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It was gone. It was all gone. All that was left was the void. Cold, empty, lifeless.


Right Hand of the Magic God was only the beginning of the end… Fighting of the Spirit was only a mere prologue...

Coinciding with Othinus’ plans, the rest of the Revanchist have been biding their time, painstakingly setting up the dominoes so that they may topple them all in one fell swoop, taking the multiverse as a whole with them.

From the moment beings first learned of the greater multiverse… From the moment Diablo did the unprecedented and escaped his infernal realm… From the moment beings across the multiverse first banded together to save their realms… they have all come to now, Flash Point, the point of no return.

All of reality now sits in stasis, waiting to be remade in one man's image.

Outside of time and space, a powerful force seeks to correct this grievous error. One being will gather the last hopes for the multiverse in order to set everything right.

You do not have to play the same character or characters you played in Right Hand of the Magic God or Fighting of the Spirit if you participated in those RPs. However, if you are a past player, it’s preferred you play past characters you have played for this one (or a character played by another from the past), as that is basically the whole point of all this, a big crossover of the past.

You may only play one character for the event and I reserve the right to deny a character if I feel they don't fit the intended serious tone of this RP. You do not have to play a character that is particularly capable or strong, but they do have to possess the capability of treating the scenario seriously.


This RP is a part of the Convergence Series. Convergence is a mass fandom roleplay with its own original lore that's been built up and up for a while and as this roleplay is meant to be a culmination of the series as a whole, it might be pretty intimidating to jump in as a newcomer. We will try our best to accommodate anyone who wishes to make the attempt, but some caution will be required. That being said, we suggest you join our Discord server (Please DM me if you wish to join).

No OOC talk in the IC, please. Keep it in this thread or the group's Discord.

Players of all posting levels are welcome here. That being said, please at least put something whenever you make a post. We'd like no IC posts with nothing but image spam. Any posts like this will be deleted as spam. Speaking of image spam, please only post a maximum of three images / GIFs per post in order to not flood the page with images that make it harder to load. Generally, less is more!

Due to the intended scope of the game, using the tagging system is encouraged. Important GM posts will be made prominent.

The RP will progress as a series of chapters. Chapters will generally last from a few days up to a few weeks, so you'll hopefully have plenty of time to post. Not doing so will result in your character possibly being removed from the game. At the very least, PM me if anything comes up and I'll do my best to keep you around.


Appearance: Self-explanatory. Just a picture is fine.

Name: What is your character's name? Do they generally go by an alias / nickname?

Age: Chronologically, how old is your character?

Canon: What does your character originate from? If your character is an OC, just say "OC" or "Convergence Series," depending on where they come from of course. If your character is an OC specifically from an established canon, put the name of the canon and "OC" next to it.

Powers/Weaponry: Doesn't have to be too in-depth.

Short Bio: What is your character's backstory leading up to how they came to this point? Pretty much just a Wiki link is acceptable.

Other Info: Optional. Just basically any extra info you feel is necessary.

Character List
@Takumi as Azura [Fire Emblem]
@mintyy as Azure Kite [.hack]
@Jeremi as Biscuit Krueger [Hunter x Hunter]
@Gummi Bunnies as Blake Dormi [OC]
@Josh as Clark Kent [Smallville]
@Atomyk as Cullen Bloodstone [Marvel Comics]
@Indigo Al as Doctor Langa [OC]
@York as Emily Hayes [Amulet]
@Alex Azure as Mason Moretti [OC]
@Minerva as Triss Merigold [The Witcher]
@Capri as Gentaro Kisaragi [Kamen Rider]
@Crunch as Giorno Giovanna [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure]
@Yun Lee as Jianyu [Street Fighter]
@Lucky as Lucifer Morningstar [Lucifer]
@Neko Shogun as Senna [Bleach]
@Ver as Touma Kamijou [A Certain Magical Index]​
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Appearance: 1589840235976.png

Name: Lucifer Moringstar

Age: Unknown

Canon: Lucifer

Angel Physiology: As an angel, Lucifer is extremely powerful and has their physiology. including superhuman strength and reflexes, immortality and flight as well as their weakness Lucifer is capable of performing certain supernatural magical abilities, as well as being able to use Celestial items or weapons, such as his Pentecostal Coin and the Flaming Sword which humans are unable to handle safely.
  • Supernatural Strength: Lucifer is incredibly strong, capable of exerting high amounts of superhuman physical force and has displayed vast levels of superhuman strength, when he so desires, notably able to send a large man flying 30 feet through a glass wall with a mere push, bending metal bars, punching through brick walls, sending a large man flying back over 100 feet with a mere push, and to lift other men by the throat without any issue, or more recently to hold back an 6,000-pound accelerating SUV while injured, and in the proximity of Chloe. t.
  • Immortality: Lucifer, like all angels, is immune to age, diseases, viruses, infections, sicknesses, and disorders, having lived since the beginning of creation. He will live for all eternity without ever aging or decaying. he has eternal youthful beauty, and will live forever. He also cannot die of suffocation, drowning, or poisoning. However, he can be killed by supernatural weapons or beings.
  • Invulnerability: Lucifer, like all angels, is nearly indestructible, and invulnerable to all mortal weapons and damage done by non celestial or infernal sources.
  • Celestial Metabolism: While Lucifer can be affected by mind-altering substances, his tolerance for them is far higher than that of a human. He's able to consume vast quantities of alcohol and drugs without negative effects. The effects also wear off much faster than with mortals, allowing him to sober up quickly after consumption has ended where Lucifer complains that his "pesky supernatural metabolism keeps getting in the way" when he's trying to drown his emotions regarding Uriel.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: As witnessed numerous times all along the show, Lucifer heals much faster than humans do. On one occasion, he stated "at least I heal fast".
  • Supernatural Endurance: Lucifer is shown to be barely affected by injuries the pain of injuries that would have been extremely painful to a normal human, even when in the vicinity of the detective, including stabs and burns and even gunshots. One notable example is in All About Eve, when he stabbed all the way through his shoulder with a pool cue, thin this scene, while he appeared to be in some pain, he was seemingly more annoyed than anything else.
  • Supernatural Reflexes and Reactions: Lucifer possesses typical angelic reflexes. He is able to effortlessly catch knives thrown at him by Mazikeen and easily block, dodge or deflect incoming damage from experienced human fighters.
  • Supernatural Dexterity: Lucifer possesses supernaturally accurate aiming ability, on one occurrence being able to accurately throw a tire on a running man, hitting his head and knocking him out.
  • Devil Form: Lucifer is able to change his appearance into a form he refers to as his "Devil Face". That form varies along the seasons. In Seasons 1-3, it manifests as a red, scarred and burned-looking version of his Angelic appearance. Hairless and red-eyed, it terrifies mortals. He's able to push a mental image of this form into the minds of humans to terrify them, which is different from his physical manifestation of this form. He can also alter only his eyes to red orbs (rather than his entire face or body), and he possesses the ability to liberate his wings from what appear to be between his shoulder blades. We learn later in the series that this appearance is born out of his own self-loathing. In season 4, his struggle with his feelings of guilt and self-hatred caused his Devil Form to change. This new form included spinal spikes, a distortion of his torso and Chiropteric wings.
  • Flight: Lucifer's wings allow him to fly, including between Earth and Hell. He can fly at speeds in which he would seemingly disappear from the human eye.
    • Inter-dimensional Travel: With his angelic wings, Lucifer possesses the ability to physically fly to and from Hell. He can physically take demons from Hell and bring them to Earth, and also bring back souls from Hell into recently deceased bodies, as he did with abel. He states he's banned from Heaven, so it's likely he can't go to the Silver City, nor retrieve souls from there.
  • Spirit Communication: As an angel, Lucifer can communicate with spirits of the deceased, so long as the death is fresh and they have yet to move on.
  • Celestial Communication: Lucifer is capable to communicate with his Angelic siblings by praying to them, as he frequently uses this ability to contact Amenadiel, who is usually nearby or patrolling Hell in Lucifer's absence.
  • Desire Exhibition: Lucifer displays the ability to draw out people's desires and by extension lower their inhibitions. Some scenes suggest that if he applies enough of this power, he can actively compel people to confess internal secrets, but he usually doesn't. Lucifer must maintain eye contact for his power to work. However, when this ability goes out of control, eye contact is no longer necessary.
  • Telekinesis: Lucifer is sometimes shown levitating and spinning his Pentecostal Coin with hand or finger gestures. As he says himself, he can also "turn anything on", which is shown at various points when he turns cars, people, boats and machinery" on.
  • Fighting Skills: Despite usually convincing his enemies not to fight him, Lucifer is shown multiple times to be an experienced fighter, able to compete with his older brother Amenadiel. He is able to withstand many physical attacks from divine beings as well as humans, and is capable of fending off multiple people at the same time. When dealing with humans, Lucifer likes to play with them, using their moves against each other, but he can be deadly efficient when he stops playing, as shown in his final fight with Cain.
  • Omnilingualism: Lucifer has the ability to speak and understand all human languages.However, by his own admission, this does not extend to reading languages.
  • Always Speaks the Truth: Lucifer prides himself on always telling the truth. He does, however, freely omit information and let people misunderstand his words. He jokes and "bluffs" even when it means his words aren't literally true.
  • Singing: Lucifer has shown to be a remarkably talented singer. He sings many times in his club Lux and also in his penthouse above Lux. His repertoire includes "Sinnerman", "All Along the Watchtower", "Devil May Care", "Eternal Flame", and "Luck Be a Lady".
  • Pianist: In addition to singing, Lucifer is also a notable piano player, stating even that all the greatest pianists of all time were his pupils , such as Mozart, Liberace and Elton John.
  • Escapologist: Lucifer displays an uncanny ability to get in and out of cars and closed spaces - with one notable unexplained exception in - or get out of ropes and handcuffs. It is unclear if this ability is a mystical power or ordinary skill, however it was shown he can get into and out of places seemingly without using the physical entrances, even when his wings were cut off.

Short Bio: Other noteable things is he was a traitor back in Genesis, the very first game and participated in killings then. He however is working to atone for those sins. He did return home and is taken from after the season 4 finale.

Other Info: He does have some dormanent powers he acquired when a different version saved itself through him. ( He does not know how to use them and they included magic, pyrokinesis, necromancy, time acceleration and size alteration)


Gentaro Kisaragi
“Kamen Rider Fourze”


Kamen Rider

Fourze Driver: allows him to transform into Kamen Rider Fourze
Astroswitches: 40 switches that harness the power of space.
10. Elec Switch
- Using this switch will change Gentaro into his Elec States, which uses electricity to shock foes
20. Fire Switch - Using this switch will change Gentaro into his Fire States, which absorbs all heat-based attacks and uses its potential to burn foes.
30 & 31. N and S Magnet Switches - Utilizing these switches will change Gentaro into his N/S Magnet States, which can attract anything that can be magnetized.
40. Cosmic - Utilizes the full power of the Cosmos in the most powerful state. He also has a sword now.
A more in-depth look at his powers can be seen here:


Was protected by the Astroswitches after Revan’s multiversal erasure.​
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Blake Dormi




Projected Weapon Material Version 2 (PWM): A prototype weapon developed by Blake that appears as a metallic cube attached to his belt, where he would project weapons out of hardlight energy and be used as if the projected weapon was an actual weapon. As opposed to the first iteration of this PWM, it now utilizes two small spherical beacons that serve as a basis for his projected weapons. Along with that, the PWM now takes two methods to recharge: solar energy or replacing the PWM cube's energy chip. Without using features that would ultimately use up all its power in one fell swoop, it now lasts about an hour and takes half an hour to recharge via solar energy. Blake has developed presets to create a hardlight sword, shield, scythe, guns, and a set of wings with the hardlight energy generated with this device. The two beacons can also be used as a spying drones, but can only go as far as 25 meters away from the cube. Another feature of this cube is it's "Dimensional Rip" ability, which uses marked coordinates to create a portal at listed coordinates and a second portal his own PWM cube as reference. This makes use of a mysterious mineral bestowed to him from a self-proclaimed "time traveling esper." Due to this feature needing a foreign material, it does immediately drain the PWM cube of it's fuel supply, meaning it is only good outside of battle unless absolutely necessary. An experimental feature that he's also included into his PWM is the "Trace" program. What this entails is the ability to record battle footage with his PWM cube, saving said battle data, and being able to implement the battle data for himself with the help of his PWM tech and the nanomachines in his body. In short, it is his way of "tracing" fighting styles and mimicking them. There are drawbacks of this feature, such as the physical strain and power usage of the "Trace" program. For the fighting style to be perfect besides physical prowess, he needs to record a good enough portion of data, which also means that his PWM must use all of its resources to do this and thus leaving him vulnerable with no preset weapons to project for self-defense. Also it cannot fully trace effects that aren't possible to replicate via hardlight projects. An example is a magic attack to put them to sleep, the most that would be traced and projected is the magic attack as a hardlight projection.

Nanomachine enhancements: During the development of the "Trace" program, Blake realized that he couldn't fully perform certain feats with his own training alone. So he developed nanomachines that would amplify his physical prowess when needed, mostly through using the "Trace" program. These are small microscopic material injected into his body. The most apparent drawback of overusing the nanomachine enhancements is putting physical strain on his body. Another drawback is that he has to take a syringe dosage of medicine daily to help soothe the pain from simply having the nanomachines in his bloodstream.

~Short Bio~
After being thrown through multiple hoops and curveballs through the multiverse, Blake has made progress on his tech development, only because he was this close to catching up with who he believes is his sister. Despite the fact that he has knowledge that his own original timeline that he sprouted from has been destroyed and that in this timeline he was supposed to be dead, he drastically improves his tech at the cost of his own health, but justifying it with the fact that the enemies his sister has faced in Avalon and simply from word of mouth, he felt like it was the best move he could make. Little did he know about his sister's battle from somewhere in the multiverse, and what soon followed it.

~Other Info~
Taken some time after his latest appearance in the Avalon casual.​
"Embrace the dark, you call a home..."


Name: Azura

Age: 20's-30's

Canon: Fire Emblem Fates

With her pendant her singing can control the water around her and in the air for defensive and offensive attacks, as well as to calm rampaging dragons or those under possession. Other than her pendant, she is skilled in fighting with Lance's and her naginata.

Short Bio:

A participant of Genesis, otherwise known as Point Zero, Azura died and found life again after being a traitor for Diablo. She returned to her himeworld, only to one day find herself on Avalon where she would remain without any means to return to the family she left behind. After Revanchist members attacked a school on Avalon, she did what she could to help.

Other Info: From the Conquest route. Also taken from Avalon.
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Name: Jianyu

Age: 23

Canon: Street Fighter, though heavily altered due to events within the Convergence Series.

Powers/Weaponry: Having gone under extensive experimentation during her tenure as one of M. Bison's Dolls, Jianyu is a skilled fighter, with strength, speed, and dexterity at a higher level than an average human. She is particularly skilled with staff fighting and with a machete, the latter of which she still has with her. However, her true abilities lie in her use of Psycho Power, which had been magnified while participating in Arcade's Arena. Jianyu possesses the ability to teleport, fly, manipulate emotions and minds (which she absolutely refuses to do unless in a very specific circumstance), manipulate objects in a form of telekinesis, and channel it into long-range attacks. However, extended use tires her down immensely, and she must keep her emotions in check, otherwise she risks going berserk.

Short Bio:

Other Info: Taken from after Champions of the Arena.

"You will never reach the truth."


Giorno Giovanna



Gold Experience:
Much as he was in both The Time Crisis and Right Hand of the Magic God, Giorno is a Stand User - a person with the ability to manifest and manipulate a supernatural 'guardian spirit' known as a Stand. Gold Experience is a humanoid close-range Stand, capable of unleashing rapid-fire punches strong enough to, at most, shatter vehicles such as cars and motorcycles.

However, Gold Experience's main ability is being able to endow any object it touches with 'life', transforming inanimate objects into various living organisms, among other abilities related to the manipulation of life. More info in the wiki link as needed.

The Arrow and Gold Experience Requiem: As the current guardian of the multiverse-touched Arrow once sought by his own father, Dio Brando, alongside the Magic God Othinus, Giorno is capable of piercing his Stand with the Arrow in order to temporarily unlock an evolution of the Stand known as Gold Experience Requiem.

Requiem possesses the ability to return actions, people, and time to a state of 'zero' - a state in which they never happened. Requiem can therefor infinitely prevent certain actions from ever occurring on a scale equal to the manipulation of reality itself. More info on the wiki link as needed.

Short Bio

Other Info
Giorno is taken immediately after the events of Right Hand of the Magic God, having somehow survived the destruction of Knowhere.​

"Someone who thinks he'll save this world won't be able to protect it. Our world isn't so weak that we need a bastard like that to save it."




Touma Kamijou


16 years old




Just an ordinary high school boy, the kind that you can find anywhere, save for the Imagine Breaker within his right hand, that which purifies the supernatural and symbolizes the hope of a return to the normal world no matter how far gone it has left us.

Short Bio

A constant throughout the Flash Point Saga who survived by sheer misfortune and burdened with the resolution to see it to the end.

Other Info

Taken from immediately after the events of Fighting of the Spirit.​

Name: Biscuit Krueger

Age: 57


Powers/Weaponry: Powers and abilities

Short Bio: A little girl Gon and Killua meet once they enter Greed Island, who soon is revealed to be a middle-aged, muscle-bound woman in disguise. She becomes their trainer during the arc, helping to refine their nen and helping them in their search for Gon's father while seeking her own goal. She comes back into play during the Chimera Ant arc training them further.

Other Info: Was on Avalon to discuss the release of Hisoka into Hunter Association's custody when all hell broke loose.


Unknown, but she appears to be a teenager

Bleach: Memories of Nobody

Short Bio
Senna's bio can be found here on her wiki page: Senna

Powers / Weaponry
Expert Swordsman: Senna is a highly proficient combatant with her Zanpakutō. She fights with swift and precise strikes, with constant shifting in her body stance, similar to a gymnast. Through this, she is able to keep up a continuous attack that leaves little time for countering.

Shunpo: Senna has some use in Shunpo. She uses it during a tightrope walking performance when she falls and seemingly disappears, reappearing behind Ichigo, who is a fine expert in Shunpo, surprising him greatly.

Enhanced Agility & Reflexes: Even in her Gigai, she is very agile, able to perform several backflips at once, as well as avoiding surprise attacks.

Gigai Separation: Unlike most Shinigami, Senna can freely separate her Shinigami form from her Gigai. When she separates from her Gigai, it turns into autumn leaves and disappears.

Blank Control: As the Shinenju, Senna has the power to control the Blanks. She has done this to prevent the Soul Society and the Human World from colliding, and restore their original positions. However, by doing this, she also uses up her own energy as well, causing her to fade away sometime afterwards.

High Spiritual Power: Senna has a high level of spirit energy. She is able to slay a large group of hostile Blanks with little effort on her part.

Other Info
Senna likes the color red and high places. She's also very curious, constantly darting from place to place. Although she is haunted by brief, randomly-appearing memories of her "past", Senna generally exhibits an upbeat and carefree personality.

As stated by Ichigo, Senna is strong-willed, stubborn, and somewhat outspoken. She is also very loyal to her friends, as she is even willing to risk her life help Ichigo.

"No more games. No more lies. No more masks. We can't do the right things the wrong way."

Emily Hayes





- The Stone; A mysterious amulet, commonly referred to as a 'stone' by Alledians which was created from a fragment of a larger, alien artifact (the motherstone) with unknown origins. In addition to allowing various forms of telekinetic powers, and energy projection. It is also capable of enhancing other objects, and even using them as conduits for the stonekeepers power. And as of recently, Emily has learned to properly access to the void, in addition to the ability to achieve interstellar travel with her newly mastered powers as a stonekeeper (though this may be negated by multiversal travel). This newfound control is likely her result of 'taming' the voice which had influenced many prior stonekeepers, in some cases, transforming them into monsters when they lost control of their powers, or turning them into puppets for its purposes. How much control does she truly have over her powers, and will the voice continue to pursue it's plan behind the scenes? That is hard to say at this moment. But what is clear is that Emily is beginning to make history with newfound history.

- Walking Stick; A benign walking stick which she uses as a conduit for her stone's abilities. In her hands, it can become a deadly weapon, or a very efficient shield should she choose to use her abilities in certain ways.

- Child Prodigy; Though she is only human, Emily appears to play a big role in her own world, due to her remarkable ability to get out of bad situations, both thanks to her own willpower, and her unique talents as a stonekeeper. But one has to wonder if there is a greater price to pay in the long run.

Short Bio:

Aside from what is available from the wiki, it is noted that Emily has been involved in a prior convergence event, one that gave her more confidence in her stonekeeper's ability, and opened her mind up to the concept of a 'multiverse'.

Though she returned to her own world after the encounter with Revan, and Elliot's supposed demise, Emily had never forgotten those events, and in a way, her experiences helped instill further confidence in her own abilities, and in the end, aided in her new grasp on her stonekeeper powers.

What she couldn't have expected was to be called back to help save the multiverse.

And so, she decided to leave her world one more time, in hopes of saving not just her own world, but all other worlds that have existed so far.

Other Info:
As Emily's powers as a stonekeeper have grown to unclear proportions since the events of Amulet Book 8, it will be much more imperative to be carefull with her power. However, if I by any chance overstep my boundaries when playing Emily, feel free to let me know so I can edit my posts accordingly!​


Name: Emily Kaldwin, Empress of the Isles

Age: 25

Dishonored 2

Powers/Weaponry: Emily carries a foldable blade. She also has the powers given to her by The Outsider, allowing her to see in or even become shadows, connect the fates of individuals, and various other powers.

Short Bio: Emily Kaldwin

Other Info: I will have the memory of Cell Games but won’t reference it just because I didn’t do shit in that.​

Name: Azure Kite/Tri-Edge

Age: Unknown

Canon: .hack//G.U.

  • Empty Skies: Kite wields double triple-edged daggers named Empty Skies. They allow for quick and nimble attacks, and can be thrown like boomerangs.
  • Twilight Bracelet: A bracelet he wears which can activate Data Drain, draining the energy from his targets over time, storing it for further use of Heart Data, which replenishes Kite's own energy.
  • Azure Flames: He can shoot balls of blue fire from his daggers and coat them or himself in flames to repel enemies. He can also Blink a short distance, leaving a trail of fire in his path.

Short Bio:
Other Info: Highly resemblant to Kite, Azure Kite is an AI that is based on said PC, but more dark and aggressive. Despite basically being a programmed killing machine though, the childlike naivete and interests of the "original" Kite may still shine through his cold front, such as his love for soccer.


Name: Triss Merigold

Age: Her age is unknown, although presumably around maybe 55, she just uses magic to make herself younger than her true age.

Canon: The Witcher, specifically aroudn the events of The Witcher III

Powers/Weaponry: Triss is an accomplished mage in her own right. Perhaps not as strong as Yennefer, but still incredibly powerful. I can't find a list of exact spells she uses, so I'll just kinda bullshit with them again. Triss is also an accomplished alchemist, as she can make potions and tinctures.

Short Bio:

Triss Merigold

Along with Yennefer and other members of The Lodge of Sorceresses, Triss joined the MEU when Multiversal Contact was made.

Other Info: Replacing Emily Kaldwin.​

Cullen Bloodstone


Marvel Comics

Powers / Abilities / Equipment
Wiki Link

Due to his heritage and his father's teachings, Cullen is proficient with survival and a wide variety of weaponry.

As well, due to the Bloodgem Ring in Cullen's possession (and theoretically due to his genetic heritage as well), he possesses superior strength, durability, stamina, reflexes, and senses beyond that of a regular human, as well as some form of healing factor. Though the extent of these abilities is unclear, they seem less powerful than either his father or sister, which could be due to either his age or the monster that has bonded with his soul.

The ring also inhibits this monster, the Glartrox, from overtaking Cullen's body. When not in physical contact with the ring (or presumably any shard of the Bloodgem), Cullen turns into the Glartrox, which is an extremely large and powerful monster that feeds on negative emotions. In this form, Cullen has no control, and thus is a danger to friend and foe alike.

Cullen has gained some power over the Glartrox, able to use some of its power to produce and manipulate pieces of the monster, such as tentacles, from himself. On one occasion he has suppressed the Glartrox through sheer force of will without the Bloodgem, but it's unlikely to be repeated easily.

Wiki Link

Cullen is mostly a brooding and sullen individual, fostered in part due to two years spent stranded in a hellish alternate dimension during his childhood. Though he only remembers the first six months of the experience, Cullen was brought home by his sister, Elsa, with the knowledge that he was now possessed by a soul beast. His sister enrolled him into Braddock Academy so he could be looked after, but Cullen maintained distance from many of the other students. He partly envied some and hated others, not wanting to be anyone's friends, though it just so happened that he had one exception. Cullen became close a boy named Aiden, even developing a crush on him.

Cullen, Aiden, and a few other students from Braddock Academy ended up becoming kidnapped as part of a Murderworld death game, where Arcade tried to force the students into killing each other. Cullen ended up being one of the survivors of the incident, though his feelings for Aiden were made clear as well. Afterward, Cullen wanted revenge for what Arcade had done, so he went to Bagalia in order to infiltrate the Masters of Evil and find Arcade.

Cullen found that he enjoyed life among the villains, feeling as if this was his path all along. Daimon Hellstrom teleported Cullen and the other survivors of the Murderworld incident to Arcade's latest party so that they could kill him. After doing so, they escaped Arcade's mansion, but was captured by SHIELD, where they were promptly "rescued" by Hellstrom and returned to Bagalia. They were invited into Tower Zemo, where Baron Zemo invited them to join the Masters of Evil. They all joined, whether they were coerced or did so willingly, but when they learned the ultimate plans of the villains, they attempted to warn the Avengers. Hellstrom controlled Cullen's Glartrox monster into fighting the group, where Cullen eventually overpowered the soul beast with Aiden's encouragement. Following the battle, the group, including Cullen, returned to their regular lives.

It was around this time that Cullen was pulled into the Point Zero incident, where a chip was put into his and others' heads that forced them to work for the corporation known as Umbrella. The group fought the Avengers and lost, allowing S.H.I.E.L.D. to recruit the group in taking down Umbrella. Cullen lost his life during the following infiltration via mind control from a betrayer among the group. Cullen's consciousness was then put into a replicated version of his body by Umbrella and was forced into working for them once again. This ended once the remaining survivors of the group came together to retrieve the Tesseract, only to be battled by Diablo, the true mastermind of the event. Albert Wesker, who was working with Diablo, betrayed the demon and caused the majority of the survivors to fall into deep comas. The bodies were placed under care by Oswell E. Spencer until the Coalition found his facility much later. Cullen and the others were awoken to return to their regular lives, though Cullen decided he had no reason to go home and started a life in the multiversal city of Avalon.

Cullen later became a part of a war between the Revanchist and the Coalition in Avalon, where he ended up killing an alternate universe version of himself who had turned evil.​
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