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Side Story The Second Cell Games - Info & Sign-ups!

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South of the Border, West of the Sun
Character 2
Appearance: (An image or a short description works too!)

Name: Aigis

Age: 10 physically, late teens mentally

Canon: Persona 3

Weapons / Abilities / Powers:

Raynar Saassin

Multiverse RP'er
To any who would still be interested, sign-ups will remain open until Chapter 1 starts which will be a fair while yet while everyone gets settled in.

Macy Moretti

Princess of Heart, Dumb of Ass

Mason Moretti


Original Character

Weapons / Abilities / Powers:
[Aura Constructs]
Mason can create objects manifested from his aura. These objects are temporary, requiring conscious effort to maintain shape. Mason can dismiss them at will, but they will automatically disappear if they travel too far from him. Generally, he sticks to weaponry such as swords and guns, but he's learned to mimic the effects of magic and technology to a slight degree in his training. While stronger magical effects such as Gae Bolg are beyond his strength, aspects such as energy, mass, and shape are well within his control. Over time, he's learned a few special techniques and mimics them with his aura, calling them "Parallel Attacks."
[Short-Range Portals]
Mason's aura constructs can stand as markers in 3D space to create portals between two points. Usually, he makes small orbs he's designed specifically to be portal markers, though other constructs can be turned into portals in a pinch.
[World's Heart]
A magic necklace that supposedly can hold onto one's soul after death, and currently holds the soul of one Macy Moretti.

Extra Info:
This Mason comes from after House of M and before Magic God. Macy's little more than a voice in Mason's head at this point, but can help heal Mason between fights and provide a bit of her own aura to boost his strength.


Kaname Date


AI: The Somnium Files

Weapons / Abilities / Powers:
Date's left eye is replaced with Aiba, an artificial intelligence. She can hack digital devices, communicate with Date directly into his mind, and calculate probabilities much faster than he can. She can calculate very improbable situations, such as a bullet ricocheting through a pipe to hit a person out the other end. She also has access to zoom, night vision, and thermal vision modes.
Date's gun, which can load a wide variety of bullets, including Explosive, Wire, Ball, and Fire varieties.

Extra Info:
This Date comes from the end of the Iris Route.​
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Just a newbie...
Character 1


Ymir Fritz

Unknown (Appears to be in her early 20s)

Attack on Titan

Weapons / Abilities / Powers:
Warning: manga and anime spoilers ahead!


While Ymir may possess the ability to transform into a titan, due to the special circumstances in which she arrived at the tournament, she can manifest the power of the titans without needing to transform into a titan. However, it still requires pain, and a clear goal in mind. Though less taxing than a full on titan transformation, and due to the smaller scale of these abilities, may be less effective than what they could be if used by a titan, these abilities can and will still drain her stamina.

It is also noted that while she can mix and match titan powers both in human and titan form, were she to transform into a titan, her titan body cannot change it's size once properly formed. Instead, she must disconnect herself from this body and transform once more, if she is able.

Extra Info:
Due to the issues surrounding having large (5-120+ meters tall) creatures in something like the Cell Games, and some muddiness surrounding Ymir's 'true' power, I have decided to compromise and have her manifest titan abilities in ways not usually possible throughout the Attack on Titan anime/Manga. In addition, one could consider this version of Ymir an alternate possibility, or perhaps, a seperate entity to Ymir herself as she appears in the Attack on Titan anime/manga, much like how I approached Reiner Braun's own absense from his home world in regards to the events of "House of M".

This also means that much like Reiner, she will likely never return from whence she came.

And of course, she appears in the 'prime' of her life, seemingly in her early 20s rather than as a young, frail child or an old, feeble woman.

If there is anything I need to further clarify or modify on this sheet, please let me know.

Character 2

"The world is as beautiful as the ends of the world. My lance protects this brilliance. It's for that reason that I will continue to fight by your side."

Artoria Pendragon

(Or at least appears so)

Fate/Grand Order

Weapons / Abilities / Powers:

Extra Info:
Unlike Ymir, there isn't too much I wish to alter about this version of Artoria Pendragon. However, as a fair word of warning, the spear she wields, Rhongomyniad appears to have had a significant increase in power due to her making it her primary armament. At this level, it is hypothesized to rival Ea in power. As such, I am more than willing to dampen Artoria's abilities through whatever means neccessary should it be desired.

Like I mentioned before, if there is anything I should clarify/alter in this sheet, please let me know.​

Yun Lee

The Sculptor
The Convergence Series GM
Staff Member on Hiatus
Fuck it. Switching out Skrimir for uh...someone else

Name: Cloe Walsh

Age: ???? (Appears to be late 20s-early 30s)

Canon: No More Heroes

Weapons / Abilities / Powers: Cloe has a number of supernatural abilities, which are as follows:
-Corrosive Spit: Cloe can spit pure acid from her mouth. Her very breath can be dangerous due to this.
-Poison Generation: Cloe is able to release clouds of toxic gas from her hands, which take time to dissipate once released. These poisons have no effect on herself.
-Paralysis: Cloe has the ability to paralyze men for a very brief amount of time. This paralysis can be broken if her opponent is able to attack her in some way.
-Supersonic Scream: Cloe creates a small ripple of soundwaves around her through her scream, which can push someone back if in close range.
-Dark Matter: Cloe is able to send forth a strange, dark energy through the ground around her. This energy knocks opponents back and does more damage than her scream, but takes time to reuse.
-Weird Anatomy: Cloe can be stabbed and slashed at, but will be able to easily withstand attacks that would otherwise be fatal. She can be killed, but...you can figure that out yourself.

Extra Info: As Cloe doesn't have much lore, I'm taking a few...creative liberties with regards to a backstory.​





The Black and White Avesta

Weapons / Abilities / Powers:
Feathers of Vohu Manah: One use items that act as boosts in battle. Their effects include boosting attack power, boosting defense power, regeneration, flight, and teleportation.

Simurgh Attar: In exchange for never healing her wounds, Samrukh gains power every time she's wounded. When activated, her wounds are mended by a red energy that forms new body parts and organs for her in order for her to keep fighting. This same red energy empowers her attack strength. However she still feels the pain of every wound she has ever taken due to them technically not healing and can still die to things like decapitation or her heart being destroyed.​
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