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    Open SCP Foundation thread, anyone?

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    Scarletverse Revival?

    I don't really care - either way would be fine. A reboot would be pretty swag, tho
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    Scarletverse Revival?

    Sure, I'm still interested.
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    Open Morbid Stuff (A Horror RP) Sign-ups

    Still interested
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    The Adventures of Revan and Glumisun

    Revan watched, perched on the giant stone raven that was the entrance to the city of Sundavrblaka’baen, as an army moved into his home. It’s not that they weren’t welcome, of course, he was glad to help them, just not… at war. War. Huh. What a small word for such a big thing. War. As the...
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    Returning User Heyo! Lets try this once more yeah?

    Heyo, heya, and all other relevant greetings. Don't eat the brownies.
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    New User Hello Everyone.

    heya! Welcome to the Circle! Don't eat the brownies.
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    The Adventures of Revan and Glumisun

    @Lish “This feels weird.” Arar, a soldier that had been in employ in the Demon world for three thousand years, a male with crimson skin and horns that matched the curvature of his head, had wandered into the abandoned city that was in their way to the humans, the demon army on the move...
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    The Man nodded. "I̷f̸ ̵I̵ ̷w̶o̵u̷l̸d̷ ̴h̷a̴v̶e̶ ̴g̸o̴n̵e̷ ̵i̶n̶ ̷t̷h̷e̵r̸e̷ ̶i̶t̵ ̴w̸o̵u̷l̶d̴ ̸h̴a̶v̵e̶ ̸b̸l̷a̶s̶t̴e̷d̵ ̷t̴h̵i̵s̸ ̸f̴o̴r̸m̷ ̸t̸o̶ ̶pieces,̸" He said, smiling. "I̵t̵ ̸w̴o̷n̶'̵t̴ ̸f̷o̴r̷ ̴y̴o̵u̸,̶ ̸o̶f̸ ̶c̸o̵u̶r̷s̶e̶,̶ ̴b̷e̵c̴a̸u̴s̴e̶ ̸i̶t̴'̴s̵ ̶o̸n̴l̴y̶ ̴s̸e̷t̵ ̵t̸o̴ ̶b̶e̷...
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    At once, the entire casino melted away and there was only Ian and TMITM in blackness, darkness, a glass plain that stretched on and on and on forever and ever and ever. And in the middle of the plain, there was a small stone cylinder, with a glowing Heart Locket floating solemnly on top. The...
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    New User Funny story.

    Welcome to the Circle. Don't eat the Brownies.
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    Open Winter Solstice

    The thread is open - https://www.storytellerscircle.com/threads/the-winter-solstice.9748/
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    The Winter Solstice

    Within the world of dreams, you feel a sudden tug. You had agreed to the invitation, and now, you were here, finally, on the night of the Winter Solstice. Under a pitch-black night sky, no moon or stars in sight, there was a stage, with a collection of round tables with white coverings of...
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    The Adventures of Revan and Glumisun

    Revan peered darkly at the streets from a perch on top of a building at the lone human wandering the streets alone. Revan’s dark, stormy-grey eyes peered at the human, in part amazed by the human’s unawareness, but he wasn’t really surprised. As his father said, wisely - ‘people rarely look up’...
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