A science fantasy set within a boat-shaped construct of cosmic proportions, Beyond the Ark features ubiquitous hard magic, the understanding of which has received centuries of scientific research and now has space-age application; with body modification and space-ready vessels being a readily accessible commodity. There are eight races in the setting; aside from humans the other seven have completely inhuman forms but surprisingly human mindsets.

Of the eight races, are Humans, with countless subspecies; Coeti, an eel-like race that can move through the air as if swimming; the Sli'f, sentient fungal colonies with bodies as light as air; Trogs, incredibly dense silicon-based life forms who form unions between the much larger females acting as a body and the smaller males forming limbs; Naea, adaptable plant folk who upon death, grow into their own ecology; Chorda, four-legged avians that stand three times the height of a human and most comfortable in extreme cold; Leppi, aquatic, unconventionally cute semi-humanoids that superficially resemble moths; and Zhis, colossal reptilians who communicate as if through telepathy via radio waves.

The eight races live mostly in harmony, united against the Beyonders; the immortal children of the goddess of life, warped beyond recognition by a warped form of natural selection. They exist in agony and lash out against all other forms of life. They destroyed the entirety of the present universe, with only a select few Arks surviving by launching themselves and those within unfathomable distances beyond the expansion of the universe into the void, linked only by portals that lie outside the confines of the Ark. The Ark has existed in it's current state for millennia, the residents slowly gathering themselves to take back what their ancestors lost from the immortal Beyonders.

The Ark's primary guardian, the being that keeps it powered; is a mechanical god known as Shaman. Countless people who sacrificed themselves to form the ultimate being became this mechanical sphere that hovers at the center of the ark surrounded by the branches of a tree. The roots spread throughout the entire Ark, forming veins of magic that grant temporary boons of fertility to the lands around them.

The greatest among those fighting the Beyonders are the Vessels, eight beings of incredible power, directly tethered to the guardian deity of the Ark. Through the tether, they are untouchable by any not of their kin, but are also the only ones able to fight the Beyonders.

Below them, but still far removed from the limits of the general population, are the Chosen, heroic agents of the Vessels who's burden it is to keep major wars from breaking out between nations so that resources can be dedicated to the cause. Many become kings or queens, some are despots, others revered even as gods.

The geography of the Ark's interior is drastically varied, from familiar forests and tundras and mountainous regions, to alien ecospheres, vast deadzones and badlands, trees that stretch so far into the sky that entire supercities may be built atop their branches, archipelagos of islands in underground caverns, and any number of others; each illuminated by a constellation of substitute suns.

This here is the signup thread for Beyond the Ark, post below if you're interested and ask if you have any questions! If enough people show interest I'll make lore topics.
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Is the Ark a ship? A ship with planet-like insides? Or a planet within a ship? ((I'm not well-versed in Si-Fi, so forgive my slight ignorance on the subject))
I'd be down to play, I have A few character ideas, one is A bioengineer that is looking to discover A cure for the beyonders mutation in order to end the scourge. The second is A magically gifted Inquisitor following the trail of A suspect in A string of high profile murders that would be tied back to an extremist group looking to unleash the shamans essence(which would destroy the ark they view it as some kind of enslaved God.
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