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champions of the arena

  1. Sark

    Side Story Champions of the Arena III: Cursed Company

    EVERYTHING IS FINE. WORDS ONLY SPOKEN WHEN EVERYTHING IS NOT FINE. This is the life, isn't it? Retirement. Very few get to enjoy it anymore. They're living out their twilight years-- No, 'living' isn't the right word. Scrounging by on a fixed income? That's not living. They're existing out their...
  2. Sark

    Side Story V: The Great Crusade

    PROLOGUE: The Shadow of War War: The First Crusade// Battle: The Battle for Minas Morgul Mercy. By the grace of the Matati, you and your people were rescued from oblivion. He came you as your world crumbled. He offered you a second chance. A second home. You took it. With his support, your city...
  3. Sark

    Side Story V: THE GREAT CRUSADE [Sign Ups]

    V The Great Crusade Crusaders of the Arena I found the Crown of France lying in the Gutter... and I picked it up- Napoleon Bonaparte , 1804 The Sun sets upon all Empires. Egypt. Rome. Mongolia. France. Britain. Where are they now? Their dreams of conquest are as dead as their Great Kings. All...
  4. Sark

    Fanfiction Tales from the Arena- Arsenal

    TALES FROM ARENA- Arsenal "Yeah, I saved the Multiverse. Please! Hold your applause! Hold your praise! I've heard it all before." "People couldn't get enough of me after Eliot fell. Parades. Medal Ceremonies. The whole deal. I was on top of the world." "But... the thing is? 'Upwards...