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battle royale

  1. Sark

    Side Story Champions of the Arena III: Cursed Company

    EVERYTHING IS FINE. WORDS ONLY SPOKEN WHEN EVERYTHING IS NOT FINE. This is the life, isn't it? Retirement. Very few get to enjoy it anymore. They're living out their twilight years-- No, 'living' isn't the right word. Scrounging by on a fixed income? That's not living. They're existing out their...
  2. Sark

    Side Story Champions of the Arena II: The Hunt

    Champions of the Arena II: The Hunt It's all inside your head... Welcome to the mindscape... You wake up somewhere dark. You're alone. It's... quiet. Cheering breaks the silence. Cheering. Jeering. Chanting. It's hard to pick up specific phrases. "Arcade is dead! Long live Arcade!"...
  3. Sark

    Side Story Champions of the Arena: Convergence Battle Royale

    Day 1-- 6:05am Prologue: The Dice are Rolling You wake up. Your eyelids are heavy. Your cheeks are numb. You wish to scream, but every word you cry simply crackles away into silence. You gasp for air, your skin burning under the heat of the magma bellow. You want to survey your surroundings...
  4. Sark

    Champions of the Arena: Multiverse Royale Sign-Ups

    Convergence Battle Royale 2019 "Life is a big game, when it's over, you're done for I'm taking aim at the maximum high score Only the toughest will survive in this Arcade So follow me and you'll see just how the game's played..." Plot From across the multiverse, students have been taken...
  5. Minerva

    Battle Royale: Taiwan [OoC]

    Sign Ups (You are here!) | Discussion | IC "The only animal capable of giving man a fair fight is man. Actually, among ourselves, we fight unfairest of all, and the more we practice, the nastier we get." – Robert Buettner The Battle Royale Act, originally in Japan, was a heavily vilified and...
  6. Ignition

    No Screams, No Stars

    Hey guys! So I kind of had a bit of a weird idea spawning from a dream a while ago, but I thought I'd put it up here and see if anyone would be interested in this as a possible RP. The basic idea is as follows; the player characters each play as a horror trope: a werewolf, vampire, mummy...