He slowly fell through his knees while trying to catch falling drops of his own blood, and then finally fell over, dead.
The people around him pushed him into the gutter and walked on like nothing ever happened.


He had refused when Lord Death offered him pins, but he did accept the player pin he was tossed. He thought it would look good on his uniform.

"You ain't getting this one back, yo. This my style."
He spoke to Lord Death while turning his back to him and leaving the room, holding his head up high right up until he passed out.

Upon waking again, he took just a moment to look at his surroundings, and then quickly got up, looking around to make sure no one saw him on the ground.

"Man this is some demon shit right here, man...


Anyone mind tellin' me what the FUCK is going on?"

He looked around once again, clearly expecting a response, which he didn't get.


Y'all better speak up, peasants!"


Fuck y'all n***as, I ain't gon stop tryin', somebody better fuckin answer me right fuckin' now before I start cappin' some bitches!"
Yuka Mochida Prologue

It had been a long time since she had been separated from her big brother, only because she wanted to find a bathroom to use. If she didn’t go on her own… she wouldn’t be in this mess. From running into a man who wishes to kill her, to avoiding getting into the sights of another that appeared zombified, Yuka Mochida just wanted to find her brother, his friends, and go home. She wanted to go home. This entire area, the Heavenly Host Elementary School, was too much… and she just wanted to be home and forget this all happened. least she had someone to keep her company, and she was a ghost named Sachiko. As much as the spirit spooked her, she seemed relatively nice…

Though, it started to become strange after Yuka had agreed to do what Sachiko asked, and now, it was starting to scare her that she did exactly what Sachiko asked… despite not wanting to do so herself. Maybe… maybe Sachiko was someone to fear… and that maybe she shouldn’t had listened to that first question in the first place.

“Will you do exactly what I say?”

Yuka should had known there, but it was too late, she was falling for whatever the child-like spirit had in mind. Walking. That’s all they’ve been doing for who knows how long, the hallways of the school building weren’t really helping with the fact that she was stuck doing whatever Sachiko wanted.

“… Sachiko… are you still fine with walking?” Yuka asked out of nowhere, wanting to make a normal conversation despite the situation at hand. Yet… the spirit did not reply, and left Yuka walking right behind the girl in red. She couldn’t even control her own footsteps, and it left her in suspense on where she was going.

“...meh… I think that’s enough,” Sachiko finally says something after being so quiet for so long. The girl in red came to a halt.

“W-What’s wrong, Sachiko?” Yuka asked, feeling her footsteps stop the moment she did, and the girl in red turned around to look at her with wide innocent eyes.

“There’s something Sachiko wants you to give to her…” she says, making it seem like she were asking for a gift again. What else can she give her? She already gave her a hairpin, and then her shoes… Yuka didn’t have anything else for the little girl besides her own clothes at this point…

“Wh-What is it?” Yuka was hesitant to ask this, because she had a bad feeling on what was wanted from her now,”Whatever it is you want, Sachiko, you can have it. Just for you.”

The girl’s smile was widening with every second, bringing more unease for young Yuka…

“Well… in that case,” Sachiko begins to say, that smile never going away…

“... can I have your life?”

“My.. life…?” Yuka wasn’t completely prepared for this, her heart sinking at the thought of it. Was this her fault for falling for Sachiko’s ploy? To have her own life taken away after foolishly making this deal with the girl in red.

“...I...I can’t… give.. you…” Yuka stuttered with great fear, but deep down, she knew that it was going to happen regardless. Sachiko asked for it… However, since they had that deal… Yuka found herself speaking without even knowing it herself.

“Y o u m a y h a v e m y l i f e” the words come out of her mouth, and she immediately was dreaded with the fact that she did not say that. Sachiko made her say it. In response, the girl in red began to laugh, it was much wilder than the other occurrences, because she was getting something from Yuka pretty soon…

“Ahhhh! No… no!” Yuka realized what she was forced into doing, refusing the truth of it all. What had she gotten herself into?

“Why not? You said that you would give me anything I wanted!” Sachiko laughed, rubbing into her face that she had promised her that,”Because you’re my big sister… right?” Yuka would say that the face that Sachiko had at the moment was like an angel’s… but she knew that it was all just a fake mask…

“N...No...Please, no!” Yuka tried with all of her remaining life to force herself away from the spirit, but it was all no use at this point.

“Hahh?” Sachiko gave a confused look, seeing that now Yuka refused such a thing after saying it with her mouth.

“Please don’t.. joke about.. things like that.. okay?” Yuka wanted it all to be a mean joke, but again, it was all useless,”We need to hurry up and find my big brother. Big brother will be able to help us somehow. I know he will. So let’s just...keep sear..ching”

“Your big brother?”

“Th-That’s right! I’ll never be like big brother… but I’ll try my best…”

After that statement, it seemed like that pissed off the girl in red…

“Big brother this and big brother that! God, you’re annoying! Just give it to me! I’m going to kill you.. kill you kill you kill you! I’ll make you wrap those hands around your neck and die!” Sachiko snapped, and from that alone… Yuka knew that it was all over for her. Without knowing it… Yuka felt herself being in an intense pain… and she could tell that she was being forced to talk once more.

“I guess.. there’s nothing I can do… I’ll give my life to you, Sachiko. I t ‘ s a l l y o u r s,” Yuka spoke those words, but she knew that it wasn’t her speaking. It was what Sachiko wanted to hear before she would die to the girl in red.

The very last thing she heard… were the laughter of Sachiko… and a groan coming from the zombified man from behind her… Then… Then… it was instantaneous… Yuka could feel a strong blow crash into her skull… and there… she was dead. Her brainy flesh, blood, and fractured skull bones scattered everywhere as the young girl collapses to the wooden floorboards of the school hallway.

Without a doubt, Yuka Mochida knew that she was dead.


“Aw, you look better like that, big sister Yuka. Maybe I should take a picture of you so big brother can see too!” Sachiko taunted the corpse of Yuka Mochida, using the camera that they found earlier to take a picture of the poor girl. It would be basically fantastic for the girl in red to get this photograph to Yuka’s big brother~.


It all happened so fast... and she all thought it was over from there. It wasn't exactly her end yet... First it was all the gruesome sights she saw at the Heavenly Host Elementary School, staying close to her big brother the entire time... And then, well, she was separated from him, then she did her best to stay alive on her own. Though, it was her own childish traits that led her to her death. What was next for her? Maybe a way to solve everything after all that's happened to her, another chance at life. Given that she wanted to become someone like her big brother, she wasn't going to let herself die that easily, she wanted to go back to life. But it made her wonder, if she could pass this test while she was technically all alone. She practically given up her big brother as her entry fee, since she thought by doing that, he would be safe from the school's traps and Sachiko...

But... as of now, Yuka had no one to look towards as a friend. Just like Sachiko said to her earlier, she was always fated to be alone... She was scared too, who would want her? She was just a little girl...

"...*sniffle*... I'll be... back soon... big brother..." Yuka says quietly to herself, all the while looking quite distressed. For all she knew, she could probably die again to some creeper like Kizami or sadist like Sachiko. Yet, there were so much other people here, she tried her best not to show tears, she didn't want to seem weak to the others. After all, Yuka wanted to be known more than just a little girl. Fighting back her tears, it looked pretty obvious that she was doing just that.

That was when someone happened to be so... loud. Surely even Yoshiki would instantly pick a fight with this one, but Yuka... she certainly didn't want to get caught on the wrong end of things.



"I'm just going to... walk over to the swing set... if I'm being... um, a bother," Yuka says, clearly not wanting to make any problems due to her fragile behavior. She did just that, heading over to the swing set. It oddly reminded her of the times where her big brother would push her on the swing... Oh dear, she was really missing her big brother even more. Taking out her cell phone that she was given earlier, she decided to fiddle with it. This might be a first for her to have her own cell phone, her parents wouldn't let her use a cell phone before.

"...big brother..." she says to herself again, she just couldn't get over on how she wouldn't see her big brother in a long while...​
"A Game With The Master"

Screams of bloody murder echo through the forest, panging against trees and rocks and alerting the bystanding bunnies to scurry off into their holes to reside with the Bunnymen. They probably didnt deserve what they got, but many people die out here. The wilderness is an unforgiving mistress, uncaring and merciless against the weaker power of civilization. Even the most cunning and wise human, a symbol of endurance and stuborness back in the real realm, will succumb to the endless arsenal Mother Nature has up her sleeve. By now, you must be terrified or at the very least intimidated; The masterful mother nature crushes the wit of a survivalist once more! Who shall defeat her in this endless quest of dominance over the wild realm?

Of course, defeating wilderness itself is rather pointless.

When there is somebody almost like you pulling the strings, and this puppetmaster orchestrates the demise of thousands and rules the mighty game of survival is none other then The Chess Master himself.

Maxwell lets out a creaking chuckle as he swigs his drink(some fine aged red wine, fit for a dapper individual such as himself)and stares into the magic ball. What he is staring at is the poor mangled and frail corpse of Wilson. Ah, wilson, such a naive fool despite being a scientist. He was one of the first to starve, way back when Maxwell first met his "associates" and gained his position. Maxwell takes some hollow pride in besting Wilsons oh-so scientific mind, and to this day still replays Wilsons death as if it was a meaningful family tape containing memories. Except, it is an insignificant mystic recording filled with bloody death and it does nothing more than make Maxwell chuckle every now and then.

Maxwell snapped his fingers and ceased the recording, finshing his wine and setting it on a posh-looking nightstand next to his throne. Maxwell whispered something unintelligable and a shadowy black hand snaked from the surrounding darkness before he even finished his incantation, snatching away the glass and dragging it away to god-knows-where. Maxwell quickly whispered another incantation before a small black blob with pinprick white eyes slowly rose before His Dapperness. The blob bowed (somewhat) and proceeded to shift its small amorphous mass, tearing and opening to reveal some sort of screen inside itself. When it finished its shifting, the blob had formed around the screen and quickly changed the texture of itself to become brown and solid, completing the blobs transformation into some sort of old-timey television. Maxwell smirked and snapped his fingers, a remote falling into his hands from seemingly nowhere. A point and a click, and Maxwell would be viewing the world he was presented by his "associates". A diverse island filled with strange enviroments and creatures. From cool grassy forests to scorching desert sands, this world had it all and the way that Maxwell used it, this world would become a masterful torture device. Maxwell pointed his remote at the screen and proceeded to click--
Nothing, again.
"What in the devil--"
The TV would fall apart quickly, reforming back into the small creature it was before. The creature fearfully slid off into the darkness to reveal multiple sets of white eyes angrily staring at Maxwell from the darkness-- and Maxwell recognized these eyes as if they were people. "Ah, are we having another meeting now? You could have picked another time-- a time when I wouldnt be trying to add more giant minions to our workplace."
"Then, what is it?"
"A talk? Deary, I would hope you understand that is also called a meeting."
"Fine, explain it to me then. I am all ears."
The whispers continue for about 10 minutes, Maxwells face slowly growing into a concerned frown as they continued. "Is that so, hm? I despised doing tests in my school, so I would like to--"
"Now, now. Hold on. Let's not open that can of worms--"
"She did not, I do not know why you are--"
"And? What does it have to do with my-- Oh, I have a headache! Fine, fine. I will do your silly test. What is it?"
A single, grim voice speaks this time, and it speaks something in a very clear tone.
"...The Reapers Game, hm?"


My mind is spinning, with questions and confusion and anger-- I hate all three of those. To think that today, when I was trying to have some good old fashioned entertainment as per my contract, I would be interrupted and sent to some third-party pitiful deathmatch. I can understand they wish to test me and see if I am still worth their time (if they understand time), but this is just foolish. But I cannot talk back, no. And to think, I was looking up to them after the..incident. They mentioned Charlie, the bastards. Of course, they want to break me. Try and break and send me to this "test" and be rid with me, after all the work I did for them. I need something. I need something, but I cannot put my finger on it.

Ah, I need allies

Friends. Comrades. Compatriots, someone whom I can trust to assist me in my predicament. The skeleton fellow mentioned that they collect random hoodlums off the block, do they not? Easy pickings! When I get out of this prison, I am going to lead an army of fools against them.

I thank them for their help in my powers, but now this is power is mine and this game may as well be my ticket to freedom. Never in my life would I have considered death being my ticket to freedom..ah, wait.

Oh, right. I should be concerned that they killed me.


Meanwhile, back in Maxwells lair, a steaming corpse lies sitting on the nightmare throne.​

"I'm the Doctor! And I'm declaring this war... over!"

Jenny watched as the Doctor threw down a glass orb filled with yellow light on the ground. She couldn't help but admire this man. She'd known him for less than a day, but already she felt like he had turned her life around so much. When she was generated, all she knew about was war and combat, but he had told her there were so many more things beside that in life, and she wanted to see all of them. And now it looked like he was about to end the war she was 'born' in. She smiled.

Yellow gasses escaped from the orb and filled the room around them.


"What's happening?" she asked, staring in awe at all of the yellow around her, while everyone in the room dropped their weapons, their eyes fixed on the same thing.

"The gasses will escape and trigger the terraforming process."

"What does that mean?"

The Doctor looked at her and smiled. "It means a new world."

Jenny couldn't hold back a big grin. The thought alone was so wonderful, seeing an entirely new world aside from the one she lived in. Experiencing new things, going out for adventures, discovering new places, ... That's the kind of life she wanted. But not everyone seemed to be as happy with the idea as her.

When she turned her head to look at the leader of the human alliance, he was already taking aim at her 'father'. No, she couldn't let that happen... The man who ended a war with just a few words and one simple action that would literally change their world... She couldn't let him die.


She pushed him behind her, and from that point, everything went much quicker than she could have imagined. Next thing she knew, she was lying on the ground in the Doctor's arms, trying to focus on his voice which sounded so distant.

"Jenny! Jenny! Talk to me, Jenny!"

There were some other voices too, but it was just impossible to hear them.
Looking up, she saw the gasses again. A smile appeared on her face again, even now.

"A-A new world... It's beautiful..." she whispered in between sobs.

"Jenny, be strong now... You need to hold on, do you hear me? We've got things to do, you and me... We can go anywhere, everywhere... You choose."

Her smile didn't disappear, despite the pain she felt. She nodded and whispered. "Sounds good..."

"... my daughter... just got started... gonna be great... be amazing..."

The Doctor's words were fading away as slowly as her smile. She could only look at him and see a blur that vaguely resembled his face. It was the last thing she remembered before dying.


-------------------- SPOILER LINE END -----------------

After receiving Lord's Death's instructions and trying to figure out what was going on, stepping through the door and waking up in the city, she looked around, taking a few careful steps forward. She was in awe.

"A new world..." she whispered with a smile."It really is beautiful..."
Booker Dewitt smiled to himself as he allowed himself to be drowned at the hands of a daughter he didn't even remeber. He wasn't happy that it had to be like this, indeed. He wished Anna would be able to forgive him for what he did and they could finally move on with their lives. But when he realized that he was his own worst enemy, he knew that Anna had to do this. He struggled a little bit as water began to fill his lungs.

The moments of his life he remembered the most flashed by as he slowly started to as the image of a pretty upset looking Elizabeth/Anna started to fade from his vision. He remembered how much he hated that damn boarding house he lived in in Boston while he was a child. He never knew his mother or father, and learned that if he wanted or needed something, he would have to get it himself. Of course,the day he murdered innocent women and children at Wounded Knee still continued to haunt him. It seems like no matter what he did, he could never escape the guilt he felt for being a part of that.

His vision went black as he slowly accepted his fate as it being for the greater good of the world.

"Good bye Anna, I love you so much, and I'm sorry" was all he could squeak out before he finally died. Maybe in some alternate universe. Anna and him were actually able to find happiness.


Booker was never one to believe in afterlife or anything like that. He sure was no praying man. Yet, he couldn't really explain what was happening to him. Why was he here, wasn't the circle broken. He originally expected to be greeted by the Lutece siblings who would only speak to him in riddles, but instead was greeted by Lord Death. He listened carefully to all what Lord Death before grabbing three buttons and taking the cell phone looking at curiously. He took a deep breath and stepped forward. maybe if he could get a second chance at life, he could get a second chance with Anna.


Booker looked around at some of the group he was in. A extremely loud, arrogant African American male was screaming at the group, asking for answers.

"If you don't know what's going on, why would you expect any of us to know?" He mumbled quietly before he rolled his eyes and looked around and noticed a bench. "Well, better just stay put and wait until they call me on this crazy thing." Booker said to himself as he stalked over the bench and sat down. He looked over to his right and noticed a young oriental girl sitting on a swing set not to far from where he was. She seemed to be alone.

"Huh, wonder what a kid like that is doing here?" He asked himself​
"Elliot no!" shouted Elizabeth, she managed to swing her hand sideways and force open a small tear leading to raptures waters, but that didn't matter, for the seed of the prophet was still coming, forcing his way through the wide spread of the rushing water, his dark blue eyes full of rage and focused on Elizabeth. He wore a white cellared shirt, blue jeans and a red tie that lied soaked as he rushed at Elizabeth, making the 130 pound man appear to be much heavier. Elliot swing his hand, opening a tear that lied only a mere inch behind Elizabeth, and sucking her into deep space, and as she lied dying, a tear rolled down her cheek, and thoughts of booker raced through her mind. With her last breath she whispered one final sentence,

"I love you daddy, I'm sorry I left Paris."


Elizabeth was inside a dark room, and as man appeared, she listened to his words, and after all was said and done, she found herself within a massive city strange to her, looking around she let a rush of tears, she was in a game to win her life back, and she wouldn't lose, no matter the costs. Then, a idea hit her, if she was here, maybe one of the bookers where here.

"Booker? BOOKER?!?!?!" Elizabeth shouted, her eyes darting all around her, her legs carrying her faster then she'd ever known, for she lost her father once, she won't lose him again.​
Jodie was always good at fighting, even better when it came to hand to weapon, but this time, she was hit by surprise by a event unknown to her, a fire started in the abandon building, and she and Aiden only barley managed to get Tuesday and her baby out of their in time, not to mention the 3 other people she saved along the way. As she leaped from the top floor she called out to Aiden,

"Aiden! I need your help!" called Jodie, Aiden wrapped his essence around her, lessening the damage from the massive 3 story fall. Jodie smiled as she learned the only thing she got from it was a small cut, looking to the others she was about to speak before a massive blow from a mental base ball bat smashed into her head, killing her intestinally.


Jodie stood silently as darkness sat all around her, and as a man spoke to her, she was still silent, even when that man appeared to be a costume. Picking her pins and taking the phone, she walked into a light, and into a massive city, foreign to her. So she walked, free of Aiden and scared of this game, for she was alone, truly alone. 'I was so used to being alone, but with out Aiden, I feel like I lost everything...." thought Jodie.​
The Lazarus pit was destroyed, and so was much of the Joker's hope. He watched Batman get up with a deepening scowl. "Quick! The Cure! What are you waiting for? I killed your girlfriend, poisoned Gotham, and Hell... It's not even breakfast. But so what? We all know you'll save me." The Joker laughed as Batman stared at the cure to the poison in his enemy's blood.

"Every decision you've ever made ends with death and misery. People die. I stop you. You'll just break out and do it again," Bruce said with a scowl of his own.

"Think of it... as running gag!" Joker said with a cackle as he leapt out and stabbed Batman in the arm. The cure fell to the ground and shattered. "No!" He shrieked as he was flipped over Batman. With a desperation he had never felt before, Joker tried to drink the cure from the floor, but he quickly gave up. "Are you happy now?"

"Do you want to know something funny?" Batman began. "Evan after everything you've done, I would have saved you.

Joker started to laugh as he began to slump backwards.


Things started to fade out.


He didn't move anymore.


When he arrived, Joker was rather unphased by his death. It wasn't like he hadn't been expecting it, those just weren't the most ideal circumstances for it to happen. What surprised him was that there was something after death. Oh, how delicious! He giggled as he left Lord Death's presence and saw a large black man screaming at a bunch of people.

"Hey, now, what's going on here, good sir? Does someone need to turn their frown upside down?" He said as he approached Kanye with a maniacal grin. Joker was a wiry fellow; he had taken down much larger men than the pop star, and didn't seem the least bit scared. "Is the white man oppressing you? Are you having to work for your food?" Joker gasped.​
"Psh, bullshit! Ain't no one oppressing Kanye! I am the one supreme race, I'm above all of y'all white and black folk. The fuck are you anyway? Crazy-ass lookin' clown, get yo insane face outta my face, aight? Don't make me smack your shit up, aight?" He said, approaching the Joker, trying to look as intimidating as possible. "Kanye is love! Kanye is life! You aint shit, so get outta my... life!"
"W-where am I?" Minato quietly muttered to himself as he looked around. The city looked familar, as if it was neighborhood from Tokyo, but that's all he could think of to compare it to. However, there were more pressing matters on his mind. Searching in his mind, he couldn't feel the old bonds he had made.

Something had broken his Social Links. Without his links, he couldn't use his Wild Card. Without the Wild Card, he couldn't summon his personas. Not even Orpheus answered his call, leaving a stark realization for him. He was alone again, with no hope of obtaining help from his friends. People who once helped him save the world and now he couldn't call them friends or even remember their names.

"First goal, find new friends," Minato muttered as he began surverying the group. He couldn't be alone for long, he needed others to help.​
Booker was starting to dose when he heard the faintest of sounds, a voice, it sounded like, no it couldn't be her. Booker looked back to the young oriental girl on the swing set, wondering if it was she who said something. Booker stood to his feet before he heard it again. It was her! she was alive, but how? Booker didn't care, all that mattered was seeing his daughter again.

The old Pinkerton cupped his hands around his mouth, "Elizabeth, I'm here Elizabeth!" He bellowed​
Maxwell would look around, seeing the other "players" around him. Animals is a better term-- an angry black fellow (Maxwell is a british man from 1901. His stance on Kanye being black is up for you to decide), two women, two men and a child. What kind of game is this supposed to be, this is going to ultimately result in a petty fight over nothing. Like small animals fighting over carrion. This is quite literally childs play compared to Maxwells skill, he can easily win this game no problem.

The reason why this is concerning, however, is that Maxwell is never going to find a good peasent to help him take care of Them. These people are weak-willed, he can see it. They're minds are so frail and delicate, the slightest provocation would send them down the stairwell to madness. It is almost amusing, it brings up entertaining activities to do during this..."test". If they think this game is supposed to kill Maxwell and leave him dead, then they have another thing coming.

Maxwell dusts away some muck from a chair and takes a seat, crossing his legs and waiting for something to happen, but he does look at the peasants talking.

He focuses his eyes on Joker, for some reason.​

Chandra was smiling as the fireball left her hand, scorching Jace's robe, he looked at it with disdain for a moment and pulled a spell, Void Snare, from his mind, aiming it at her

A worried look spread across her face as the spell, normally meant to unravel creatures into mana, returning them to the spells that spawned them, was aimed at her...
What would happen? Would she become mana, spread into the aether like dust on the breeze? Would she explode in a ball of flame, releasing all her mana at once?

Would it even do anything?

Not at first, and even Jace was a little stunned, but then, a small black hole in the air appeared behind her, it's size slowly increasing as it began to pull her into itself, she grabbed at a rock, trying her hardest not to be pulled in, she shocked Jace several times with red lightning, striking him in hopes he'd stop the spell, but he didn't and she slowly felt her fingers slipping

She tried her best, gritting her teeth as she tried to stop the suction from pulling her in, and as the spell seemed to stop growing more intense, she sighed, working to get a better grip and wait the spell out

That is when it happened...a hand grabbed her foot, and yanked it, she jumped a little and her grip slipped, and she was sucked in


Blackness all around her, even the light of her fire was engulfed in the blackness, absorbed before it could get more than a few inches from her body, what...

Suddenly, blinding white light, and she was almost born again in a giant chamber, made of pure marble, a male, around 8 foot in height walked across the room in a suit of pure red armor, toward her
He removed his helm and smiled a little "Ah, I...don't remember you signing up for this..." he says with a perked brow, pulling out a pen and notepad "Signups for game number 3950 are almost over, you're here, right after April O'Neil" he murmurs with a bright smile


"Busty redhead news reporter, played by Megan Fox in that one shitty movie...y'know the one"

"Me'Gahn Fox?" she asks with a frown "Is she a planeswalker?"

"No, but I'd tap he- moving on" he says with a chuckle at his own joke and walking toward a portal on the wall, but as he did, he began to slip from view, the world melting into a blur of colours that looked like some kind of abstract art
*** was all she knew


She opened her eyes slowly, rubbing them as she sat up, seeing all manner of others gathered around, she couldn't understand what was going on, who was that man, who was Ma'Gahn Fox, and why would he tap her?!

All these questions and more flooded into her mind as she shook it gently "This is all a joke...that trickster Jace is responsible" she mutters to herself​
"I'm.............. sorry everyone..................Leave me...........Save yourselves.................If you can."

Those words rang as Chrom, Leader of the Shepherds, and Prince of Yisse fell. His family sword, the Falchion, was the only thing keeping him lifted, propping himself on it. Soon However The sword left his hand, and into group, Chrom falling soon after. Everything went white.


As he heard the rules the game, Chrom realized that he died. He failed everyone. His fellow shepherds, His sisters, his country. However this was a chance to fix everything! He couldn't pass this up. The scales of fate must be tipped. He can't afford to lose. The game was going to start soon. No going back now.


He looked at the other players as he waited. Soon seemed like they could be good allies, a girl with black hair came to his eyes. However some players, like the man who looked like a clown, Chrom had a feeling he'd be nothing but trouble.​
Susan - Intro

Dead. Once again. It felt almost commonplace for Susan now, having been killed through so many different and painful means. This time was different, however. The Queen of Maggots wasn't here to greet her. It was a new place-- but not unlike the previous ones. As if standing between the precipice of life and death, Susan felt a chill run up her spine. An individual met with her-- 'Lord Death', a painfully dull name, if she'd ever heard one. Just another strange entity from these strange worlds. He offered her the chance to move on-- finally-- but Susan was done with the idea. Without hesitation, she agreed to play his game, for someone very important to her was waiting.

Then, the catch-- an entry fee. Truly, Susan could not think of anything more precious to her, even her beloved cats. So, Mitzi, she typed, this time hesitating. She knew she'd lose both Mitzi and herself if she lost this game, but thankfully Susan believed that she wasn't one to lose easily. She shuffled along, heeding the strange man's words. She picked her pins without much care, attaching them to her sweater, before exiting through the large double doors. She found herself enveloped by a great white light, and then...


She felt as if her head was draining. All those memories-- all those deaths. And Mitzi. She was fading from Susan's mind. Fading into transparency, until--


She awoke in a daze, thoughts and phrases jumbling around inside her head. The Reapers' Game. Lord Death. Wait-- Doctor X. That's right. She'd died, murdered by that bastard of a man. How dare he do that to her, after she poured her heart out to him!? He was a monster. He'd probably been the one to push Liz over the edge-- to make her commit suicide. The Queen of Maggots was right-- There were parasites about, and Doctor X was one of them.

Unfortunately, it seemed she would be delayed in her mission for the time being. Susan figured she should have known there was a catch to the so-called immortality. If she had to play games every time she died, how would she ever get anything done? She saw others waking up around her-- Odd individuals, it looked like. Not that Susan thought she herself was normal, exactly... They had their own pins, indicating that they were also a part of this game. She realized then that despite being told what would happen if she survived, she hadn't been told much at all about what she was supposed to do. The word survive told her that it would be dangerous, but Susan didn't find it particularly frightening.

What could a woman who had died twice and had nothing to lose possibly fear?​
Ryou gave a strangled cry as again some thugs threw him into an alleyway. He knew the feeling that consumed his body as Bakura took control.

"So who wants to die first," Bakura said smirking evily and popping his knuckles. He dodged the punches and kicks of the two men, "I've told you before not to touch my Yadonushi but no one listens sadly," he said chuckling darkly. He killed one guy using his knife he growled when a gun was held to his chest."Time to die you sadistic son of a bitch," he guy said before pulling the trigger.


"Oh bloody hell," Bakura growled as he crossed his arms, "God I died once know I don't even have a second chance," he growled narrowing his eyes.

"But my friends! Bakura what did you do!" The British teen said Pacing back and forth. Both teens blinked at the idea of winning back there life. They both nodded, Ryou took the millennium ring from Bakura so they where still stuck together.

Bakura and Ryou both agreed to give their most precious memories for the entry fee. Bakura took the pins telling his lighter half he would keep them safe until they where need being he was a theif.​
The Joker laughed as Kanye got closer. He found the man's threats unbelievably amusing.

"You know, I remember gouging out someone's eyes the other day. He looked a lot like you," He said cheerily. "Now, now, don't get your panties in a twist. I wouldn't want to have to do the same to you." The man clearly didn't intimidate Joker in the slightest.

The Joker was a bit too busy to pay much attention to others, but he winked at Maxwell suggestively.​
After a few minutes of trying to get herself together pertaining to the fact that she were alone without her big brother, Yuka knew that she needed to find someone, at least someone that would want to protect her. Not like she wanted to be protected, but she wanted a start on trying to be mature like her big brother. If she were getting a second chance, she better start now. The catch was... everybody seemed so different than anything she's ever seen before, it brought uncertainty to her thoughts. Then again, it was all going to be fine, she just had to find someone, right?

"U-Um... um..."


Oh dear, this was going to take awhile. She couldn't even think of someone to group up with, because it seemed like some were already talking to each other. Wait... what if she were the odd one out of everybody else? That thought wasn't exactly helping her, but she knew that she had to speak up...

"E-Excuse me... um... I," Yuka tried her best to bring up the idea of being partners to this person, she didn't seem that bad. In fact, she oddly reminded her of a certain... well, friend, who was always oddly quiet.

"...u-um... about partners... can I... partner up with you?" Yuka finally brought herself to ask this, twiddling her two thumbs. While she might had been too shy to even notice this, something in her mind was telling her that this woman was possibly missing someone as well, alike to how Yuka missed her big brother.​

The best assassin of the Komato army.

Killed hundreds, disabled thousands.

He was sent to Origin to help finish up the fleeing Tasen.

And all went well for the first week or so. Until SHE came into picture.

The anomaly.

At first he thought her to be just another human who, somehow, survived.

But he observed her. She could handle a Nanogun - that much was impressive.

But she also shrugged shots off - and didn't return fire. Nanofield.

It had been decided - he would need to eliminate her. It was made all the much easier when he was given orders to, as well.

But she was different.

Tenacious. Smart. Even spoke their language with the help of the Nanofield.

And dangerous. His first confrontation with her was a defeat, forcing him to retreat.

For that defeat, his title was put on break. He suspected Ansaksie was behind it.

But it mattered little. For now, he recovered.

Then Ansaksie killed Iosa, and the Anomaly progressed on to Sector X - the sector General Tor used as his field command.

Fortunately, he knew that it was protected, and that to get to Tor - what he presumed was her goal - she would need to take out the heavily fortified reactor, which she would NEED to open - for not even nuclear arsenal can get through.

And so he went to one of the gate switches - the one where he knew it was just like his training battlefield, and waited...

And waited...

And waited.

But she never came.

And then the Alpha Strike - their winning volley - was called off. What happened?

He made his way to the surface.

And he saw the Reactor in ruins... with traces of a weapon he'd never seen before. All he could see is that it was incredibly powerful - and had traces of both Komato and Tasen arsenal remaining. She cracked a weapon together. That was not what struck him as the worst though.

The fleet was gone.

The next logical step was to report back to Tor - maybe he'd sent the fleet back to get colony ships.

But Tor was found dead. His suit's termination function had been activated. He killed himself.

And Asha had been abandoned. Left with whoever was there - probably humans, maybe even a few sneaky Tasen cowards. And the corpse of his general.

And his utter defeat.

He felt he had nothing left to this world.

And so he went to one of the supply stations the Tasen had.

Took a turret equipped with their MPFB - a high-explosive weapons.

Activated it, and walked away.

All that was left was his helmet.


But then he woke up. He was given... pins? Apparently they gave him powers of some sorts.

It didn't change the fact that he was stuck with... more humans.

He'd have to make do. He was handed his Player Pin - he assumed they somehow captured his life essence and caught it inside, he had to not lose it.

He shrugged, loosened his helmet, tossed it in his beak and swallowed it. Can't lose it if it was inside him. He then waited on standby, half-chanting and half-muttering a prayer in his native tongue as he kept an eye on two of the humans - the obnoxious one that had dark skin, and the one that dressed up like one of these Human clowns - though he did look dangerous. He announced, to no one in particular:

"My name is Asha, and don't talk to me unless necessary, hriktr."​