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    New User um hi ;w;

    Hey! Welcome to the site! Also, don't eat the brownies.
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    What's your Smash main?

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    Azaroth Bording School

    @Dodoco King Angela raised an eyebrow at the expression that the orange-eyed girl made, saying mortals like it was a bad thing. More curiously, the girl seemed to not include her in the category. Angela wasn't sure about that. Angela wondered if she was mortal - Blindfold certainly wasn't, at...
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    New User Newbie here!

    yo Don't eat the brownies
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    The Chosen Few

    Blindfold found himself in a peculiar place. He couldn't see, obviously, and he had stopped seeing in visions a long time ago, but he could tell where he was. There was some jazz music playing throughout the place, and there was a constant hustle and bustle of people talking in very outdated...
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    The Chosen Few [Official Character Sheets]

    Authenticating connection... Fetching files... Loading... Subject S#14 Name: [Data Corrupted] Alias: Blindfold Age: 36 (Biologically, looks 25) Appearance: Blindfold is a tall, lanky man of about 6'2", and usually wears some sort of dark jacket and a comfortable pair of pants, with a white...
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    New User Hello, I am new here!

    it's better if you don't know
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    New User Hello, I am new here!

    You don't need to eat the brownies
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    New User Hello, I am new here!

    what are you talking about
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    New User Hello, I am new here!

    yo Don't eat tge brownie
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    LET'S GOOOOOOO [MEDIA] This theme slaps

    LET'S GOOOOOOO This theme slaps
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    Azaroth Bording School

    ANGELA Mentions: @Giga Bit , @Dodoco King Angela turned around as a voice sounded to her left. "Hey, you must be new here. I'm Jansen." Angela turned toward the voice. It was a girl with blonde hair - like her - and relatively startling amber eyes. Well, Angela wasn't one to talk about...
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    Azaroth Bording School

    ANGELA Angela woke up in her dorm room to an alarm clock and got up in a daze. By the time she sat up, rubbing her eyes, her roommates were already up. She sighed as she put her feet on the ground and stretched, her wings extending behind her as far as they could go. As she looked around and at...
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    Returning User Whats up!

    @Lila Renn