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What game are you currently enjoying

Discussion in 'Main Lobby' started by Siegward Blut Verheerung, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. I have been bouncing back and forth between ac odyssey and borderlands handsome jack collection. Also tried the old school runescape on my phone
  2. Sin

    Sin Nobody

    I've always loved the Pokemon series, and I've been playing the heck out of Ultra Sun.

    Sylvia the Primarina is my daughter and she is absolutely perfect in every way. You cannot change my mind.
  3. GreatestSoldier

    GreatestSoldier New Member

    I used to play pokemon a while back. Don't know why i stopped though.

    As for me, im currently enjoying borderlands collection too, black ops 4 (despite what some people might say) and xenoverse 2!
  4. Dasyra

    Dasyra New Member

    Just Cause 4 although the graphics are pretty out there still I am enjoying it.
  5. Space Man

    Space Man "Free Yourself Roleplaying" Refugee

    Black Desert Online, and CSGO. Weird mix, but I've been cycling between the two recently. Still kinda upset CSGO went free to play tho.
  6. AeroStrike

    AeroStrike New Member

    I've tried playing Subnautica since it was free on Epic Games. Although other than that, not really anything... Occasional PubG match?
  7. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope Staff Member Moderator The Convergence Series GM

    My friend sent me the original Nier on PS3 for Christmas, so I pretty much had to scrounge the old thing back up and play through it. Was good fun, but now I'm sucked back into my old backlog.

    Now I'm working through the classic God of War and Metal Gear Solid games since some HD collections were available on the PS3 store. After all that, I intend on getting into Persona 4 and Tales of Graces as well since those are also a part of my backlog.
  8. Ramune

    Ramune New Member

    I've been enjoying a few games in my spare time.

    Those on the list have been:

    - Fire emblem conquest
    - Super Smash bros(Switch)
    - Stardew valley
    - Story of seasons: Trio of towns
    - Persona 4

    I love a lot of RPG games that involve some kind of dating simulator, so all of the games I play seem to have that theme haha. ~
  9. Hawke

    Hawke The Sorcerer

    I just recently got the latest installment of God of War and I like the new mechanics of it, though I must admit I am not too far in at this time.
    Angel In Red likes this.
  10. Angel In Red

    Angel In Red Active Member

    Is it sad that I only play 'Draw Something' on Facebook Messenger? XD
    My drawing skills are atrocious but I guess that's what makes it fun to torment my friends with ridiculous drawings they can't guess the words too. XD
    Skagosi and Hawke like this.
  11. PerfectKnightmare

    PerfectKnightmare The Glitter Queen

    I've been playing an obsurd amount of stardew valley. Its such a cute little game and helps the time fly by when you are waiting on important things!

    I also play a lot of killing floor 2, medic is my jam!
    Skagosi likes this.
  12. Skagosi

    Skagosi Stoneborn Cannibal

    It's been a lot of Ark: Survival Evolved for me, the Extinction map has kept me occupied for several months. Then I played Red Dead Redemption 2 when it came out, beat it within a week, but keep playing sometimes because I love the horses and hunting.

    Then I also play For Honor, Killing Floor 2, Gears of War, Warframe, Uno, just whatever Lover has installed that appeals to me when I'm bored.
  13. Skagosi

    Skagosi Stoneborn Cannibal

    You might like Ark, it's similar to Subnautica.
  14. Miyu/seia

    Miyu/seia Member

    Pokemon diamond!!!
  15. Jackythejack

    Jackythejack Member

    Does Fire Emblem Heroes count as a game I am enjoying? Heh...either that or roleplaying. Those count as games yeah?
  16. zndt441

    zndt441 Cretin of the World Wide Web

    final fantasy vi
    the absolute best final fantasy
  17. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie Chooser of the Slain

    Oh. Oh dear. There's a lot.
    But the main three I'm rotating around currently is Sea of Thieves, Detroit: Become Human (when I can stop crying! This game has me in tears no matter what!), and Battlefront II because my nerdy lil brain can't get enough of it.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2019
  18. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope Staff Member Moderator The Convergence Series GM

    Currently working through Castlevania: Lament of Innocence and Jade Empire now. I've managed to finish Tales of Graces since my last post, but still haven't started Persona 4. Maybe in a few more months...
  19. Cer-Kamber

    Cer-Kamber Demon Wolf

    Ive actually been going a little retro lately while waiting on pokemon sword and shield. I started playing pokemon colosseum, beat that, n now I'm playing pokemon xd once again. I think I'm playing the gamecube more than my ps4 right now lol

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